Hawaii Sees a Lull in Iselle as Hurricane Julio Looms

Governor Abercrombie addresses the public on what is to come with the impending storm.
14:54 | 08/09/14

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Transcript for Hawaii Sees a Lull in Iselle as Hurricane Julio Looms
One down once ago you're looking at a live shot of the beach on the island of -- -- who Hawaii as. The islands are bracing today for tropical storm -- and now looking out for its second big storm on its way. Look when I'm down -- in New York tropical storm -- has hit the big island of Hawaii hardest and right now there is a low in the extreme wind and rain. But he's -- could pick up again another hurricane Coolio. It's on its way governor Neil Abercrombie is speaking on the damage -- has -- at a press conference. Let's listen. Good morning everybody as I indicated. Over these past couple days. -- I've been planning and and practicing for our preparation. And and and our implementation plans and we're at that stage right now. We've just finished a a real time conversation. With Craig few gate and Ian and of -- -- -- Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA. And the entire spectrum of of of those from the Department of Defense the National Guard bureau. Homeland Security. The White House. That the entire planning apparatus. Has now come into full operation. What I'm holding what I'm holding in my hand. Is what's called our joint incident action plan. We've we've been. Prepared as I've indicated right straight along to move now into the response and and recovery rates. Even though the big island is still experiencing. Serious. Rain and wind situation. It will be -- dissipating fairly shortly. And Mike -- and from the National Weather Service will be bringing us up to date very very shortly. On now on the weather conditions. And including what will be happening with Julio. In the aftermath. The present tropical storm. But. In the meantime then we're going to have here from the captain of the port. We'll will be hearing. From. -- the FEMA on the ground. Personnel here from FEMA. And of course and the National Weather Service. What's at stake right now. Is that we are prepared. As soon as it's. Feasible. For the weather conditions on. The big island. And whatever it takes place on on -- if necessary to get our national telecast National Guard helicopters into the air. There will be broadcasting in real time for all of us what the incident assessment is. This is in conjunction. With the five priorities. That are part of our plan which include maintaining situation awareness. Right up to the minute and that will be able to be broadcast to his right here we don't have to get. Assessment and -- and translated this will be -- -- in real time. Will continue our communications. Messaging as as we are with you today. We will support any requests for assistance that come out of the incident assessment. That we'll be taking place it's as soon as it's possible for to be undertaken. Should there be emergency shelter requirements continuing. Will get that information out as well. I'm anticipating at the present time that that aspect of our planning can can come to -- a conclusion as as the storm her progresses. And then finally any power restoration. Support that's necessary if we have to bring in even equipment from the mainland. We've gone over this with the DOD and the National Guard bureau we can even fly things in -- if there are necessary. Equipment and if necessary. From Travis on the mainland we have National Guard Hawaii National Guard transportation plus National Guard bureau and in in DC. Planes available for that we think at the present time we will not have to do that but but we're ready to do it it -- if necessary. Those five priorities. Have have been accomplished. And then we have eight objectives. With regard to the joint incident action plan. That we worked out with -- and all the other agencies when I say the other agencies let me just give you quick example what I mean by that the Red Cross. And working with the shelters we also we have also practiced and plan for. Dealing with 74 other nongovernmental. Agencies and and organizations all of whom are working in N'sync. With one another at at the present time. So. At this juncture then I feel that the joint action plan. Both in terms of priorities of five priorities we have. Four incident. Reporting and control. Have been accomplished and are being accomplished in real time. And the eight objectives let let me just visit to summarize very very quickly. If we had to do lifesaving measures for example that that we we feel is enough has been done now sheltering that's been taken care of we want to minimize the risk to citizens and tourists we think we've we've we've done that. Power restoration as they say is under way -- -- the principal. Thing here is and that's what I want to emphasize at this point is I want to thank. The general population in Hawaii I want to thank everybody out there who has been paying attention. Who has been listening who has acted in a safe manner. -- who who are paying attention right now we want to emphasize to you at this point. That particularly where Molly. A while -- and Hawaii are concerned. That the main impact of winds and rain heavy winds and gusting winds. And heavy rain is still to com. Do not be fooled by the fact that there may appear to be a lull right now that's the nature of a tropical storm. It waxes and wanes. So what you may be observing at the moment when she was. Seems fairly clear or that the -- for example is it may be fairly light. It does not for ten -- what the actual situation. The idea if you if you've been following the home. And the tracking. Of the home it may look like the storm is castings this south oval of of the island's. And that's true it is. But the effects of it because of the size of the storm. -- are trending up and down and trending north towards the islands particularly when it comes to rain and -- and gusting winds. The rain will be falling in the mountains that the fact that that the storm appears. A -- benign at the moment has to do with the fact that it hit the big island. This is not Kansas this is not fla. -- -- and and -- monologue are formidable. Typographical features. And and the storm smacked into the Intifada into these these great volcanic. Mountains. And and it helped to break it yet Gephardt but do the wind and the rain part of it are still moving. The sustained the idea of sustainable win. Is a general factor. In local conditions in the in the valleys on the windward side where there are our mountains you we are going to get hit with. Huge amounts of rain coming down. And and and gusting winds. That can put debris out there for example if somebody civil -- the highway looks pretty clear now. At any moment. A huge gust of wind can come kick it up twenty or thirty miles and all of a sudden the job a tree or giant branch or something is flying across the highway and we can have a big pile. -- can come down. This kind of thing so we're asking everybody to do is is do what we've done so far we have not had major injury