Tracking Hurricane Sally as it devastates the Gulf Coast

Tornado and flash flood warnings are in effect with an additional 20 inches of rain expected as Sally moves inland.
3:50 | 09/16/20

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Transcript for Tracking Hurricane Sally as it devastates the Gulf Coast
And ginger zee joins me now from mobile ginger what are the conditions like there now. Will we are still thinking about that 82 miles per hour within the last Allard here in mobile and I'm eat differently than. We are excited as storms continued in college that he lands on the pat to you can leave the mobile river behind me with those winds. North have been pushing the water out that they think anti cern reported in mobile thing but I have to bringing to the radar because Clinton made landfall in Tulsa resident. Hatfield now in the cat won the ninety mile probably. Moving north northeast at Dell. Hundred miles per hour and a super slow one and what's happened. Incidentally I'm inches of rain the thirty pollen. Couldn't get an additional twenty inches on top cap it means really insane amounts of water pushing on the coast and along with. Those heavy rain bands. Even Panama City picking up some of that tornado watches and now extended into Georgia Tallahassee finds himself in the tornado watch because anything that moves slowly to the north and east. You're gonna see the flash flood potential. Go with that and so it's here in south Georgia played that was hit so hard and hurricane like a lot of those who can harm because texting they have to be on the look out. A flag just south of Montgomery. Incidents say that again central Georgia excuse me and then eventually outs by this weekend. Atlantic without adding a little but every neighborhood South Carolina North Carolina either way in this from the storm that we are so concerned number one del. About his late morning early after. Life threatening blood running back. And ginger I know a lot of people and that area did not evacuate what does this all mean for them. I think number one tonight I have. I'm going right into their ear right now I would say if you aren't your home that you aren't safe. Do not to leave your car to get people are going to get hurt. What counts. Like going out to Susan in this storm thanks to ask candidates will movie they need to be with in the ninth for more than our kids thinking that it can't located outside. Thing is not moving do not call out today. That's how I like. Stay alive and independent power outages where else week or in the case. He didn't have an for some type of. Thank you T those wins nipping at your right now ginger where it is Sally had next. Then moved through central Alabama and Georgia and his blend of collapse of the northeast. And much more quickly events and held back and I know that we've gotten. So in the senate something to show you here I think we have the graphics of the past. And the stationary front that's holding you back if we don't either way I can tell you that the slow movement of it going to finally pick up case. Got married and have my tonight and tomorrow to see how that is different kind of opened up what we got its high taxes up the apparatus minimum blocking it. And now we got lone inventor of alone and didn't come pick that point that are. The wind often recognize. That jacket very easy to carry the day that's not. All of north Georgia covered in rain that is going to be also very often. So this is not a stunt goes away anytime soon and a lot Watson. And all over the into the South Carolina and North Carolina so even loudly finds themselves. There was a flood watch for the sentence from two to four inches coming out of it so easy that slot that the path of the storm at times. The end of the week but it is just today that didn't feel extremely long back here and warned the Taliban I can't rose Alabama. That's going to be taking your Amazon sort of taking on now what actually so much time. Having fields along this morning. Triple Crown for a while I've been out here I didn't mean that everybody seems to me. We sure do take advantage and use in Mobile, Alabama you stay safe to friend thank you.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"Tornado and flash flood warnings are in effect with an additional 20 inches of rain expected as Sally moves inland.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73050511","title":"Tracking Hurricane Sally as it devastates the Gulf Coast ","url":"/US/video/tracking-hurricane-sally-devastates-gulf-coast-73050511"}