Transit Worker Describes Scene After Hoboken Crash

A transit worker talked about the surreal moment when the New Jersey Transit train crashed into Hoboken Terminal Thursday morning.
5:36 | 09/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Transit Worker Describes Scene After Hoboken Crash
We are outside the disaster scene right now we. We've sorry. Michael Larson who is in new Jersey transit employee. Works on locomotives Mike my understanding is you're inside the terminal when this happened can you describe what you saw. Always. Thirty feet away. Nutrient aboard the station. I observed that rated speed given over to Barbara block. Basically through the air. Gentle about another forty feet came to a rest when it when he hit the wall of the waiting room so. I wanna stand which are saying it's like you're saying that the trained the first car of the train became airborne. To a degree because there's a there's a solid concrete and steel ball for block tour this year was to go too far would get it right. Fairly sure it was travels fast enough to have hidden gotten over it. What kind of airborne to a degree. Mike did you hear any screeching brakes anything you work on locomotives you know breaks out like did you hear that. I heard. Just an initial bomb soundness. I newly evolved of that sort happened but it it was just initially just got a horrible horrendous. Horrendous exploding noise. Concrete that's electrical wires and a train flying into the depot. Couldn't believe it at sea and do you really wouldn't. Working never saw he'd never believed that. So people understand what that terminal looks like. The track actually terminates and then people can walk in that area where the tractor. Well yes that Jack terminates and then they they exit the train and then the terminal is in front. Aboard the ship determining. And so can you describe that scene and I know that seemed to take deep breaths here I know that this is different. What did you see immediately after described the scene after the end. Well we ran over and there were a lot of people kick it out windows China next to change. He told not to look that there had been any. Cadbury wires are touchy topic train and you expatriate Fisher graduate election. Ideologically don't realize that we try to keep them home chain supermarket chain and we determined there was no power so we were able to enter the chamber. Can we got into the first car left halfway through the first car. The second half of the first car was completely destroyed two where there are crawling on their hands and knees. And we are trying to get you know Israeli people out I assisted in maybe three or four. People getting out there to police its first responders caving. Told it excerpts. Can you describe the extent of the injuries that you saw I have no idea how many injuries there are I saw some some pretty serious injury. There were alive and conscious that it get very serious. Right legacy wants to read first responders the police came they made direct service. They for the visit wolf shall be structurally. The depots no not at you know it's not structurally sound anymore it's a whole was ripped apart. By the chain. So. As far as the amount of casualties I actually have no idea hopefully it's very few. But you're saying in terms of the damage to the train. The first car first half of her car was destroyed. First reverse course is pretty pretty heavily damaged. In the engineer as you know it would have been. In that lead car right in even though the train was powered by diesel right right at mostly career but you can also but he's operating. The locomotive jobs from the first car so he's in the first car he's right in front of the first. This condition is that enough. We ceremonial you work on locomotives. Does this particular model of locomotives have positive and train controllers anything that would govern the speed is there is that so called dead man switch on employee as a cold dead many more it's called no learners there's many. Different. Positive train control. July aspects in the can you see it in the deep though I mean that's not my expertise. I don't know I couldn't comment and we. Any country control is in the depot. I really don't know it's not my it's my field trip understood the fair to say UN into the train with others I guess particularly in. We have four it's a good station master's there and actually doubled non employees in its nuclear felt OK there. If if you had to sum up your reaction to all of us Mike what would have been I was just shocking. All serial there's just completely shot and the trade center everything you don't really believe it's happening in trying to get base. I mean I won't. Yes that's an area where there have been a hundred times a day and I could never imagine that happening. Casey had been always. Almost unbelievable it's time I just couldn't believe it I see it's. Mike Larson and it was difficult for you Mike and I appreciate your taking the time thank you for doing what you did.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"A transit worker talked about the surreal moment when the New Jersey Transit train crashed into Hoboken Terminal Thursday morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"42448605","title":"Transit Worker Describes Scene After Hoboken Crash","url":"/US/video/transit-worker-describes-scene-hoboken-crash-42448605"}