reports we have not had casualty reports because everybody is working together and I think you. All the mayors thank you all of the emergency management team that haven't been working. Day in and day out now all night. Thank you for your cooperation and ask for your continued cooperation. Stay safe. -- sensible. Please don't respond to speculation. Or or on Internet chatter or or rumors. Of any kind. We were acting. In in terms of our communication with -- according to our joint action plan in real time when we know something we shared with you instantaneously. And so against thanks very much for for the cooperation of everybody out there and many thanks to. The folks that have been standing by for hours and hours and hours in some instances. What with the media this is a joint action plan for sure and join hands in an action plan. And and everybody has been cooperating and I thank you very much for that. Now with that said then I think what we'll do is is go to the captain of the port. Captain Shannon -- rates of the of the coastguard. Because everybody's of course interested in are we gonna have our supplies coming into our our our ports be open. Nancy and in that context that director transportation fort -- -- -- on the big island right now. We're coordinating the the incident assessment. That is Hawaii's governor Neil Abercrombie but I want to go -- to the National Weather Service making a statement on the latest movements of these storms. To maximize our capacity in the rain -- they counted the number on its circulation. In fact -- middle and upper portion of the storm have moved on to the west is -- anticipated. And so the -- lower portions and -- hung back over the big -- slow down ever so slightly and serene folk and hanging over the eastern and southern portions of the big -- thus far. We're seeing -- moves to the west. All that deep tropical moisture along the eastern fringes of the sisters now being chucked around -- the north and northwest. Streaming across Maui county into Wahoo in certain to work its way towards -- over the next several hours we expect. And increased and deeper moisture to work its way into forty seeing some heavy showers and now we -- walk -- with the rain -- -- -- -- -- for our. Moving quickly toward getting kind of bursts of heavy rain but everything's moving quick so far. Those -- storms become locked in. Will be told train over the same area where they move through another Susan right after it can be some serious -- -- culturally keep that in mind. We want is we are seeing gas strong enough to bring down trees all across the state right now with the exception being -- -- her main airports are there just yet. But it looks like those so when the wind threat will linger. As those storms continued drive -- from that the southeast as assistant swings through so the threat is definitely over as the governor is mentioning. As we go through the middle of the day in the afternoon any of these heavy showers in addition to producing that heavy rainfall. They're gonna mix down the winds the winds aloft to pretty strong still what happens is -- that rain falls down. It draws down those -- to get bursts of rain and wind entity now branches and power lines we've -- -- across a law who. Now in the big down especially as well so that threat continues as -- go through the afternoon. Later on -- this afternoon and evening as the storm continues westward. Chris are to see things dwindling for the big island and -- progressing more towards a Wahoo and into Hawaii right now the current track is we're looking at it may remain south enough. Enough when she got there to continue to weaken assist them. -- he may miss the worst of the conditions are right -- -- we're looking at right now still under a tropical storm warning. Still it is -- see some gusts there but the rainfall amounts were at a dropping him down there were expecting 82 to five inches for Hawaii. Another. Three to five additional for Maui and Oahu and the big on maybe other additional one -- two inches some locations. Southeast in eastern -- had received close to fifteen inches of rain that's a Seles moved through with more rain coming downstream rivers are -- streams are running fast. Both seem to stay out there -- the waves are still up as well -- the threat continues. And so those folks are out there they're hunkered down -- -- we hope that folks will remain. Where they are staying in place through the day today as we get -- for tomorrow -- should be improved. -- Julio right now -- is going -- -- weakening trend we -- that we can over the last several hours and the track. Is tracking -- -- -- more to the north so we are right now our our -- grocery of the governor mentioned embodiment of that issue of the graphics. You folks are showing on TVC on the Internet a -- where the storm location is with a forecast points or and in this -- We -- -- take the average error over the years but we know we're not always right -- Swedish Eritrean air where the center of the storm is going to be -- -- Based upon most likely based upon our air over the last several years the center of the storm should end up some more inside that -- Some folks see that. Focus on that column because that senator that's where the center of the storm will be now and a broad circulation but we're seeing with the cell right now Julio was well. Even if that center is up to the north the storm and you brought enough to get us some heavy -- -- and gusty winds as well so at this stage. We're recommending even though -- is forecast -- to the north to keep an eye out folks seem to keep prepared. And don't run the acts the stores and return your supplies keep them in place it looks like Sunday night into the early part of next week potentially. Could be some -- right now we're not anticipating much because to the north but if there's a shift -- that track again to be some rain in some wind additionally. -- -- Right now I think if indeed it may be worth an out of the planner the weather wise it does look like it's it's moving to north Estonia for those folks to make those decisions. But it doesn't like it's trending more north and we expect Julio to becoming transition from breaking into a tropical storm as it approaches as well also the signs are looking good. But I remain cautious at this point -- -- -- -- -- -- definitely yes. That -- -- -- -- their about it being made by the National Weather Service obviously as. Hawaii is dealing with now a tropical storm itself but also hurricane Coolio. Approaching some time expected to make. A closer approach by early next week and of course you can keep up with this story in real time by -- the ABC news -- and starring Stuart Brooks who -- updates on the go. For now I'm down Cutler New York.

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{"duration":"14:54","description":"Governor Abercrombie addresses the public on what is to come with the impending storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"24909843","title":"Hawaii Sees a Lull in Iselle as Hurricane Julio Looms","url":"/US/video/tropical-storm-iselle-hawaii-sees-lull-hurricane-julio-24909843"}