Trump speaks in Las Vegas after meeting with shooting victims

The president went to Las Vegas as more details emerged about suspected shooter Stephen Paddock.
18:39 | 10/04/17

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Transcript for Trump speaks in Las Vegas after meeting with shooting victims
I have gone on and Abbas here in New York president trump and First Lady Gilani at trump continue their trip in Las Vegas in the week. A Sunday night's deadly shooting there are now going down in history in America. As the deadliest mass shooting. In modern American history want to bring in my colleague Mary Alice parks down in Washington DC we've been. Covering the president's trip fare and some of the remarks he delivered earlier and Mary ounces went to get your take. A lot we heard from the president there and incredibly powerful set of remarks a very somber president trump. Absolutely incredible. A mournful to hone he really. Talks like he was the grieving himself but representing entire nation that is clearly grieving telling story after story of incredible. Bravery and courage. It was it was overly powerful statement. And we have Cecilia Vega our senior White House correspondent traveling with the president joins us live from Las Vegas to CF. We heard the president earlier there visiting with people who'd been injured in the hospital saying we are we do you a 100%. But he's also being asked about where the conversation goes from here. Yeah I'm not an answer questions that neither this president nor his administration are willing sing to tackle head on right now you know what we've heard from president problem we've heard from Republicans like Mitch McConnell on Capitol Hill is that it's premature. To be talking about got controlling this invest. Nation is still going on right here. On this block behind me up. But you know as I was just saying the president is going to leave here at Las Vegas you'll get on Air Force One right out with the next few minutes you'll go back to Washington. And it's going to be a debate either questions. That he perhaps might be able to avoid answering today. Yesterday the day before but B he will not be able to avoid in the coming days does he support. Legislation it two two to block these so called bump buyers. Stock. And accessories that go on on and as they go on gone that make it so much easier to fire. But at at. Does he believe that there should be changes in the thumb on in this country right now the president says we will talk about this and we'll talk about it later. But so far not answering that question and I just want to go back to something that Mary Alice was just saying you know. This is a different home that you're hearing from this president here. In Las Vegas different than what we saw it Puerto Rico where he faced some criticism. Or out what many are saying with a lack of empathy to to the victims and the survivors of that storm there that image of of the president throwing those paper towel to not go over well with many on that island. Here he's speaking directly to the first responders he speaking directly to those victims to family members of those victims and and sharing the stories of hero isn't. By name you know we go back to that briefing at the White House just yesterday where his Press Secretary was choked up. And talking about act perhaps that was money TV but she was choked up in talking about fifteen here in Las Vegas. Just like this nation this is that this is an event that has rocked this White House I think we saw today personally it also is rocking this president. Absolutely a big moment for the president and for this country our senior White House correspondent say they got traveling with the president. In Las Vegas also in Las Vegas our colleague Max got man who has been covering the story from the very beginning those early hours of absolute chaos through the investigation. As it moves forward and that we are learning some stunning details about what exactly the suspected shooter 64 year old Stephen panic. Went through not just in the hours before he perpetrated this crime but in the year before that. It had taken a significant amount of time to stockpile this armored armory that he had built up. A we're talking about tens of thousands of dollars worth of weaponry. About fifty rifles thousands and thousands of rounds of ammunition. And he wasn't just buying run of the male types of ammunition he had magazine clips able to withhold. About 100 rounds each of those costs a a few hundred dollars and at some of the pictures that we've seen. From the scene itself you can actually see stacks of those magazines and one frame in fact we had an arms expert look at the frame and he six and one picture you're able to see 16100. Rounds of ammunition now. He had built that up during that weekend he spent. Basically 48 hours in that hotel previous to the shooting and we also now know that. It spent. A bunch of that time gambling and sixteen hours according to one eyewitness he said that he had been there. At the slot machines playing high stakes poker round after round after round. Even the night before the shooting playing their for eight. Hours straight now that men may not seem unusual for someone who goes to Vegas for a visitor a gambling spree but for someone was planning. To do with this man was planning to do eight certainly does seem unusual it also means one more thing on that that. He was milling around the casino. He was visible he wasn't only shut in his room as we have previously thought you know taking and room service and keeping out housekeeping on them. Matt in the waiver reminder now Baghdad tell us now been updated 259. Killed 520. Seven injured strikes major talking about that's stockpiled he had built up and the way in which his final hours were spent his final minutes in fact. Before he ended up taking his own life do investigators think that this could have actually been. Much worse than it lives. It could've been and there heralding this security guard who probably was completely unaware of what he was. Going into when he approached the door where Stephen panic had been holed up in that luxury suite right in the corner of the Mandalay bay hotel. Because it inside and outside of the room. Patty Kidd set up surveillance cameras and he was apparently able to monitor them perhaps in some sort of tablet device I'm able to see that security guard come to the door now this is about nine or ten minutes after the shooting began he had already. Fired hundreds and hundreds of rounds into that crowd. Killed pretty much everybody who would eventually die. Causing those hundreds of injuries but when that security guard approached the door he shot him through the door injuring a security guard in the leg that guard retreated but he was able to provide. Crucial intelligence for swat teams and law enforcement who were then. Coming in after and telling them where this man was the kind of weaponry he allegedly had and the fact that he was able to somehow discern that he was on the other side of that door. And it was about. 