Visiting socially distanced Santas

Santa and Mrs. Claus discuss how they have adapted to Christmas during the pandemic.
3:40 | 12/23/20

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Transcript for Visiting socially distanced Santas
Is just one day weighs in Santa Claus and all his reindeer will launch from the North Pole and deliver presents all the kid knows. On the nice list all around the world but let's admit Kobe it has made things and atop her purse and a however thanks to doctor Anthony found she he is assured us that Sana has already gotten a vaccine. Because he gave it to him personally. So thanks to doctor patchy it's safe for Ciena dropped down the chimney in place all those presidents. Presidents rather than I presidents under the jury. But with that good news service Santa's helpers he usually meter kids in malls and department stores before Christmas Day. Well they have had to adjust their routine a bit but they still have faith in Christmas and all the Christmas is to come. It has certainly been a busy season. Made much more difficult percent as well as most of you because of the corona virus. As you know since it's pretty old hen he's had to take many precautions this year. To avoid catching the virus have been taking it back to the North Pole where it could shut down the toy line. Fortunately during visits with senate many locations you have cooperated by wearing masks. Socially distancing yourselves and making appointments to see me instead of standing in long lines. Insurer to help each other by being polite. Wearing a mask and washing your hands. That way we'll all be around for Christmas celebrations in the future. Handle an awful mrs. skills to find out over the blue screen and I know title later sent and I know my way around owned yes. I hope there have been unhappy children Akamai laughing give hugs and hold hands. And she failings people have big dinners again. I hugs here Karim returned in our community events. Parsons the sponsors hope they were able to gather together safely to enjoy the holidays. Originally network or radio city heard two months and here at fisherman's cove in. Everything I canceled. It's how my season was pretty much over and over 1022 honeymoon we can all put this behind us. Return to some Stein mostly. I look forward and no film eyes and her friends and the people around the world it's facing. Because of the age of Christmas performers most of us have had to stop in person visits altogether. For those of us who have decided to continue visits we've had to send a little bit of protocol and safety restrictions in place. For us and for the people who are visiting. This year I have heard and seen more people reach out to me asking Santa to come and visit them and their families and children. Which only goes to prove one thing. It actually gives me hope and it shows me. People need Santa. We sure didn't need sand. In the immediate and I have a little scoop for you. So why I called doctor Anthony Arafat Sheehan asked about his trip to the North Pole and how he gave you know Siena the vaccine. And San actually offered up to help. Deliver the vaccine he said just give McCall he you know it's cold in the North Pole the vaccine can stay cold. And San is on board bid to help out our critic all buried out of fear it collaborative effort even Santa is getting on board well thank you. All this candidate out there.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Santa and Mrs. Claus discuss how they have adapted to Christmas during the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74887399","title":"Visiting socially distanced Santas ","url":"/US/video/visiting-socially-distanced-santas-74887399"}