Veterans Turn Their Combat Uniforms into Handmade Paper

The Combat Paper Project allows soldiers to transform their uniforms into art while learning the art of hand paper making.
3:19 | 05/20/15

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Transcript for Veterans Turn Their Combat Uniforms into Handmade Paper
Combat paper news. Workshop space project that transforms military uniforms to him. Based on the premise that veterans and non veterans come together. And use the material that were warned service and transform them. In the traditional methods into him. This is one of those examples a one person's uniforms. Then rendered into one sheet of paper. So it's both a flag and hook. I graduated high school listened to on 2000. I served four years on active duty as a field artillery soldiers in 2003. I was sent in support of the war in Iraq we're part of the second win of the invasion and I did two years and National Guard after that. We've been doing this work and there are lots of different stories and lots of different people who can evolved to include. Every branch of military service and every conflict small and large that the United States has been involved involved with since and including World War II. I'm people who have had those experiences. Their friends their family. Bring in the material and then we render and patrons got left all of the paper they make surged can. Or. To the first step in paper making is to obliterate. I need to cut it apart break the scenes from the department is different on fiber material. Cut it down this small pieces in the Hollander Peter circulates. The fiber water mixture and pounds it between two metal surfaces. Which breaks that we need of the material down to individual. Plant fibers and further breaks those fibers. That becomes our hope and more than tackle is used to form the sheet of paper when the time by hand in which she. Press and guide when the papers wet. Put the standstill on Tuesday and sprays pigment to pull through this pencil thus rendering and image onto the surface of the she. Now since we're printing with pulp on to pole when it's been pressed contrived. The printed image in the paper are won and say. The uniform it's more than ingests a job it's a lifestyle and wearing the uniform is a representation of that lifestyle. So once one leaves the military there's all of these associations with you know. When you wore it when you issued it how many times. Did you travel and you know all of that stuff then becomes encoded and material we come here for. For the intention of taking uniforms and turn in the paper so for me the work. Most compelled guy is when people bring in their own material they're quoting Fisher Fisher of a loved one. We make it in the paper together both those papers are portraits as people think that's.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"The Combat Paper Project allows soldiers to transform their uniforms into art while learning the art of hand paper making.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"31175328","title":"Veterans Turn Their Combat Uniforms into Handmade Paper ","url":"/US/video/veterans-turn-combat-uniforms-handmade-paper-31175328"}