Video of a Memorial Day pool party in Missouri sparks outrage amid the pandemic

St. Louis Missouri county executive Sam Page discusses what changes will be instituted for this coming weekend.
3:26 | 05/28/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Video of a Memorial Day pool party in Missouri sparks outrage amid the pandemic
Well over Memorial Day weekend we saw images of people completely ignoring social distancing measures this video taken at the lake of the Ozarks in Missouri at a pool party. And as you might imagine that video met with a lot of outrage at the blatant disregard for social distancing during this pandemic party years. Are now have now been urged to self quarantine for two weeks. And many wonder what changes will be instituted for this coming weekend to joining us now is Saint Louis misery county executive doctor Sam page and doctor page I'll just begin with asking you what your reaction watts when you saw that video. Well what we saw here was an international example that Hager. But it's completely inconsistent with our experience here in Saint Louis county. But we do know that way he has arts has a pop up popular weekend destination for Day-Lewis county residents we thought it was important. So is your travel warning to let them know what the right thing it was but may return. Oh that's right you've advised residents in York county who may have traveled to the Ozarks over of the Memorial Day weekend to sell. Quarantine we heard from governor Parsons he said it's up to local officials to enforce state guidelines. How confident are you that those individuals will actually follow your recommendation it's. Certainly the individuals involved and that's let the judge that and that's you know lots of understanding. Social distancing are are certain unique. But we want them to know what the right knee ligaments but make alcohol to protect their loved ones in our community from the spread it over ninety. We know that it Swanee and press 50%. Of patients who got coat it or I able to this predator reader asymptomatic. Or pre symptomatic. We have to understand that these social distancing rules and guidelines here or reason we're working hard to get that message out and keep people doing the right thing. Let's write and I know the Bollinger county is to be able to test a thousand people per day had you been able to meet that cool yet. For testing well over 500 but we're working to understand all of testing it's going onto private less public health. Through federal qualified health senators are hospital systems to collected coordinate that information publisher out of dashboard. But we wanna get sort thousands us today we think we're well on our way of purchasing more test it increased our testing but for every Gary. That testing and contact Traci you're really is though the backbone of our public health response. And we should point out you're not just Saint Louis county executive your also a medical doctor so. How does that impacted year decision making during this public health crisis. Most early gets me deeper understanding and over vocabulary. And science and and the understanding. Behind all these public health decisions and it allows me to communicate with our hospital systems and a puppet public health officials much higher level. Businesses are now reopening are starting to reopen the economic impact on families near accounting does continue how are you helping them. With just the basics like food and essentials. So we've implemented are counting care's response. Wit their federal stimulus grant we divided it did three crisis are. Public health crisis are inaccurate crisis at our economic crisis. We even initiated. Food programs that giveaways. Working on rental assistance our public health response has been robust. Purchasing and testing supplies. And got hiring yacht. Being cut dec tracers were part the world over hybrid. We certainly wish you the very best in all of your efforts doctor Sam page thank you for your time today. Figure.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"St. Louis Missouri county executive Sam Page discusses what changes will be instituted for this coming weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70928708","title":"Video of a Memorial Day pool party in Missouri sparks outrage amid the pandemic","url":"/US/video/video-memorial-day-pool-party-missouri-sparks-outrage-70928708"}