Torrential rain pummels Southern California in latest storm

A bridge has been severely damaged in Agoura Hills, California, after rain wallops the area.
2:27 | 02/14/19

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Transcript for Torrential rain pummels Southern California in latest storm
Want to turn to ABC's mad gunmen who is also in California tracking this weather. I step imported gory details though this entire area was engulfed in flames in the most recent fire that was the woolsey's fire. And we actually saw this bridge here during that time. Completely melted by that fire now. This atmospheric river a Pineapple Express where everyone at call it it is 2000. Miles long and it's just gonna pummel. This part of California with it nor ms. rain we're told to expect possibly. 50% of the annual average average rainfall in a single day that's how much moisture is coming down you can see. What is the only through much a dry creek bed. Just filled right now and turning through the debris from. Ridges like this and other fires is just gonna go downstream endangering people. That's why we're seeing so many evacuation orders around California. Especially in Sausalito just north of San Francisco in moraine county where. Homes have been sliding off the hill that's gotta burn scar area that is just an area that is seen so much moisture that the ground. He's giving way expect more of those today. We're also seeing flash floods additional mudslides. But the biggest concern is for these burn scar Ares because. The ground is already saturated here this part of California has gotten so much more rain. That average over the past couple of months it's simply can't tolerate anymore. That's why we're seeing so much concern from first responders and officials here. One more area of concern for them Stephanie is what they're calling evacuation fifty. So many people have gone through it seems this endless cycle of fire evacuation been rate evacuation it costs money every time these people have to leave their homes. Right now we're hearing a lot of people are just staying put hoping to ride this out. Officials are concerned that they could endanger themselves or even first responders if they don't leave when ordered. But you know obviously you can understand these people making a personal decision like this again much more of this rain forecast all day long to fumble. All of Southern California we sell up to nine inches. North of here not concede that much in this part but 2356. Inches possible. From here to about a hundred miles eastward so that you Stephanie.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"A bridge has been severely damaged in Agoura Hills, California, after rain wallops the area.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61079398","title":"Torrential rain pummels Southern California in latest storm","url":"/US/video/torrential-rain-pummels-southern-california-latest-storm-61079398"}