Trump calls for DOJ probe, while in Texas new revelations on school shooting

As the president asks for probe of the Russia inquiry, Gina Haspel is sworn in as CIA director
21:40 | 05/21/18

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Transcript for Trump calls for DOJ probe, while in Texas new revelations on school shooting
Hey there welcome to eighteen is why I'm Arial rash at ABC news headquarters in New York let's get straight to the heart of the stories we're following for you on this Monday we begin. First with that moment of silence in Texas after that deadly shooting Rampage. That killed ten and left dozens injured we're gonna check in with Marcus Moore who's been on the ground since that story broke and also. The second week about eruption in Hawaii on the big island Callaway a volcano. Now posing a new threat at gotten in. At the very late S but we start with Karen Travers at the White House I had always a busy moment for the president tweeting this weekend. Angry and asking that Department of Justice to investigate whether an FBI informant infiltrated his. Campaign for political reasons Karen break this down for the average person what did what is coming. Aerial the president with. Eating over the weekend and issued a string of tweets about what the Justice Department the FBI were doing during the when he sixteen campaign the president and does ask the Justice Department to look into this possible. Infiltration or surveillance of the trump campaign as he put it. He word on Twitter I hereby demand that the Justice Department looking to this so last night area. The Justice Department said that it will expand an ongoing review of whether there was potential political bias. At the FBI as it relates to the Russian approach and all sparked by New York Times report that says that the FBI attic confidential informant we opted to members of the trial campaign. To see just how far and how deet the potential efforts by Russia to influence that when he sixteen election. How far that went the president of course not liking what he heard and and with blood testing us on Twitter over the weekend of course calling it a witch hunt. And last night we saw the deputy attorney general robbers and signs say that the Justice Department will expand that review but there's a phrase I think in that statement he says. Four is appropriate purposes to whether or not that potential outreach with them for inappropriate purposes because the president says area. This was all political soap bars the FBI not commenting on whether there was an informant and there's no evidence that there was anybody in the FBI that. Infiltrated an imbedded itself into the trunk campaign. So a lot of people now focusing on that New York Times report the president and self calling into question whether this was. Done for political gains as you mentioned by some in the Obama administration. Will the president actually initiate an investigation today are asked for an investigation or as it's just more bluster on Twitter. And that they question because the president said today he was going to order that ask for something that yesterday at the statement from the deputy attorney general saying. Really spanned what were already dealing so we backed going to be enough for president can't. So far he hasn't indicated that perhaps there will be some announcement today without lot of questions in of course it White House officials about. Is that enough to make the president happy or does he want to see. More of the new as separate investigation. Of an investigation. And I know caring you made it just at the White House for us in the nick of time you're at he asked swearing in of CIA director Gina Hassell. Her nomination not without controversy. How is that being received there on Capitol Hill and at the White House. Yet this was the nomination that of course sparked a renewed debate about torture Tina houseful of reportedly had the CIA black site and Thailand. After 9/11 where al-Qaeda suspects were being held. She was really grilled during her nomination process by Democrats and some Republicans that a lot of questions about what was called the enhanced interrogation program that the CIA implemented. After the September 11 attacks. IG and happily they cool re your intelligence officials she has been with the CIA for several decades. Who was trying to focus from the fact of the historic nature her nomination she was the first woman to head the agency. Of course if there were a lot more questions. Last week she said that as she believed the CIA should not have implemented that very controversial program that seem to be enough for some lawmakers who were on the fence she was confirmed. All right Karen Travers there at the White House let us know if the president does indeed initiate that investigation today thank you so much for joining us walls. And we want to go now to ABC political producer Jack got pay at our ABC news out Washington bureau and Jack you have followed this rush pet crow this investigation. Since the very Nathan's stages of it how me. Is this the deal that the president is now it calling into question the entire the entire premises of this investigation. Well it it sort of touches upon a question that Karen is addressing whether he actually follows through on. If his demands that test for investigation. There are some in the law enforcement nationals pretty muted think this is a red line. That. Dead by directing an investigation done he's manipulating. The department of justice and its processes and away that's that's very political and and potentially dangerous that. To Ted really understand this this hoping yet to go back to when he sixteen when the entire national security community. At a consensus that the Russians were very much trying to infiltrate and and influence our election system. That was a very serious concern of the entire intelligence community and need to be dealt with that. The FBI was charged with. Trying to figure out what was going on here and how are they doing it. Part of that was through informants. They use other investigative means of course but informants are have long been a key part of how. The FBI does investigations not just the FBI but every law important agency the FBI they did you day. ATF. They all use informants and it's it's sort of the bread and bother of how investigations are done and it's less intrusive and wiretaps anger or other forms and essentially. It's about trying to find people who. Are in the circles that might see things in might hear things that would be useful to the investigation to help them learn. What's happening. The Jack the president now calling into question whether that FBI informant if there indeed was an FBI informant that was talking to that campaign whether there was a prolonged sustained. Effort to gain political information basically wanting to know what the motivation what's behind having an informant. Talking to the campaign. Exactly