Trump heads to Europe as the world celebrates successful Thai cave rescue

President Trump is on his way to meet with NATO allies after nominating a new Supreme Court justice.
25:23 | 07/10/18

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Transcript for Trump heads to Europe as the world celebrates successful Thai cave rescue
I'm ABC's Jonathan mode in New York where we are following the big stories of the day and there is none bigger happening in the world in the one. In Thailand. Those twelve Thai boys and their soccer coach trapped deep inside a cave for nearly twenty days have been rescued. Our teams on the ground there in Thailand. They're standing by for the latest we have a Supreme Court nominee now it's a battle on Capitol Hill for president dropped. And his nominee judge Brett Cavanaugh. A first a look at today's headlines. We'll have a selection. Tell people not to come to our country elegantly. That's as others. Don't come you'll our country. They come like got good people do come. The child administration was ordered by a judge to reunite parents and children under the age of five who was separated at the border. Federal officials say dozens of families will get back together to live and on all of them. Three people have been arrested for allegedly starting a Colorado wildfire by leaving an unauthorized campfire unattended. The connection to a fire that's destroyed at least eight homes. Asked George Clooney has been hurt after getting into an accident in Italy new supports their say he was involved in a crash. Well on a motorcycle in Sardinia. Microsoft is taking aim at the IE patty introducing a new smaller version of its surface proved tablet today. On the surface go ten inches bigots running the full version of windows ten increases started forging fox. Today marks ten years that we've been saying there's an amp prevent. Apple opened up its App Store for the iPhone a decade ago today founder of more than two million apps available in the App Store. Let's get right to what is easily become the biggest story of this summer twelve boys and pilot and their soccer coach. Trapped inside a key Arab League venture inside. And then were trapped. We know that rescue teams have been trying to find them. They were able to locate them. And diplomatic key for the past nearly twenty days solicitor to ABC's James Longley has been there since the began the search James I saw that headline this morning about the ambulance that last and final ambulance leaving that cave all I can say is wow. Second I added that this has been out that it is extraordinary we had no. Including that this was gonna happen no for an for a minute when we first go ahead to the fool. We're just a few days off to the boys is gone missing in and days and days before they found him inside that cave. You know moment like this watching those on evidence has come out I think. That was really just a dream and so for the last couple of days we've been sit on the side of the road near the cave watching his dominance author ambulances come out the first day we're told it's going pretty well first full boys have come out a second day again it's gone even that. Who's thinking walk hand and that's really be true I mean they really getting the boys out of this at a speed and then today it was supposed to get four out we Austin governor. Yes today I think going to be able to get a cut jobs why some are not making any promises and then lo and behold. Who got that headline below those of Lutz was speaking to Thai Navy SEALs at a checkpoint. Just down the right from the cave when they said to us and got them all out and boy was not a moment and when we with stood that behind that she is from the rescuers as they walked down. That Trac which the world has had back cameras trailed on. So all these days now. This is this is just a huge huge moment for Taina. Does the incredible international effort entering your rival that's in a couple of weeks ago you know the chance of finding them very bleak U. Reported quite a few times about when we arrive on things like this. I'm we try to remain optimistic but when it comes to this when people were just weren't sure they were going to be found but now. This moment at this time I mean just incredible. That's right I mean you know when it when you come to these sorts of situations. And niceties of situations it's been pretty exceptional when you come to. Major events wet which did a fairly united massive rescue events and and operations like this. You have to be reasonable and you have to say that their Thursday an enormous. Hey eve. Net one. Until we're there right it's something it's miles and miles law because over the border into economic country. And the boys have there's no sign of them haven't even of them there's nothing that you can even suggest that still alive in these caves and and it makes people making comparisons to. It's today and rescue but at least that at the mine is tapping on the side. Of the of the space in which they were trapped in no one. Could you know get any sense of whether or not these boys were alive or dead animal Abbas when we turned out we with some of up to be really kind of realistic about the whole thing but yet the Thai. What type people who that both the