Former Trump adviser urges discipline to combat virus

Former Trump Homeland Security Adviser and ABC News contributor Tom Bossert says “we can change the outcome by changing our behavior.”
5:20 | 07/03/20

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Transcript for Former Trump adviser urges discipline to combat virus
As for more analysis of the alarming rise in Kobe case is an impression chums former Homeland Security advisor and ABC contributor Tom Foster tonk. Thanks as always for joining us. Thanks Lindsay so with a majority of state seeing cases rise and that grim number 50000 new cases in the damp start by asking. How do we get here I mean you worked on disaster preparedness of the White House what it would you say has been the single biggest mistake me. Sam Lindsay is hard to pinpoint any one mistake in this as we try to analyze all the different behaviors that we would have never predicted and Paula protests that have intervened in and the various different. You know thoughts and schools of thought and political arguments. But as I think this through I think maybe the biggest mistake might have been the initial want to blanket shutdown across the country. What it did was it taught some people the wrong lessons in this country those people in places that didn't have a lot of virus. They saw that the shutdown was either premature or unnecessary or an over reaction or all three. They we're now they socialize bidding gets sick. And they learned wrongly that they can get away with it and now has the virus has spread to their neck of the woods whose feet so to speak. There are learning the hard lesson that no one's immune from this virus and we're seeing the numbers in Arizona. Fla. All through the Sunbelt go up dramatically. And we remember those numbers in the Kobe case has spiked after Memorial Day weekend in those images of the ozark pool parties in Missouri for example. And now here that party is happening again so how concerned are you as we have the fourth of July coming up now. You know to be honest I'm angry at this point you know how many people have spent so much time and money and sacrifice. In order to bios is the time to control this disease and now we're fearing it away. We've seen all of the benefits roll back that we purchased. Who is really economic calamity and our have to purchase them a second time I'm worried because if people don't change their behaviors this summer. They're not going to be able to send their kids back to school this fall I think people have to realize that Nedney have to turn. The reduction in the maintenance of that reduction in this virus. By the heaving it disciplined fashion all summer. Otherwise they're gonna want something in not to edit and they're gonna complain all over again and so this is very alarming not only for the loss of life that we're about to see. And the suffering but also the economic consequences are so predictable and it said. Right so much collateral damage all around and as we've been reporting at least nineteen states including. California Texas and Florida have now reversed pause or delayed they're reopening plans so we'll this help or isn't too little too late and is there are now just too much Kobe in nineteen already out there. Since such an important question people are getting the sense from the coverage that maybe it's inevitable so let's go out and do whatever we planned on doing anyway. That's not the case we tend change the outcomes by changing our behaviors. You know it's it's not a problem to blame on any one leader or two leaders it's an individual responsibility for all of us to make our collective sacrifices. Not too late there's a lot of disease and I fear that Arizona on the leading edge of this is gonna see some real sorrow and sickness. In the coming weeks but it's not too late even there for them to change their behaviors to get this disease back under. Control but they say you don't want to point fingers at particular politician but just curious as a former trump advisor if you were with him still right now would you say Mr. President you've got to start wearing a mask you got a star imploring people to do so. No absolutely I was very carries to see him start the changes messaging on that this week. I'd like to see and add to that change in message. A change in his behavior I think we should see the president wearing a mask and a few times here in the coming weeks it's not just telling people if they want to. Remember this not to tell people if they want to earth they think it's in their interest sort of mess they should go ahead and do it that's the wrong caveat. The mask isn't about protecting the wearer as you know Lindsay it's about. Each person that wears of protecting everyone else they might be sick they might not know it and they're contributing to the spread if they don't Wear that mask. Right and somehow this is all become so politicized that finally. If we don't get those numbers down how bad do you think that things could really get this fall. Yes these are pretty troubling numbers you know the microbiology and a math behavior consistent predictable way. We've heard doctor Saatchi predict that we could get to 800000. New cases a day not the 52000 or 55000 that we've been seeing this week. If that happens. Can remember in the northeast we had a collective 38 million people affected in February and march or at risk in the populations of Massachusetts Connecticut. New York and New Jersey. Now it's just those three states I talked about Florida. In Arizona. You know at Texas State total ninety million people and their population so that doctor fat she's prediction is right. And we see a case fatality rate of half of 1% which we've seen to date in this country. That could total 300000. Deaths additional deaths in the United States this year I hope we don't get to that. We're just. Hard to comprehend those numbers aren't Tom thank you so much as always for your insight.

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"Former Trump Homeland Security Adviser and ABC News contributor Tom Bossert says “we can change the outcome by changing our behavior.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71588076","title":"Former Trump adviser urges discipline to combat virus","url":"/US/video/trump-adviser-urges-discipline-combat-virus-71588076"}