Trump to meet with Republican lawmakers divided over family separation

Outrage continues to grow over the Trump "zero-tolerance" policy, plus the latest on flooding in the Midwest and World Cup action.
27:49 | 06/19/18

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Transcript for Trump to meet with Republican lawmakers divided over family separation
We got a big date today on ABC news live I appreciate you joining us I'm exactly keys because of this yet whose lives around you call it whatever you want lots of stories to get to we got reporters all over the country all over the globe in. Matter of fact a couple of stores entities that get to later of course this is the World Cup Japan with a big win and then this is flooding in the midwest via Alex Torres there will cute to some of that later we're gonna start off talking about. What's happening at the White House the administration. Zero tolerance stance on illegal border crossing of course that's leading to thousands of families being separated. At the border we're joined now by deal beneath this is down there are now that's detected we're in the compressor out there today Geoeye doormat. Hey Zach forgets and incredibly hot day here but even so all of these people here are getting ready to march for a mile and I want to show you some of these signs here because. Obviously they're here because right now in this country we're talking about 2000 periods. Who have been separated from their families. And I want you to see some of these sides here keep families together we. Here family belong together humanity has not come. Citizenship or green car you could hear these people talking about three or children now back. Their chance they have because they're hoping to marks now. A mile and it looks like more and more people. Joining us Mort. And they're going to be here for a while they're going to be marching because they want to send this message to Capitol Hill they want to send it to White House they want to send to Washington DC. You know TO I understand that lawmakers are expected vote on the bill this week needs a few bills neither bill is expected. The deal with children separated from their parents that's problematic on a couple levels. My question for you is you've seen this facility in McAllen Texas I understand they're they're running out of room there is that right. Yeah and you know we have video I'm not okay. Up but we actually saw this could go coven yesterday and a reminder. Journalists are going into the facilities what do you wild truly and we're not actually. We're not allowed to yeah yeah what's happening is that it. These video. So what we've been seeing lower. Thousand ends after to McAllen facility were talking about they have thousands. Oh man that we hit. Those young children and hearing in those. Whatever look to be designed and half. One more quick question from GO I understand that right there every day people are now raising. For these families. Pretty high heels acrid because. Every day people here are going to have. And delegating are there enough these bodies. Donate to these different groups that are helping these migrant families so one couple in California in particular in just three days raising more than three point six. Million dollars worth that number keeps rising 84000. People have already donated. On that FaceBook. GO I'm wondering if you can speak to some of the folks behind you maybe pick one of them outing and let us hear from them and in in. Allow with a little better understand why the routed. And it makes short. Do we have Michael already that we could do go ahead let's let's try to do this and see if we could talk. So let me like fear. We're talking about families. Families together will live on ABC right now. Hi there so you're saying oh yeah thanks families belong together what is your message right now we have to. Although there is no reason then there's no justification since he had to stop right now. I have to stop I have nowhere yeah. Solid path and you're a mother to another clearly that we and from out of her morning that's coming. Skeleton you know years from now how. We do what we do here and we don't put up with it along and it will not four hours. He drove for hours at the end here is. How important I was there's more people hear me thirty million people here don't actually feed me. My community my every Wednesday yeah. I'm sorry I am willing to mr. panels looking RAZR sign here is that we could see. There's those just six. You right now really believe this is just pivotal mortgage anywhere in the house it is. It's been lead ultimately hit a three opening. A community what we'll tell you it's when basically. On television they are children we're very lucky aren't over the counter people that. Think he's well we'll see him there. Mara thank you so much I though is clearly people are up slightly from all over the place from Al. And New Mexico four hours away. To be here. Three are children now. Do you believe this was there. Now passed a great job this morning on GM may indeed if you have enough today and it seems like they're great did you. We're heading out to the White House we're joined by our let's errands. Try tweeting just within the last hour about this immigration issue. Blaming Democrats. But people in his own party have had enough of this we understand that he's going to be on the hill today when live. Folks it's kind of taking a stance is Michigan Republican Fred. Upton who says. This is ugly in an inhumane practice. Help me understand what this meeting this afternoon might look like in how does the president remedy this situation. While president trouble be heading up sick Capitol Hill to meet with house Republicans as you mentioned there has been. I uptake in Republicans who are