Victims of storm damage in Salisbury, Md., discuss possible tornado

ABC News' Stephanie Ramos reports from Salisbury, Maryland, where a possible tornado caused severe damage.
4:44 | 08/08/17

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Transcript for Victims of storm damage in Salisbury, Md., discuss possible tornado
We're in Salisbury Maryland where a possible tornado wolves through here yesterday just take a look at some of the destruction here. I you concede a holes blasted through this building sheets of metal and dangling from the roof insulation and these cinder blocks. It is scattered across a ground along with some debris season Ella Davis been put up so that. He wouldn't go further in there it's obviously you can be very dangerous but there are a number of businesses here in this area. Glenn and can not work at one of those businesses they're in. Think thank you for talking with us this morning there and chat with us this morning to you both were inside. Your place of work Atlantic therapy. When the storms rolled through tell us what was that lie. It was. It was very scary. After it occurred happened so fans you couldn't really form animation right at that point. We were sitting in their head thank goodness it clinic was and he had patients except. For one patient and the rain went horizontal. And then on there was here at the wind and not. There was had gigantic dam and the ceiling dropped. The problem. And manages sprung back slightly at start and stop as quick as. You would think about how long do you seeing. What it was San you're going into it was about it and it was less than two minutes and it was magnitude of that band at its. And you could just feel of the whole building. Downed and then rebounded back and we work after it happened we were scared but again it happened so fast you couldn't get scared it was just like oh. An experienced anything like that before living here in Salisbury who. It we get hurricanes that this was much different. Ways. That many who lives. I don't know if that happens when you haven't morning good lord it as if it activity. And then we walked out here. And I walked back here that this billion it looked like a wars. Analysts it was crazy. And and and you guys are safe you guys were okay anybody else inside that was injured or hurt but he. Ended what's what's your business look like right now it's. Kind of messes ceiling. Tiles were falling down you know I'd like that rain and the lady next door the electorate likes business. The rain was just pouring through her ceiling and she was sitting right eye that the window when it all happened I was knocked on the door she had been buyers help when. And we just went over him is helping them may have that expenses out towards that fronts. Wins every line. And when you heard that boom when he heard that weather coming through. What was your immediate instinct like what did you do in that very moment to duck under desks or did you hide in a closet where did you go. In that moment I just went up front Ka think can and that my patient and loan. We just stood there. I've danced and I grabbed the Tom ID Imus ever gonna go we're gonna head again and and that was I mean we didn't have time to form a nomination there was no time for fear there was neck and threatening thing. Well right now is a safari know were no injuries have been reported so that's that's a huge blessing. But it's take some time to to cut it to clean up this area how long do you think it'll take her for Atlanta therapy to. Be up and running again. Mystical and until it was going to be too weak. To the owner mr. gun's owner now that he's. Construct outlet. They were here very quickly. That county people in. I'll hear very. We'll plan and can thank you so much her time this morning thanks for speaking with us we're so glad your okay. And he got a lot of work to do and there but that's somewhat Hugo. I think you sell a fairy habit. Some folks that lived those. Very scary moments yesterday the National Weather Service as there are coming out here today to check out the area. To confirm that it was indeed a tornado that made its way through here if it is indeed a tornado ABC touched down for up. The stretch of about two miles a good chunk. Of a town here in Salisbury. Live from Salisbury Maryland activity at second promise here for ABC news.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"ABC News' Stephanie Ramos reports from Salisbury, Maryland, where a possible tornado caused severe damage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49092581","title":"Victims of storm damage in Salisbury, Md., discuss possible tornado ","url":"/US/video/victims-storm-damage-salisbury-md-discuss-tornado-49092581"}