Transgender Kid Banned from School Bathroom; Complaint Filed

The parents of Coy Mathis discuss the impact of the Colorado's school decision on their daughter.
2:15 | 02/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Transgender Kid Banned from School Bathroom; Complaint Filed
We started noticing -- -- was about H&R insisting that he could express herself that. She was really expressing that she was a girl. And you know of course at that -- heart stopped ways that she was a little boy don't like -- things. It wasn't until she started becoming depressed and anxious. That we needed there was something more going on antics hurt -- medical professionals. Who -- then you know told us that she did she wasn't -- -- And everything is going really well she and she was in kindergarten -- the town of eagle site. -- everything went wonderfully there. She had finished kindergarten and at first grade there everything was going well first grade and -- out of a school contacted us to tell us fast. They were going to be changing in she was not going to be allowed musical -- anymore. And that it really just was not safe environment for her except her four. A lot of issues -- school for her bullying and harassment. It it wasn't a place that we were able to let her be. Because we want her to be safe and we want her to be healthy and -- -- temporarily withdrawn her from school and we can reach your -- school. -- and we haven't filed this the complaint was the school and we're hoping that it you know that they will change your minds and they will. Come back -- and -- stakes you can love somebody can accept somebody even if they are different and it's okay to be different and that's what makes its national. I mean really in the end we just want what is best for -- We want her to have the same opportunities all of -- other children. -- -- be able to get back to school and be treated equally without discrimination affects. At every father has a vision of what they want their -- to feel like -- case plays a girl and just the transformation. And the blossoming of her to be able to be herself and who she really is. I don't want to miss that I don't want her to grow up. And and regret that. Such horrible childhood which might have and so whatever is best for boy and I love her so much as -- --

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{"id":18609758,"title":"Transgender Kid Banned from School Bathroom; Complaint Filed","duration":"2:15","description":"The parents of Coy Mathis discuss the impact of the Colorado's school decision on their daughter.","url":"/US/video/transgender-kid-banned-from-school-bathroom-complaint-filed-18609758","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}