criticizing. The administration's policy when of those is Fred Upton as you mentioned also Senator John McCain. A yesterday saying that this policy is an affront to the decency of the American people and many are pointing out that president trump has the power to rescind. The policy on his own but the trump administration. Has been insistent that it's going to be up to congress to make any fix to this attack to this. Situation and the president's earlier this morning tweet Ed. I hash tag changed the live now is the best opportunity ever for congress to change. The ridiculous and obsolete laws on immigration but it's worth pointing out that this did not start happening as the result of a lot this all. This tactic of the separating children from their families when they cross boarding border illegally. All went in to place. After the trump administration implemented there is zero tolerance policy. Aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration so there are calls for president trump to act on his own but so far it doesn't seem like there's anything persuading him to do so. Our electoral can we revisit that the facts of this just the but it seems like there's a lot of misinformation out there a lot of it is coming from trumps own Twitter feed. Is this just bargaining chip or are being used as leverage to get his. Wal. Well that's something that's an argument that sun in the administration are making you had. A chief of staff John Kelly as recently as a month ago saying that this could be a tough deterrent. A for people. Entering the country. Last night you also had attorney general Jeff Sessions saying yes hopefully people will get the message and come through the border at the point port of entry and not break. Across the border unlawfully now. Homeland Security secretary Kristen Nielsen. Yesterday senate does wasn't meant to send a message to those who are hoping across the border you legally there's a little bit. Of contradictory mass messaging they are but some are believed that the White House is trying to use this as a bargaining chip. Essentially to get border security funding and other initiatives of the president's passed through congress. The house is considering two bills. This week that would it do that would one of them the hardline measure that would be up. Border security and institutes and stricter curbs on legal immigration the other is more of moderate conservative compromise measure. Which also would be a border security also includes protections for the so called dreamers. They are cleaning on attaching provisions to those bills that would address this family separation issue but it's unclear whether. Tacking this on to a broader immigration bill whether that can get enough support among Democrats even house. The house or senate we have heard that there are few standalone bills that are emerging on Capitol Hill. Including one from Texas senator Ted Cruz Texas is not a hearts. Many of these cases and he is introducing which he calls emergency legislation to try to address. These family separations and the end date that beyond reason and their children remain together when they are apprehended. At the border the White House says that they are looking into that measure but it's unclear right now whether the White House would support. A standalone bell. There are reports the president is being presented with these kind of warm and Fuzzy. Photos of youngsters almost like they're at the camp right playing video games road hanging out 88. Do you do you feel like he doesn't actually know what's going on in the collateral damage. This is causing. Or is this just politics and in a guest piggybacking off of that. How do you imagine these conversations on the hill might go to day when you know it seems like you know folks are on completely different sides of this issue. Well the president has said he doesn't like seeing these families separated and we got a few more tweets from him this morning defending. And doubling down on this policy one of those scene we must always arrest people coming. Into our country he notes that the 121000. I miners who are currently being held in custody 101000 of those were on accompanied 2000. Came here with their families. But it's going to be interesting to see whether lawmakers on Capitol Hill are going to directly address this issue with the president as so many have started to criticize the policy. Our let thank you so much for joining us have a great day. To help us with an international for spurs' perspective around the world there is a massive refugee crisis. I'm joined now by Molly hunter in London. You know tomorrow is world refugee. Dave but there's a report out today that a lot of people are talking about help me understand what's in this report. Factory hey can't act and at and actually about a prison help us understand its UNHCR part of actually represented at the UNHCR Matt arts. Who'll get him out and that's right that's reports that 68 point five. Million refugees or people displaced across the glove. That the person every two seconds but Matt. Let's actually get a Mexican we just talked about immigration at what's the UN saying that. Mexican border and about those families being separate. Of course the bottom line is that the US is a sovereign nation and it's up to the US elected government does decide how it handles border policy but on this question of families we have made a very clear statement that. We feel that it is traumatic to separate children from from their parents and from the family and it's something that we don't see is being sent to them. What is the UN saying Iran is even urging the US to do going forward. Well we've sent the way that to support the US government and to help them two to better handle this border