1011 minutes after the shooting began that it completely stopped and that's why he's being heralded as a hero possibly having spooked Stephen panic because. After that shooting stop it did start again and that's what gave the swat team that the time to sort of settle down figure out a plan of attack and then move in breach the door. And then when they out finally got into that luxury suite they found Stephen katic. Dead on the floor he had a ready killed himself but. Those were crucial moment so we're still trying to get a little bit more about the timeline how long exactly took the swat team to go win. And what Steven paddock was doing in that interim period between when the guard got to his room. And when that door was finally reached all we know is at some point between those two time periods. He killed himself. On the incredible details there from Mac got in on the ground in Las Vegas thanks Matt. But to bring in now my colleague Mike Levine has been following the investigation can down in Washington DC obviously this is being looked that like from a number of different angles but heat. Key question here is the motive when we're talking about Steven paddock we're learning more about some of these details match a shared. Do we know why why he wanted to carry out this crime in the first play. That is still be elusive question the FBI and local law enforcement have spent. Three full days now trying to build a portrait of this man and they're they're really coming up empty as to the answer told why. They know that he was a big gamblers Matt Gutman referenced he over three years he he gambled more than 101000 dollars each time. On 200 plus occasions. They know that he owned a number of properties. But they don't know why he did this or what drove him to this madness. I think our colleague ABC contributor John Cohen is also joining us on the phone and John further to this point because this is the question. On a lot of people's minds and building on some of the reporting of our colleagues here. We're learning more now about the mental state that this man there's an incredible report are calling Brian Ross That suggest that this was the man his mental state was in serious deterioration. In the weeks leading up to the attack we hear a lot about a profile can you tell us more about that what questions. Investigators are looking to answer here. Yeah I don't know what we are seeing as we learn more and more about individual that we got here. I'm a common behavioral characteristic that we even in other map actually attackers. Particularly in a night eight of the past several years. And while the motive pretty have to act about the effort. What all of these individuals patent comment. Is that erect some underlying mental outfit here they get it to come from grow up and bail me out worse but what it's functional we learned that the indicate throw would be done today. I highly violent criminal who possibly had mental helmet and an industry as well. Ten how very active function all hot marriages and now the situation and now. I think are disconnected from communities they have problems socializing with people. Peter off comic character. Being in mapped out attacks whether they be fired by. Terrorists ideology or whether they are based on some other freedom and anti they've got a quietly learn more and more about this individual life. It appears that to hide it with a lot of these common psychological and behavioral characteristic. Still like further to that point now John mentioned there's so that people who can be questioned and and looked into to fill in some of the information we know. That's even pat ex girlfriend Mary Lee Stanley is now being questioned. By FBI investigators in Los Angeles what is it that did the asking her what. Clues could she be offering to help them understand Stephen pack. The two investigators the girlfriend is really one of the key pieces here should be able to answer what. Stephen paddock was thinking what he was doing in those days leading up. It's not only the days it's the weeks or months or years how to. What was he getting angry about. You heard the president during his remarks just now talked about hatred. The hatred was wonder of the underlying things that led to this massacre. And what did Stephen attic hate so much. You know Mary Alice we're the of the things the president trump talked about there. Are other did not address there was this issue that this is clearly sparked a national conversation about once again that every time. We face one of these mass casualty shootings. We talk about what can be done to prevent them. Moving forward it and we haven't heard it yet we don't know we'll hear it in the future Cecilia. Touched on this briefly about where the White House is coming in their approach but there are certain steps already being taken in terms of gun control in terms of additional legislation. Where in fact conversation on Capitol Hill and doesn't have any chance of moving forward this time. I think. Different parts possible small. Guns CT. A measures could be taken up on capitol overseeing a number of Republican senators. Saying that they are willing and and and year exit in meat eater to have a hearing on that. Bump stock technology. It's interesting to see Republicans. Wanting an open to having any hearings or debate on any gun control management frankly that is just not been submitted a willing to do in the past. But I think that even a Republican lawmakers are really shocked. Buy out the power of that technology a lot of admitting that they didn't even know. Some like that existed I think a lot of Americans didn't know that you could just buy something over the how owner or online for not that much for a few hundred dollars that could. That should chance form a weapon like that. Like think that it's possible that very targeted legislation on an issue like that could be taken up and I think that's a silly arguments at the facility was exactly right. But the president can say that he does not want somebody's issues now that he's