Trump continues to confirm details of whistleblower’s complaint

President Donald Trump addressed his call with the Ukrainian leader ahead of his U.N. General Assembly speech.
4:12 | 09/24/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump continues to confirm details of whistleblower’s complaint
I'm here now with Devin Dwyer but before that I want to take a listen two the president speaking about this on his way into the United Nations today. It's ridiculous it's a which aren't. I'm leading in the polls they have no idea how they stopped be the only way they can tries to impeachment. This is never happened to a president before there's never been a thing like this before it's nonsense and when you see the call when you see the readout of the call. Which I assume you'll see it's a polite. You'll understand that call was perfect it couldn't have been nicer and even the Ukrainian government put out a statement that that was a perfect call there was no pressure put on them whatsoever. But there was pressure put god with respect it to provide. What Joseph Biden did for his son that something they should be looking at them. Her right DeVon. This is the cloud hanging over this everything and the Washington Post. Reported some new developments in this case I want you to kind of break this down give us a reminder. Of what's happening here yet this all involves a phone call the president had with Ukrainian president back in July in the question here is what was said on that phone call. And why did the president. Put a halt pots and millions of dollars of foreign aid to the united Ukraine that congress had approved those are the big questions around the city today. Yes the Washington Post reported that the president just turn their confirmed that the president said he put a halt. To this aid that congress approve days before his phone call with the Ukrainian leader. He's also confirmed this week that he talked to the Ukrainian president about Joseph Biden and his son this is is politically why stunning admission stunning admission the president seeming to double down the question is. Did the president try to extract some favored to the president implied in some way that listen. We'll turn the gain back on so long as you investigate Joseph Biden are giving the dirt. On Joseph Biden. That part is where it's a little murky and so were waiting to see this week if this complaint from the whistle blower who got all of this going will come out. And also whether the president will release some sort of a transcript. Of the phone call he said he wants to do that today he hinted that maybe he would give you read out of the call which of course is that. Differ from a transcript. But therein lies the new ones here and a lot of members of congress. Are waiting to see those facts before they these sort of double down their positions on impeachment but we didn't today at today's big date is a big week. If you're following the impeachment battle Democrats are going to meet this afternoon as a group. Talk about how they go forward that's what I want to want to talk about because there is mounting pressure. But both well before that I mean. How do you think that this could possibly be a decision that someone makes given the 22 months that went into. The Mueller investigation that you you would think that maybe AA president would potentially be more careful. What you think. What that you chartered of the president's cat. Ash and hear what president trump has made clear from the beginning that he sort of feels like some of these traditional norms rules and laws in some cases don't apply to him. I'm so I think this is some of that is certainly at play here he's doubling down. On the fact that he doesn't see anything wrong with talking to a world leader about. Heating somehow in winning a presidential election think about that though that is so troubling to so many people. Even Mitt Romney yesterday said if this is true this is really problematic we don't invite foreign leaders to help us win elections in this country. But again that these questions that are there are art need to be answered for a lot of members of punk pop congress especially Republicans before they feel comfortable getting on board an impeachment wagon. Why is attorney now when it didn't turn on the Muller. Fiasco I think it's because this is so condensed it's so clear for people to understand. This is a single phone call where the president of the United States has acknowledged many of these details. This is all coming down the course of the week people can digest this information write the Muller casing character drip and drip every years and in months and it was very confusing to let people. That makes a lot of sense that in a thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"President Donald Trump addressed his call with the Ukrainian leader ahead of his U.N. General Assembly speech. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65828526","title":"Trump continues to confirm details of whistleblower’s complaint","url":"/US/video/trump-continues-confirm-details-whistleblowers-complaint-65828526"}