situation and to ensure that. That families in particular stay together because it is so important and we thought it. They did traumatic reaction of the young children who have been separated mess obviously very very disturbing to me. Cypriot activists at an Atlantic we have been watching of course say European situation for the last couple of years since 2015. But what most people don't know I don't think is that the majority of refugees the majority of people displaced across the world. Are not in the US they're not in Germany which of course are making some headlines where are the majority of people. Who are displaced that's correct I mean that a majority of those displaced. Are and Africa I'm in the Middle East and in Asia. In this last year we've it was he had a huge. Influx of refugees into Bangladesh from me and mark. There's almost a million refugees then now and if you guys Africa -- the situation in south Sudan which has produced two and a half million refugees and that's expected maybe to rise to three million refugees. And of course Syria the Syrian Arab conflict has now been going on for longer than the Second World War. There's over five million Syrian refugees in that neighborhood. And this of course issues internal displacement problem within Syria as well so really it is it is a global problem but it's also at developing world problem because. 85% of those refugees are in fact in the developing while. And that's I think people don't understand as we cover the refugee crisis in Europe or we talked about than Mexican border that actually most of these. Refugees are in countries actually don't have a wealth of resources to support them. C rivals we do want to note are actually down in Italy increased from the last couple of years. But we're starting to see backlash Zachary and you're I was in. Germany 2015 and unit train station when thousands and thousands mining and milling refugees came into Germany. And that ton and tin at the people in Germany and across here and Stephanie changed back. And we've seen trump weigh in now accusing Jimmy. German Chancellor Angela Merkel of making a mistake and he just read crime in Germany is up 10%. Plus officials do. Not want to report these crimes since migrants were excepted other countries are even worse be Smart America. What is happening in term right now. On every front but as I think that's not true about the crime rate and and chairman. Officials have spoken out about it last couple of days Germany's interior ministry has said. Actually. The crime levels at the lowest since 1990 to use their crime is not going up just because there have an influx of migrants in Germany. At president of between a couple of days ago. About Germany and he said crime in Germany as wept like he just treated today he said big mistake made all of your and allowing millions of people. In who have so strongly in. And so strongly and violently change their culture. And this is downright offensive if he's referring to European closer Hampshire mad can can attest that I don't think European culture has changed because it Syrian. Or Afghan or any South Asian migrants or refugees on this continent. Well a couple of points to make hair I think the first one is that as you mentioned the numbers are actually down quite significantly from 2015 went over a million people make SE crossing across the Mediterranean. Right now the numbers are around about 40000 perhaps tribunal making that sea crossing. And then the second point is that really what which won a well Cowen and a lot of civil societies really trying to work on it is integration. And putting in place those. Policies act and helping the refugees who have arrived in Europe. To better integrate into society tends to lend the lying greats. To help them find employment that's become productive members of society and that's what they really want to date. And that's what people latins has not gonna trying today. And we just actually heard from German Chancellor Angela Merkel at just a couple of minutes ago this dressed. That at the refugees and migrants who came into Germany are doing just that are attempting to do just that. Now injure me she's under a lot of pressure from a right wing coalition members. To change and team changed its policies and to turn refugees and migrants are way who have entered Europe. In Italy we're seeing actually similar policies were actually a boat filled with hundreds of migrants earlier this week factory. Was turned away from both Italy and Malta finally Spain tent that night and this is certainly saw a very hot topic across Europe factory. We've seen the president make this correlation between migrants in crime certainly here. States. In certainly it seems that he's weighing in with the same time type of tone. In Germany and I'm curious to talk about the tools needed. To allow some of these folks do to integrate him. I'm curious to hear more about that and also how you view. Did the need war factual. Reporting and evidence out there how that also contributes to. How how folks see these people. Musharraf had last a lot of thought and action. When intends of the facts as Marty said earlier we have put out how global trends report today and crap has. The verified numbers of refugees. I'm of displaced internally displaced the stateless people and those of the numbers that we haven't that are registered in we do that annually and we put that in context let me give that analysis is well. And sends a deal for us point about integration. I think there's a lot of work going on in Europe it's really trying to help with those refugees have come hand. By the way you know the numbers are mixed in different countries it was Germany took on a significant number all of asylum seekers that all the countries in Europe