press on these civilians in the kind of ambulances and everyone who was that saying and I definitely and David shore and off off the nine days. They wouldn't painted and then really the real was forgotten because they have to get them out and you know I think it really was a couple of days ago I've. Does the world really sore just how difficult that was going to be with us on death of former Thai navy seal 38 year old. Every phase tri athlete. He died the lack of oxygen and I think that really was and I'm mindful while these boys might not make it out not his wife tonight is Lewis we. We cannot forget those heroic actions by that Thai navy Stillman there James my friend incredible reporting think you ABC's chief national course on a Mac I'm minutes near the cave. Not arrested on that point of this Thai navy so losses lied for those seals were navigating some tough. And dangerous terrain. Extraordinarily difficult when you think about a cave system like this it's not just one tunnel it's. Multiple tunnels branching out. In different directions and it's not flat it goes up and down it's her part time it Spain's. Navigating these. Narrow Calvert and passage ways he's really typical self. What happened is most of it was flooded in the beginning and then it became muddy as more more rescuers came in so they're having to. Content with how slippery is Ed you know they had the still like tonight's hanging. From the roof of the cave and they're basically made out of minerals right and he can become so jagged the Erica last sharp so they have to get. Navigate that. And what's on the ground and then of course the water. It's murky the current from all those monsoon rains were so powerful first. It was literally ripping the masks off of divers they would had to struggle to swim. What they could normally swim in about ten or fifteen minutes it took them hours they were gas where they divers only that it felt like climbing Mount Everest and its first before. Actually started this rescue when I first started talking to the divers. It was seen this body and they were talking about six hours in that it was so ruling they've never content with anything like this. One of the diapers said to me that he basically couldn't cut it anymore he left after eight days instead I'm going on vacation I'm going the Philippines. Because I basically had so many close calls and near death experiences that. I just gotta get out of here so that gives you a sense of how dangerous this wasn't a treacherous that cape still it's. Matt you're able to get an up close look at a nearby cave. You also some diving experience some curious about what do you think it sets of these divers these tiny details were able to. Get faster and faster which each rescue attempt. A it was Thai Navy SEALs and of course a pretty big contingent of foreigners as well so. What they did is pretty incredible because. They were not only swimming themselves on the way back. But they were essentially. Hauling those boys self there was a diver in front and he was tethered to avoid behind him he was also carrying his air tankers a second diver who was literally. Whole being that buoyed by a hand on the back of his inflatable vest called BCD and diving and literally swimming him through the water than what it was more shallow. They hall then they drag them through the surface so they could stand their back and continue breathing air and didn't actually have to walk and then. The final part they were born on steps stretchers. Out of that cave system because they just didn't want them to exert themselves up. Think about it can at these kids have been in that cave for eighteen days at this point and while they had. Had some thus some sustenance over the past several days. It was really gels and water and things like that because the divers basically couldn't squeeze real food in. To get through them so they were weak they are emaciated two of them were suffering from pneumonia. They really the Navy SEALs and of course the foreign divers had to do. A lot of the work and yes we got better and better as the days went on more efficient at getting in and then getting back out and it didn't help that. The spirits of the weather as they call them here in Thailand really complied. Monsoons were forecasted for the past couple a days and we did get some rain but nothing too significant sell. There are a lot of conditions that really work to lower that water level and make their exit so much easier and obviously you can't ask for more than what they got today. Just incredible Matt they were up against a lot of challenges they are things the mag government just outside the cave bear when we talk about what's next to talk about. The recovery and the focus and the attention now turning to the treatment. Of these boys as they try to recover from this let's get right to ABC's eight and baker live outside the hospital where those four east. Their coach are now being treated Adrian I would love scene that beautiful smile under Bates because. Everyone it's just so happy right. This is the coolest thing we've been here for days now of course you know James and that have been covering it much much longer but since we've arrived. There wasn't despondency here when we would see that the people