Trump blames two shooters' mental states for massacres

Dr. Joe Parks of the National Council for Public Health said that "mental illness is not a cause for major violence in America."
5:16 | 08/06/19

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Transcript for Trump blames two shooters' mental states for massacres
The president singling out mental health is one area that he would like to work on first. Telling the nation this. As one reason why it's part of the problem. We must reform our mental health laws to. Better identify mentally disturbed individuals. Who may commit acts of violence. And make sure those people. Not only get treatment but when necessary. Involuntary. Confinement. Mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger. Not to gun. That could add that comment won the support of the National Rifle Association the only state and they put out since. The dual tragedies over the weekend we can put that up to NRA says they welcome the president's call. To get at the root causes of their horrific acts in this country there are supportive. I've taking steps to address what they call. Did people were danger to themselves or others in not having access to firearms that. Is seen as a real concern right critics of the president who point out that. The president himself took steps early in Forney seventeen to roll back protections. I've keeping people would mental health issues from receiving guns and in fact. Other critics point out that mental health. In this country is actually not the root cause of the problem tickle look at these numbers of gun violence gun deaths here in the United States compared. I tell other countries with high levels and mental illness and mental illness being treated. This is from the journal of American Medical Association this is from 4016 obvious the United States are very high number. A firearm deaths over 37000. Concur we'll numbers. No were to be found here much lower levels in these other countries. Suggestion that perhaps. The issue isn't mental health but rather guns that's in fact with the American Psychological Association said in a statement yesterday they blasted president trump. For routinely blaming mass shootings. On mental illness stigma enticing people. With mental illness the same or search is shown that only very small percentage of violent acts are committed by people were diagnosed with or are in treatment for. Mental illness or for more now on the sort of bring in Dr. Joseph park she's the co chair have been medical director institute at the national council for behavioral health. Joseph think so much for coming in your organization released a report today titled mass violence in America causes impacts. And solutions. What was your big bottom line. All our bottom line is that mental illness is not. One of the bigger major causes of mass finally United States. Our second bottom line is this isn't about mental homelessness is about social. It. It does not remember Romans in meters not a mental illness. And these are major causes that are driving. The other major bottom line who's gonna be one solution that can help us get as well its terms to take a lot of different solutions this is really public health. Well. And what's it what's your take doctor parks about about what can be done certainly mental Health Net is a component. Of these mass shootings in mean you gotta be a sick person to carry out. Something like this are least common sense would tell us that. But where does the mental health treatment fit in and what more resources do need to be added to it to support all Americans for health. Well more so the more immediate thing that can be done aren't expansion of extreme risk protection won't. Otherwise known as red flag for us I believe current leaders around ten perhaps they are happy with and where did warn him. Concerned that someone would be dangerous or about using done. Not related matter little they could just feet off. We won't they're angrier have a few credence. Concluded the court and district judges repeated their firearms temper order move. This is common practice in cases of domestic violence. There to due process than ball so it's not permanent removal. A lot of states that have these orders not everybody knows you think there needs to be public education. And it needs to be available and all the states. Second he's been during the could be an expansion. Use. Brooke assessment and management teams. These are mixed teams that are involved attorneys. Law enforcement professionals to help people. That are based insurance pools or workplaces. But he individual communities that it investigate these cases on an ongoing basis as people become worried about others. And they they can be very useful. On the mental health side there there are there are some cases were clearly mental illness want to somebody had more incidents of nations. But don't care where you're real loosely because when you're always. Yeah I figured if it I do here doctor parks end of the big bottom line might take away from your report Monday that the summer is that we just simply need more information shared. We need more people getting treatment more information shared appropriately with authorities. And we do have. Quite a ways to go off fascinating report mass violence in America by the national council for behavioral health co chaired by doctor Joseph parks think he's so much sir for coming in.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"Dr. Joe Parks of the National Council for Public Health said that \"mental illness is not a cause for major violence in America.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64813931","title":"Trump blames two shooters' mental states for massacres","url":"/US/video/trump-blames-shooters-mental-states-massacres-64813931"}