Troubles for Area 51 event

New details are emerging regarding the highly anticipated Area 51 festival, an event that started as a joke but is now running into major issues.
3:02 | 09/11/19

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Transcript for Troubles for Area 51 event
I'm of the betting here Bakersfield and you. 51 festival. And it might have lost one of its biggest supporters Matty Roberts its creator when asked when the organizes the likelihood of that happening they said it would take a miracle both his. And a fizzle out there in the eleventh hour it it is it's us that it really does but I can't have my name associated with something that. Could. Be fired fest 2.0. To David creator of the storm area 51 they can't stop a solid bank Mehdi Roberts and NASA he was cutting ties with his partner Connie west and Rachel Nevada. Which was to host the Indian festival Roberts along with one and his associates frank DiMaggio says is due to a lack of transparency of operations and finances. It should be. They should be facilities enough for a minimum 101000 people in the area. They're not. There's. We're supposed to be you are out there there's not. On the city's water when 101000 people are going to the same drinking fountain in the same area. We can pose a problem if food into. According to Connie west hit a different story and says that she has contracts for the event joined ABC received documents showing that Wes has signed a check for 171000 dollars the blue shield security through the Las Vegas metro police to upper west says that she will contain to host the bank but says you'll probably not do this again. Every day to talents. Like his slaying. Some but to get everything done realizing that. The people at around you that you who. Depended on. Could just go integrated do. Also west hasn't confirmed 2151. Responders intending linking county in a state of Nevada. West also has guardian lead medical services sitting sixteen medical providers would mobile units and five namely it's it. He's gonna happen. There's nothing I commute to stop it there's nothing I can do to change it. Kill anything I can do it is Friday may share it's seeing this Davis. Most incredible party have ever thrown. Robbers sold 2.3 BC through messaging and there in the works with partnering with already pre planned area 51 event at a vineyard in downtown Las Vegas and that there are working out the final. Is peoples are number one priority always has been I care about these people their conflict and to me because that created this thing they're all just. I care about all of them and I don't feel comfortable at this point in time. With the current option without. I have nothing anybody or going anywhere anybody under the bus. Myself. I would not do business with this anymore and it needs to go away before it becomes the biggest disaster. So than it has ever seen. And I can't me. And baker solo the bidding for ABC news live.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"New details are emerging regarding the highly anticipated Area 51 festival, an event that started as a joke but is now running into major issues.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65526068","title":"Troubles for Area 51 event","url":"/US/video/troubles-area-51-event-65526068"}