here they were. Cordial they were respectful but they weren't really glowing like they are today in fact it was remarkable after word. That all of the boys and a coach to come out of a cave I'm walking on history there are journalists warming this area mean we have really. Become part of the landscape here and for the first time since I've arrived. Beaming smiles people looking you in the I people saying hello to you in English. And reading you because now they can really be relieved air they're excited and they are happy that the boys are paying back one woman we talked to you I asked her about that is that you know. This is the person it seems nobody smiles and she said yes we we are finally knowing that they are okay we're finally aware that. That they have come out of that cave they survived she sent. And so it's just been a change in the atmosphere here with such good news. In fact I was just remarking to my crew if you look behind us thou the hospitals about half a block away. The police still have somewhat of a barricade now. Much of the crowds have gone there were there were cheering crowds towards the end. At that last ambulance that arrived here on scene from that soccer team but we are expecting we've had word. That the divers who went in and pulled these kids and their coats out will be arriving by ambulance and that is why these police are still here on C Kenneth. More good news there on the medics in the ambulances. That is rescuers also getting out of there. Adrian I have to ask you were there for the first ambulance. You're there for the final ambulance carrying the boys and their soccer coach both a moment like for you. While I was excited because you really you know you hit the ground running on a story like this and so much good work has been done buyer crews here on the ground. James did not admit to them before on the to them again out of that cave in those mighty and damn miserable conditions that. Not only our crews had to bear with thank you for sure the volunteers the military. I had to indoor as they covered this. Remarkable story. But when we arrived here there was parity so much anticipation. That they were going to get the first young man out of that cave in so we we set up. Shop right here. We were moved down the street we are moved further away. Up from the incidents about hospital right behind us there by police because they wanted to force respect the privacy of the voice respect the privacy of their families. But it was like when is this gonna happen and now we know the timing of it but in the beginning you didn't really know. And so as soon as we heard the helicopter. Involved in transporting those boys from a at the FK's site. Q a waiting ambulance. About one to two kilometers away. You knew it was on its way and so it was kind of like waiting for that train to come waiting for that plastic and we've all stood on the sidewalk in. Waited for our transportation to arrive at this time it was carrying very precious cargo. At first young boy pulled back a decade. The recovery can't take them time as you know Adrian but. We're all talking about what's next. For these boys we know that people fried rice is likely for them. Some homework as well the that they likely miss it possible that. Not wait no no I'll. You know it is body I reported that this morning we visited a school where six of the boys attended the principal told us. That they're actually save you from their regular exams in fact one little boy in the case had written to his teacher saying please not too much homework battle. They're going to treat these children like disaster survivors. And they're going to give them an easy little break getting back to class getting back to normalcy of course. They are being treated here in the hospital and the doctors and that health officers that we heard from earlier today at a news conference since that that. A while again two of the boys have pneumonia Matt touched on some of their conditions. There they were malnourished coming out of that cave but they are in fact that spirit they're happy. But they are taking tests blood test every single day of monitoring these children and giving them soft foods to eat to build their system back up. But for sure it's exciting to see how happy they are to be back home almost in the arms of their families have to wait a little bit longer to give money and to. Show how appreciative. Mom and dad their families are. There's the reporting out there Adrian about in my actually took some time with Buddhist monks and they were actually monks were spotted outside the cave. Which could signal. After all of this after they recover. They can actually spent some time at some of the Buddhist temples there. Everybody's been praying so it seems fitting. Definitely. I'm sure a lot of folks are thinking they are god wars those boys being rescued. They are thinks that even in jeans and Matt entire agencies teams on the ground there in time for the reporter newstalk tempers across the world. Insert thank you again Adrian right back your home Supreme Court battle president trot has made its pick to take over that. Seat of retiring justice Anthony Kennedy see right they are Brett Cavanaugh and right there Rick Klein. Who with anybody in