lesson. But still this car and others of what is going into that in terms of of helping them to speak a language festival. I'm helping them to try and eventually find employment if they find employment they can stop. Spending money paying taxes paying back the society that's given them international protection. And helping civil society groups to 2 am to work with those refugees and to helping to integrate and become productive members of society. And acknowledges that it wanted to families that we spent so much time and we followed a famine the hell out Stanley front and Turkey although it to Germany and maintenance. I think he's twice in Germany. But speaking with him the last couple of years they arrived in 2015 with that huge rate. All the kids are now flying German the all conscious quality look taken lessons. About kind of cultural awareness and and various classes and parents to assume. As Matt says these refugees these migrants for the most part they're desperate to become contributing members of society Akron. Molly ma'am we sure appreciate your insight of yes have a great day. And can. Look at it now and talk a little bit about. Pool safety there disturbing video you see just behind me here be dunks or climbing a ladder. He get into a pool this bizarre online in in in when viral. It's initiating a new conversation excuse me not a new conversation but an important conversation about how to keep your kids safe I'm joined now by a real rest area woody got. Hey Zachary it's summertime peeking into full swing right now that means a lot of families lot of kids spending time. At schools like this line it also comes as we see that shocking video. The toddler scaling one of the latter's to an above ground pool. That latter was actually locked it's a reminder to all parents out there and we also thought that harrowing video. At Texas cue toddlers managing to slip into the water of an above ground pool. Thankfully they were rescued they are okay. He knew drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children ages one to four experts do have some tips though so you can keep your family say they say never for a second. Leave your kids in the pool even if they can swim if you go inside make sure you take your kids with you. Also there are some safeguards you can put alarms on your back doors you can on the pool on the fences near the pool there even wrist and arms for your kids. Let me say some of the safeguards this family has in place they do have one of these fences they also have latched on there at ladder to make sure kids stay out of the pool when they're not around. But experts say the best thing you can do is move that ladder to the side. Altogether. That the best way to keep kids out of the pool. Keep your eye on your caves there is nothing they can make a pool completely drown proof and as you have company this summer makes her the first thing you do when they walk in the door if you have a pool and let your guests know that they can keep a closer eye. On especially young McCain's. Zachary. Aerial restive thank you so much for that important information we're gonna talk a little bit about the World Cup now I don't know. If he gets any better than this I'm joined now by Taylor Twellman up in. Bristol Connecticut I got to ask you first off my son named mark limping off the field. Where the Jews need to goes there. Zachary very. Drew stingers over the last hour we've seen video that Brazil training earlier this morning in rush name are left training. Limping so obviously that's a huge concern I still think Brazil. Is one of the more balanced if not most talented teams in Russia how lover here's superstar name are common off a broken foot. Big question marks about its match fitness he was filed. Ten times against Switzerland over the weekend. Which is the second most in a World Cup game ever. Limping off the training their there's big concerns right now on the Brazilian camp. But stayed there now that journey is under way. Who looks good in and who looks disappointing to you. That's an interesting question because I think the most disappointing to me. Is Germany obviously the defending champions him when you look at. Three of the last four defending champions haven't got out of the group I came end of this month again there's no way Germany's going to be in a dog fight. To get out of their group and yet Mexico who would be the surprise result of the tournament for me. They came out completely. Dismantle Germany made them very uncomfortable had a great tactical game plan from on kosice Oreo. In oh is executed perfectly but what is stood out to me most importantly is that the south American teams. Have really struggled while the European teams. Have succeeded day and I say that obviously we're Germany and it be in the only European team to not get a result. But you're one or an about the demographic and how close the European teams. All arts or Russia as opposed to South America it's a little surprising to me that split apart. Big win today for Japan and in some other big matchups today any. Any game in particular I'm athletic games that that interest you. No but they did Japan Columbia Poland Senecal group is the most interesting group for me because I think all four teams could have a real argument. Of getting out of the groups are you could say it's the most balanced group now in saying that I think Germany Mexico Sweden South Korea's another one but when you look at that result today. For Japan obviously Columbia was a man down for ninety minutes that's a difficult task remember for years ago Zachary Columbia was the team that surprise everyone. Led by a hum as Rodriguez Bahamas didn't start the game you played the last thirty minutes. But I look at that poll in Senegal game that is