coming back to Washington. Where everyone is talking about these issues and where you have to so many Americans calling that members of congress saying. Another is an up at some point what are we doing to prevent these kinds of acts about it happening again. Every ounce at the same time we have Senate Leadership the Republican leadership they're saying this is not. A legislative priority for them moving Ford and also happening at the same town we have the first. Republican congressional members saying you know I didn't know about these bumps oxen I learned more about them I could probably see myself. Getting behind me is that third behind the ban for eighties is there Republican congressman. From Texas so it what would it take you there any idea of what it would take to sway some of the opinion of those numbers of capital. I hill to say okay this is something we're actually going to take up this. Is the event that makes ass move forward. Probably meetings with lot person I can see that making it big difference you have police officers there and Las Vegas saying that this. This kind of technology really increased. Just the violence and really made. That she hurt even more deadly accuracy that made it big difference for Republican lawmakers in applicants pride themselves. I'm being sort of the party of law enforcement but also you know things this way. That's weighing all politician that when their constituents speak up you know constituents are calling it they show up their offices they shelled the town halls. Frustrated and angry. And that can make a real difference you know I've seen that at town halls acted too. Seen mother stand up in the back of town halls and say. I hunt the benefit me I'm okay with the idea that there could be guns and my kids schools so I think if there starts to be a conversation on the local level. Back to make a big difference and can start to sway Republicans minds and can start to spur conversation. Here in Washington. And John colonies joining us on the phone or you've worked a law enforcement at every possible level over your entire career he toppled a bit about some of the common characteristics. In terms of the behavioral profile but are there. Other characteristics in terms of the kinds of targets were seeing when it comes to these mass casualty shootings. Yeah I don't know what we're saying is that terrorists and other mass casualty attack. Are increasingly turning to so called Bob targetable. Places that are open to the public places that are intended to attract large numbers of people or thank you nightclub Al. Transportation. At concert. And that selective bargain for their. Because they had a very difficult to secure our I can't be learned here even in a city that area is experienced in handling security type event. Even at an event where there weren't good perimeter security and internal security. And imaginative creative act. There won't find a way back to conduct that oh. And sit on the question on everyone's mind and that case is can anything be done. To protect these so called soft targets because this is essentially where Americans spend all their time in the grocery story here in. A concert you're going to school you're going to end nightclub these. These are just places and people spend all their time if nothing can be done to protect those and how Americans feel safe. Well there's a cop there's a you answered your question. There you know we'll take what we've learned from this attack and incorporate that in your security planning. I think you have an early statement slot they get believe indicated that at heart an air that record up and in and security crack. That they didn't incorporate. The idea of a sniper like attacks. From surrounding building at a high level I think it's you know those who are responsible. We act that's they got any consideration. And back in hot Maryland. We just heard that he Merrill and they get authority is just instructed the. Yeah special court instantly evaluate. Security around fort bend your epic and it that. But preventing you are not really expected the community well hand we really need to do more to educate the public. About what to look for and you outlook courts and law enforcement or other authority when they. If you're that are part and that somebody's going down pat port when it. We got that insurance law enforcement is playing to recognize. Those signs beside. You know the people that he's doing attack now they're not eating like additional air. They're not eating light ignition I'll you know people who on the conduct. That we need to train police got to recognize. The attackers. War actively and finally the public needs to be aired. Unfortunately where we are in light. You know we're seeing an increase in the types of attack. People need not and their Olympia where a week ago about the need to live their lives but it need to be aware. If you're need to report the suspect series the local police. They need to be aware of their surroundings. They need a notable acts are and the best way to get to in its heyday unfortunately got it by himself limit. Mike Levine and winning give the last question to you here because regardless of where we go forward on law enforcement legislation or as a country. Stephen panic as a man will go down in history for now at least as the perpetrators of the deadliest mass shooting in American modern history. Is there anything that's come up in the investigation so far because this was a man with no criminal history. Is there anything that's come up so far that leads people to believe there is a reason for him to have been flagged earlier or are we just not there yet. I think we're not barrier there there were a lot of their of these 200 reports I referenced earlier that were filed with the Treasury Department showing that. He had made financial transactions 200 of them over three years or casinos. But those those are fairly routine those who do not necessarily imply anything suspicious slot I really haven't heard of anything. Where law enforcement could've tagged in on this guy earlier. On the question there remain a lot to be answered there in Las Vegas in Washington and around the country Michael dean Mary Alice parks and John Collins thanks for being with us. Thanks to you for watching as well you can head over to Anytime for continuing coverage of this story and others or download ABC news app. Get all the breaking news headlines right to your phone for now I'm on an Abbas. And I'll see you back your sense.

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