Trump's racist rhetoric influencing violent attacks: Columnist

Columnist Raul A. Reyes said Trump emboldens white supremacists by demonizing Latinos, while professor Brian Levin added that hate crimes increased in the U.S. after the 2016 presidential election.
7:33 | 08/06/19

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Transcript for Trump's racist rhetoric influencing violent attacks: Columnist
Old ray has as an attorney journalists city USA today can trigger who has spoken out. About what happened in El Paso it's great to see you sir all sort of bring in professor Brian Levin. Director of the center for the study of hate and extremism. At California state university in San Bernardino which is is seen its own tragedy. I do to gun violence thank you both for being here a roll and start with you you wrote in a column today pretty compelling that. That so many in the Hispanic community see this puree it right now is open season. I'm Latinos and he's been something that you say has been felt for the past two years but just been sort of burst into the open with this episode tell us about it. Sure I absolutely believe that and to be honest I'm being Frankie it it gives me no pleasure saying that but. But the reality is Latino community leaders and advocacy groups they have been sounding the alarm for several years about the dangers of this type of rhetoric coming from the White House coming from his supporters and this weekend we see the tragic consequences when Latinos are being massacred. In a city that's 80% Latino. And when you step back and look at things just from a broader perspective. When you have policies that treat immigrants as sub human. When you are constantly putting forth rhetoric that demonize as a scapegoat let dios. White Nationalists are emboldened and they feel that they can act and obviously within that one individual data and the result is this. Horrendous lacked a loss of life. And if this isn't a city that is normally one of the safest major cities in the United States. El Paso last year had fewer homicides in the entire year. Then they did on just one day on Saturday and as someone who's from El Paso mind my whole family it is a reject from El Paso. I cannot tell you how personal it is how how rough this is part community and it helped pass is a very kind strongly. And loving city but this is the type of event this left consequences and generations of a past wins. And it is is co is just almost indescribable feeling the sorrow that. And I and everyone now paso is feeling today. Yeah it's it's terrific and it's so important to hear that our rules thank you for that a professor Levin I want askew opened season. On Latinos you just heard it for Monroe ray as it does that their itself out. In the data you've been looking at this sort of from an impartial point of view what what do the numbers say on hate in America right now. Yeah we'll talk about. Pilot you know wing crack we'll start we BR. Store between fifteen Bure 299. That was. The previous years and usually tweet did you teleport. Actually you know we were up. Then what it could reach forty for the next year and we hit a survey of thirteen of the lord first American cities. In those pretty rose 9% for the consecutive years. Let's don't came right behind white people with regard few how. Frequently they were attacked. However what they think it's interesting you know we urge things about. Our political leaders wouldn't when cat trump launched his campaign and both recently about Latinos. And did not well then however November 2016. What's the worst slump pretty crumbling not working you're seeing a month. Hands are out. Sure close by where this past decade. Which group had the highest climb during that ex model which was the worst mom anti Latino crime. And to see you draw a direct line between and they are president trumpet and the spike in heat. It is in is there any research since you've done Ernie and there's more understanding as to why is this. You know he has worked in this country for decades. For incidence of operative stripes. Is it just that they feel people feel emboldened and empowered because of who's in the White House to act Donna. You don't or are you predict and we're diagnostic is as everyone would like but I am pretty compelling correlation. We saw a spike in anti and Malcolm hate crimes. Immediately after the Muslim proposal. Was 23%. Above the spike we saw the charred car I days earlier. President Bush spoke of tolerance towards Muslim. Six days after nine elevenths hate crime drop right to third the next day into third next year against Muslims and Arabs. So we. Core elation and what it tells us is when your arm when there's political leaders. Leader Lawrence championed percent of book by the time. November 26 game around won reelection and hate crimes like the biggest light within a pilot you know and again. We shall enter would you hate crimes like from Reid when he worked in week sixteen. Or were deported 47. Twice seventeen we are seeing in Margate. About 9%. A bit hate crime emergency re order. Our report entrance you know but I I think you're a big rigs near language barriers cultural Barrett truck complete. Bearden upwards tasting so I think they're not directly hire one when he got. Real briefly. White supremacist comments are. Not. Alone. Cut exceeded. All homicides. And extremists of all eyes for all of last year and to work consecutive annual increase truck and a tie a drip like white supremacy. This definitely is spitzer's stunning it is this statistical picture is stunning and we hear here in Washington on Capitol Hill Allen the FBI officials are testifying they're sounding the alarms it does seem sometimes like it's falling on deaf ears. Op press eleven thanks for that wanted to back to row whereas for the last thought here is there anything. As the president heads to your hometown tomorrow in El Paso is there anything that can make that visit worthwhile. Is there I think that to make that visit worthwhile at this point the only thing victim activism worthwhile. Is in my view if he canceled it right now the city of El Paso needs to grieve with dignity they need to figure out how they and move ahead. That the president is going to at all paso basically for a photo op. We know who this president is the last time and by the way the last time the First Lady went down to that to the border areas when she with a jacket that said. I don't care do you so the president has no constructive purpose. Being in El Paso. The people and the city of El Paso reject his his words his hateful acts so I I don't think there's going to be anything that could come out of it then possibly. Justin optics and I want to leave you with one statistic a professor is right. He hate crimes against appeals are vast suspects among immigrants are are under reported so those numbers are likely. Higher but right now according to the the pew says Pew Center. 54% of American Latinos say they worry it just about their place. In the United States they say that it's harder just to exist as a lets you in the United States and when you have more than half of the country's largest minority group. Reporting that that we don't even feel welcome more comfortable existing here. That is a problem for the entire. Nation it sure is wrong wrist think he's somebody should attorney journalists USA today contributor El Paso native are also our thanks to Brian Levin. Dirk for the same for study and hate and extremism at California State University.

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{"duration":"7:33","description":"Columnist Raul A. Reyes said Trump emboldens white supremacists by demonizing Latinos, while professor Brian Levin added that hate crimes increased in the U.S. after the 2016 presidential election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64813935","title":"Trump's racist rhetoric influencing violent attacks: Columnist ","url":"/US/video/trumps-racist-rhetoric-influencing-violent-attacks-columnist-64813935"}