UNC Student Faces Expulsion After Alleged Rape

Landen Gambill is accused of creating an "intimidating environment" for speaking out on campus.
1:45 | 02/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for UNC Student Faces Expulsion After Alleged Rape
I demand that the administrators of this university stop protecting rapists it's that kind of public criticism that has this UNC student feeling like she's a victim once again landing gamble is one of several people who filed a federal complaint against UNC. For its handling of sexual assault -- is within its -- -- our court system. A system gamble and others have said fail to punish their attackers. Now -- alleged attacker has filed a complaint against terror saying her comments -- campus rallies like this are destructive and intimidating. This is ridiculous I've never mentioned his name publicly. -- diners talked about universities this treatment survivors. Which makes me feel like this is the university's way of trying to silence me. If the -- court finds gamble guilty she could be kicked out of school she sees it as retaliation. Claim the university -- In a statement UNC says in part administrators may not encourage or prevent the student attorney generals from filing charges in a specific case. Given that these charging decisions are made by student attorney generals and not by campus administrators. They claim of retaliation by the university would be without merit at the university has denied claims it under reported rape case is on campus. But has since made significant policy changes and has hired a nationally known attorney as a consultant. Steps that have done little to east campus tension. It's a hot topic on social media along with an emergency meeting planned for tonight in support of gamble. That's expected to draw hundreds of students even faculty. -- is way bigger than me this. Isn't really about me and just one example of many I know there are some of the other people whose voices deserve to be heard. In Chapel Hill camera gives ABC eleven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":18602791,"title":"UNC Student Faces Expulsion After Alleged Rape","duration":"1:45","description":"Landen Gambill is accused of creating an \"intimidating environment\" for speaking out on campus.","url":"/US/video/unc-student-faces-expulsion-alleged-rape-18602791","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}