Washington DC bureau wrecked the battle to get on Capitol Hill. The battle begins and it actually looks like a pretty traditional party line battle he. Particularly in the Arab trop this stands out Brett Cavanaugh is establishments establishments strolling. Resonated seems tailor made for establishment politics the Republican cited potential consideration for the Supreme Court he's been groomed for this. For a long time. And by going as predictable route the presidency able to tap into a very powerful lobbying network that is now already begun advertisements on his behalf and pressuring senators to swiftly confirm this justice even as he just starts to make his rounds on Capitol Hill. Yeah they say I'm in Washington there ain't no fight like a Supreme Court fight. Present trop also the producer and chief Rick last night breaking into prime time TY introduced this Beck. That's right in any got all the drama all the trucking and touches of all all the finalists as we awaited word but now that we have him the focus quickly turns to. Who he is and what he has done and he pops up virtually anywhere you look into across a Republican politics over the last several decades he was called on one democratic senator the Forrest Gump of of Republican politics because you see him. In the Starr report in the Whitewater investigations you see him pop up in bush V gore the Elian Gonzales affair. Virtually anytime it's conservative legal lawyers are lawyers are involved in the political fights. During the ninety's and since early two thousands he was there he has served on the on the bench as as a federal appeals court the last dozen years he was it he was nominated by. President President Bush George W. Bush is our support this nomination and confirmed by senators including the two key moderates there were all looking at senators Collins and Murkowski able. Voted for him twelve years ago. Rick while you get the president the First Lady as you know in route to Brussels for the NATO summit. I'm Rick there's some real distance between this president and NATO allies there were not just talking about geography. No look the president has been so critical of these international alliances and he goes there were at a time of turmoil in Western Europe particularly in England's with the president's going to be spending some time. Later this week of course at the end of this summit he has is meeting with flattener pollutants a lot of tough love is being brought by this president I'll conciliatory tones being. Being voiced by his administration but the president is going in. Without with an agenda and that wasted to bring this message to NATO allies that America doesn't feel like it's getting his money's worth and wants to see these allies step up. RR thinks of recline their NRDC bureau in Washington. Thank you Rick let's head to Brussels where ABC's senior report foreign correspondent in panel is standing by this morning the president fired up between Ian. About Tom NATO members paying their fair share. Yet this follows many tweets in Pappas will welcome to Brussels this is a land of Moline breed that's Basel. And French Fries to you and me some great via. Belgium wolf bulls and also the muscles. From Brussels don't vote van dam but it's also home to the European Union and tonight that president drums flying in here latest today and he's gonna meet with the other. Leaders of other NATO nations and as you said he's already been on the offensive. Saying essentially they think the United States pays too much. And the rest of the contributing nations and not paying enough. At the very least he wants and to pay 2% of that GDP towards defends many of the country's full well shall tonight. To the point where he's actually sent letters to different leaders saying look it's time for you to pay up the question is how strong is he going to be. The last time that he came to meet we'll be this is that the G-7 summit that ended badly. He then went on to Singapore and met with the leader of North Korea and that when simple well here we have a meeting with gonna sit down again with our allies. Everybody's worried that is not gonna go well he then goes on new government activities pushed me compacts to rural folk. And it seems he's already said the evenings that will be. The easiest meeting the bull. Yet Russian aggression in Eastern Europe election meddling all things the top of the discussion list there. Between president trump and Biden repugnant that Helsinki summit but I'm I'm curious. In. Your thoughts on. You heard the president say this morning just touched on it there is vibrant student friend or folk what will really come of the summit. Yet a surprise to me and he eventually said oh look okay President Putin is compressed. But he has said in the past see it month prison picked him for being the strong man for being tough. To being a strong leader of these nation he called him a great guy now this is someone who is accused of masterminding interference in the US election process. And yet his traditional allies NATO countries the G-7 is being incredibly tough on these tough on the German Chancellor Angela Merkel leased up on the Canadian leader to dope. And many Cuba saying what why is he treating friends like this. And yet he's