going on right now a look at backed group it's going to be interest and see what happens in that result. Because all four teams could have a real argument are getting out of that group Petit. It's a beautiful time too obvious opera and the key so much TOP agreed that no problem at. We're gonna go now in talk a little bit about whether or take this video just behind me here this is just north of Chicago I'm going to be joined now by Alex Torres who. Is out there the thank you statin drug whether tell me tell me what the forecast is in in what the cleanup effort it is. Zachary you know of the rain here has finally stopped but they had a very Roth a long nights of lights flooding or idea what happening to look behind me see those guys that pilot debris they have they're not much left right now but they've been working on it for hours and they're scenes like that really all around Rockford Illinois today as people are. Trying to clean up from what hopman. Last night now they got a lot of rain it is short about it time. I'll let you good idea of just how quickly that rain came down about five inches in three and a half hours so. Pick it over here this is a creek that runs to ops but law here. That the water here in this creek so much water came down once that it made it all the way up here so several roads had several. Feet of water on them overnight there was actually. A car. Back loaded it got stuck underneath this bridge here it was moved just a little while ago but this is just what's left. Of all of that damage officials say they had about. Fifteen calls of people stopped stranded in their cars that they had to responsive in one case there was nobody around so residents had to actually. Break the windows to a car to get in there and rescue an elderly man who was inside. When you have that much water is such a short about a time five inches in three and a half hours that makes it very very difficult in the drainage system. To really maintain and be able to process all of this water out once so it's been a long night here in the Rockford Illinois area. Here's the good news though Zachary those last flooding waters have started to recede. They're beginning that process of cleaning up but. This June here in the Rockford area the wettest June they've acts as the early nineties. So a lot of lottery here. Yeah absolutely absolutely in Britain among the impression that last night. Officials there in Rockford were urging residents to stay off the streets of looks like there's some action. Behind united things but that there you know back to normal in terms of folks getting to work novelist that the things. Yet things are slowly returning back to normal people were able to get to work for the most part this morning but. Retire on this show you this is a grocery store parking lot we are talking to people who were here. Last night and they say this parking. That was essentially a river there were cars that average is loaded. And so they spent a lot of the morning officials did. Trying to clear this area under tow trucks in here trying to move those cars in get them back. And unfortunately some people are spending part of their day today trying to figure out where their car ended up Alex. Perez Flores they're just north of Chicago we appreciate your help out your home city of Boca. Thank Zachary gonna go now to love Michigan they discussed it with some rough weather to check this out the governor they are calling a state of disaster for a couple colonies there that means a National Guard will. Come in and try to help folks out and be joined now by ginger Z who's gonna give us all the latest info there. That Greek thank you got so much to get to in the world weather so many pockets of danger really across the nation starts with a flash flood threat is solid images out of out of Rockford Illinois overnight. Another rescues that were happening up to five inches of rainfall in super quickly and at all came along a front that's been slow to movement in Lebanon today it's staged by McAuliffe that. The low tracking along and lift up the energy in the atmosphere and drop rain. Northampton went especially a place like Fort Dodge could end up picking up up to four even five inches and many go to Galveston. Down in the gulf with the weakness tropical wave and now the impacts are starting to be felt. You can see them in the video you can see them on the radar. Within seven inches or rain felt very early here on our Tuesday and more to come as we go through the day conceived out of the pockets they're gonna get anywhere from three to five generally. Could get up to ten plots in this is an area that was so tortured by Harvey the race sensitive to the rainfall amounts were going to be watching all of that and the heat advisories. The heat is on an eight even not broken for a little bit because the jet stream in the northeast it has sunk south and now let's heat advisory includes Richmond Virginia. Columbia, South Carolina will feel like 105. This afternoon. And finally. The severe weather. It it moved through Dover, New Hampshire is the final there was almost 200 severe storm reports when all it back to Parton comradery had that huge hail and daily have a threat in the high plains sometimes high plains. Magic because. You'll be able to see the super cells and thunderstorms that create tornadoes. Potentially duly clearly especially in northeast Colorado and western Kansas factory. In Z thank you so much mother nature just relentless at times if you fortune enough to have a little sunshine today we hope you enjoy it. That's going to be it for today's show you can keep with us all day long and ABC news live where you can join us. On the yet on exactly keys and again have a great.

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