so. You know as the Justice Department says that it looked to see if there's anything improperly political. Involved in how these informants were used. Who approved them those kinds of things they want to see politics played a role it. Every investigation into the political spheres it is is challenging because. The potential for accusations of bias. Always can enter in. And it's something that the Justice Department needs to shield itself against that they have to try to look at these things impartially they're very typical questions to be answered. And that's when he sixteen election as they had an ongoing probe into Hillary Clinton and this probe just beginning when he sixteen to figure out. How the Russians were trying to influence the election in real time. And and so those are extremely challenging questions that are very thorny issues. But that the the alternative is not to look at all or or to look in ways that they're not gonna get to the bottom of it and the FBI really need to get to the bottom of this one. And Jacqui mentioned Hillary Clinton the president went off about why hat and Hillary Clinton's alleged 30000 emails working looking looked into but yet he's being and the subject of what he called which time he's been. This is an far reaching campaign by the president to deflected discredit the Muller investigation is working at the end of the day he think this is gonna work for the perhaps. We'll let. Remains DC. There's obviously an ongoing investigation that's being run. By Bob Mueller it's already yielded several. Guilty pleas convictions. One person. Alec spenders mine is sitting in prison right now because of this investigation and it's not done yet. If they still have a ways to go and you know I think that's still as many checkers to be written. Well Jack we know you are busy today and we appreciate your insights we are lucky to have you and thank you so much for joining ABC news library technically very latest. In the future thank you so much and we do have breaking news out of the US Supreme Court wanna go now to ABC's Kate shot it was there for the latest decision and -- a major implications for employees and employers. That's right so the Supreme Court issued 2 opinions this morning basically between now and the end of June is kind of high season for the supreme courts are gonna have a lot of opinions coming fast and furious. The justices are writing in responding to one another so we got a pretty big one today as you said one with pretty significant implications for workers rights. On the so basically you had a group employees in this case. Who believed they had been wrongfully denied overtime pay so you think about it each individual claim was probably worth only a few hundred are a few thousand dollars. Meeting not worth pursuing it you're standing alone when you think about the costs of litigation but if you band together and bring a class section and all of a sudden and makes a certain sense hit. Pursue your employer in court and to try to get the money that you think your other. Like the employer in this case like a lot of employers had a provision in its employment agreement that said. No you can't bring class action figure how particular kinds of grievances you have to go to private arbitration. Now these workers challenge that permission. At a number of other workers to do so this question has been coming up through the lower courts. I and the Supreme Court today decided employers can enforce those sorts of arbitration agreements and can prevent workers. From hot litigating their claims in class actions. So this is a big win for employers who really like to be able to serve see their disputes play out in these private individual venues. Our AK shot there at the Supreme Court we appreciate your insights so much thank you so. We want to head to Texas now where there was just a moment of silence to honor the victims at ten. The victims of that shooting Rampage at Santa Fe high school the scenes playing out. All too familiar Marcus Moore has been on the ground since this story broke and market. At askew there's been some new developments in the investigation what are we learning about the alleged shooter. Well Arial good morning to you we are learning new information about the alleged shooter before I get to that. I do want to show you this this moving scene that we have here in front of Santa Fe high school world this happened on Friday to me years where. We just observed that moment silenced by Texas governor Greg Abbott to honor the victims who. Were involved in the shooting Friday in UC. One of the and many crosses that have been placed in front of the high school. With the names of the people who passed away since it is still there when teachers. As a Christian Garcia. There are flowers and balloons nearby. And we have seen people simply embracing one another we've seen a lot of tears and we have also seen aerial a number of prayers. That is what so many people in this community have turned to is such a time sadness and of confusion. And anger at some points. As people learn more about what happened. And about the suspect as you have just mentioned there is new information that has surfaced according to sources that. Authorities investigating this have. Really been looking at the possibility. That the gunman may have studied. Previous mass shootings and allegedly incorporated some aspects of those massacres. In his attack. It is a startling development and a very upsetting one for people across the country. And undoubtedly here in Santa thing. That is a small town we're talking about a city of about thirteen thousand people a school a 14100 students so for something like this to happen. It has had a tremendous. Impact on this community and we have seen them. In whatever way they can trying to support one another. And and get through this and one of the things aerial that is really stood out to me and we have heard this morning on Good Morning America and various newscasts. All the stories that these young people have told. Fifteen year olds who described the sounds of explosions that does describe the sound of gunshots. Inside their high school just behind me and then seeing their own friends their classmates. Many of them who did not survive or others who were badly hurt and rushed to the hospital itself. Bills of the stories that we continue to hear this morning and that on the source. And the Genesis. The pain that we are witnessing here this morning. I'll put through the pain. There was also hope aerial. And that hope we have seen manifested to the prayers that we her and that moment of silence that we saw here but aerial certainly a very moving scene here. And a clear sign that they have a long road to recovery ahead here it's that. Marcus doing really sensitive job reporting there and we see that beautiful tribute behind Q it's really unconscionable that these students will have to recall. Such horrendous memories but it's also