treating competitors like that now he has a disruptive theory a foreign policy didn't call it that theory. His view with these tough negotiate that you built to do business with Vladimir Putin they'll be up come to a deal in the world. Will be much faster. But let me tell you that it's not politics it's not NATO is not Vladimir Putin that is owned the lips of the people of this country. That's just get a vote one of the man who runs the restaurant they Gabriel. Can I get it to come over and it always meet Gabriel who's a proprietor of bogus fish and chicken fine establishments here. Brussels and cable Wilkens ABC life I'm. I want to ask you every still could not NATO members to handle trump meeting president pleats in what is it that people of Brussels talking about. The moment it is seasonal flu evidently it is just. Tim Russert at the moment and then this that is coming home. And honest that people who is not much talk about the politics. Honestly is there another big event they're talking about talking about the football tonight is going to be big game part of it found that Belgium. Is taxes my opinion it's 5050 via effectively speak to people about exactly particularly thank you very much just exactly. We'll be talking about here we have the World Cup semifinals tonight this is he's gonna go crazy you see some of the parts of already been sets up missing people with based paints on. The game kicks off about 8 PM local time at that point president trump is gonna arrive to city that either going to be a morning boring crazy celebrations. Either way it's can be a meant to seeping. So Ian our seniors senior foreign correspondent and our senior tourism guide. Have there head in brothel as well I'd go enjoy some brothels and priests for me. And I'll send you might order as long I think impanel there as we mentioned president trop it's on this it's overseas for several days now. But between his trip to NATO to Brussels. And op at the and being in Helsinki with that summit with Russian president firemen who you won't be making a stop for its first at his official visit. To the UK and let's turn out to ABC's Molly hunter where we understand. I'm not the protests are being planned with a baby balloon. And the like that's our president trop words I thought I would never stay together Molly. Panicked hey that's right thing you might have seen that baby balloon right behind me the trump baby liberty and get a little necklace aren't. She can bring in Leon Murray Leo welcome and come lock with me. What if that. Orange. Rightly we got it on my mind. With that many. Opinion if you need to have a good look at it can you can you see that can you think you're not there that there that night prairie situation. You see the hall's front not real why did you get back. Yes Mike it seemed reasons and festival week though it be funny. And we weren't that Smart and the spaces war is really quiet dog it's probably time off. We would do that disparities that the nation and in the spirit of a that we would be an equipment as against their differences instead president. Happy. How how thin at Babylon I worried about pop. Some shall be who would be taken shots at the coolest people on this country. It is corporate and you you raise a lot of money at a tonight's thought apparently we shall we and we are placing 2000 pounds now. If you haven't got a turtle and eat it owning a road. The extra money and ago setting him on a local. I rightly I think semis at a sunny day Olympic that they just you can really feed you see actually as a self in the balloons at the cat. President drug may not even actually feed as we'll in this pulling will be over one of the biggest protest on Friday. When president chuck it here but actually president trample on the countryside he'll be needing. The queen on Friday acting meeting minutes there on Friday mornings that he'd she might not get a glimpse of. Yet kept tens of thousands of people actually expected for that massive demonstration there. I'm and landa but as you mentioned the president likely wanted to be in London that longs touching down there but then. Through the countryside meeting with the queen what else is on the itinerary for the president. That's at eight headed down on Thursday evening he's staying at with ambassador Woody Johnson actor. At his London house that really is not me spending that much time Atlantic. He's heading out to the countryside on Friday and all the protests are really kicking off. On Friday he then goes to Scotland. He's gonna play some golf on Saturday we are expecting that pregnant and glad as well. But this guy is gonna be flying on Friday afternoon and there's no time it hasn't had actually get. While at their images onto corder the president likely. We'll see them our head our thinks I'm Molly O'Connor there on the ground and London Molly thank you art for all the stories we're following for you right ABC news from. Those boards rescued in Thailand to the president's Supreme Court pick. To the president's trip overseas for the NATO summit please had to And ABC news app downloaded is perfect is great it works on your phone. And all your devices on get a vote here in New York what you may be few days.

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