Video of Police Shooting Boy With Toy Gun Is Released

Tamir Rice was fatally shot by police in a Cleveland playground on Saturday.
5:39 | 11/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Video of Police Shooting Boy With Toy Gun Is Released
The gentleman sitting in that receive always that a gentleman that call. It sort disparage senator the first call that your. Mean. During this time the view that. The caller has. That that's what prompts the call and that's a description that he gives us the call times. And the video is consistent they they match up with each other. That's the blurred. The blurred vision that you see up there is someone that we have not identified yet. And dom we're we're knocking out we're not gonna show that. But that is someone that we need to talk to that has not been identified. It's to merely reaching and not talking on the cell phone. Our caller is no longer in that he's evil he's. Walked away. Members of division are dispatched in making their way into this location. And they arrive it 1530. The the release of this video. It in no means. Is a effort to try to explain the actions. Other divisional police are all the young man. We we are honoring the wishes of the family. And releasing this and also in a spirit of being open. And fare without our community. Approximately. Three minutes and 49 seconds. After that took place. There was a first district detective. Along with an FBI agent that were working in the first district. And they were working a bank robbery detail. They heard the assignment and they responded to the scene and provided first aid. The FBI agent is a nationally registered paramedic. So to mirror was given first aid. Under in under four minutes and approximately three minutes after that our emergency service medical unit. EMS showed up and they provided. Medical service to the young man.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"Tamir Rice was fatally shot by police in a Cleveland playground on Saturday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27201552","title":"Video of Police Shooting Boy With Toy Gun Is Released","url":"/US/video/video-police-shooting-boy-toy-gun-released-27201552"}