not uncommon sadly in this country this is not the first time we've seen has. And a lot of the parents saying they weren't that surprised students coming right out of the school and telling media that they they. Weren't that surprised that this was happening at there on school one mom telling DNA this morning. That this is just the vicious cycle we see a shooting we see the grief we see prayers then we see numbness and then we see another shooting. Markets I have to ask you are the family fare is there an appetite for change at what are they calling for right now. The there is an appetite for change aerial but the change is relative. Of the change that some people want here. Involves having more armed personnel inside the school perhaps arming teachers who were qualified are having. More security guards in the school that's the change that they talk about. Whereas in other parts of the country and perhaps other opinions that you hear. The change is doing something about guns so certainly there is that sense. Among all of the people here. Both young and old that they do want change area out what exactly how to go about that is what is up for debate. I and I can tell you that as we are here in front of the school we were invited. Two capture these images here and be apart. At get an up close view of the moment of silence so we are here but it. Of course a wanted to keep our distance supposed to be respectful to the various people all walks of life aerial they have come out here. To pay their respects and again. Really try to heal as best they can after something so terrible. Yeah and I think it's it's it's astonishing and shocking you're here we heard from the student this morning his said that he played football with this suspect. And never expected that this is something that you would be capable. But the suspect there are also accounts at the suspect was walking through the school as he was shooting pretty methodically. Yelling out things like another one bites the fast so what are investigators telling you about a possible motive at this point. Well aerial you talk about with some of the things that the gunman allegedly sent during the shooting and it it is just. Incredibly heartbreaking and absolutely chilling we have heard those accounts from students who said that he at one point. When they attacked the alleged attack first started. He said surprise and one of the art classroom for the start and then as you mentioned. I'm throughout the attack was reciting lyrics. Another one bites the dust investigators have been really close to the vest on. I'll beat the bits and pieces of evidence they have or information they've been able to gather. But aerial they have been going over we understand from sources. He is journals and computers that. Seem to be painting a picture of someone who not only. The study prior mass shootings. But but they have been disturbed as well but that's not something that we have seen. From his friends he mentions that he was a normal guy he. Wore trench coats every day but outside of that he seemed to be a normal person and we also talked to one of his teammates who said that. You know he talked about his car often and he also talked about guns com and that's not all that uncommon especially here in Texas and various parts of of the country a lot of people grow up with weapons and they go hunting or they have a weapon just four. Professional shooting are sports sporting eventually. Use weapons for competition so. Other idea that he had guns is not at all surprise here and we certainly hope to learn more from investigators about a motive but at this point. Area out. The attorney who represents the alleged gunman in this case says any talk about a possible motive is absolutely speculation at this point. Markets more so much for us to learn still from that situation and unfortunately the grim debate continues in this country about how to stop this from happening. Markets thank you so much for your sensitive reporting there in Texas we appreciate it. And now we want to head to Hawaii today island EC the images at it we can think that's for two weeks now. ABC's Matt Gutman is gonna walk us through all of it. Area pretty incredible where I'm standing use the need help after. Right here in geothermal plant here and you can see that boiling cauldron multiple lightning bolt right behind me now. Just dear to my right. Putting out any mortgage volume and bubbly from the ground I just moved to self. Volcanologists right here. And a hundred cubic meters per second that's not a normal for a quarter of the output of the Delaware River tax and laughed and told. Here is spotless spewing out and actually have cared cameraman vocational then pulls it over there. Helping out. Bringing to the ground. Somewhere in Erin Airese sizable tract can be heard. And Bob Bob yeah. That area and he's making great obviously we're we are standing. It's called big east where it can be seen recent massive trade system. About thirty miles away. Things that we know describing. It seemed at. For miles around his big beyond big guys are love. Screen you can applying. But he's admitting a tremendous amount of sulfur dioxide. Because every occasion. Guys road it's pretty poisonous and three times you know what is going on to beat out now. Then just a few days ago. I am leaving here. Pain and it's. Absolutely into the ocean miles. And non cash flow rate it has been largely because. Maybe from. Winning. Guard Dwyane. Can also like. Everybody here is a six. It was art dealer faces. Coming up and one day. Are. Right now. And the next thing. And by the way. Although the Hawaii islands are. Get this lovable hearing means hundreds and hundreds of yard line. Continues to really running even though officially stated this novel which looks black. But what a major concern here. Has been back in this city have been walking around in this area. Nothing is under round. These are lofty and every day owning communities booms pops initiatives what's happening soon which trapped dance. If you're right now that it just. He needs to grabbed open pops it out and then this quiet down. Weather problems from that is not only is the lava flow creating small brush fire that is that news well. And that is intermingling between. He sulfur dioxide. Game obviously believes that is happening win a lot like its deep ocean reading these small. It's like mark. Part of it is to speed and you know obviously making air around it much more toxic. Just let you know we are fortunate that you had these respirators here and leave us so we don't. And in the other things just stating. Period. Outlets are Matt Gutman reporting with some remarkable images behind him without Matt states say that we are thinking about the people on the big island today and that does it for ABC news live stay with us on You can also check out. World news with David New York tonight had a great aunt.

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