Volunteer Goat Snugglers Wanted in Virginia

ABC News' Serena Marshall visits a Virginia farm that is looking for volunteers to snuggle with their baby goats.
20:38 | 03/15/16

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Transcript for Volunteer Goat Snugglers Wanted in Virginia
Down in Washington DC we sent our own Serena Marshall. Outs to follow a story in Virginia at a farm where an influx of baby codes created a need for people to show up and snuggle them. The British take you live and are not live there is that you could tape out of her visit to that farm to see which she experienced bad check it out. I'm ABC's to Reno Marshall and as Monty Virginia act Paramount farms. Where they started something called goat snuggling and it is just as adorable as you might imagine. As you can see they have all these new baby. Go out. An area now taken. A nap in the sun. But. Way Gail Hobbs page the owner. Break here is joining us has done is she's bride Al volunteers. Like this woman gray hair to help feed these little baby gets it's going honoring talent at Villa. This is one that got missed a little bit this she's cats and a and she's doing well teachers. He's gone to town is it just reticent it's a beer bottle feeding. Yes it is sent to. Beer here kitty see it happening also is twelve ounces and Ulsan it's it's and it. How much time the dairy Chinese volunteers amount tells the little about and why. And is. Our first here doing this social media we Ali. Arms market in just. Aren't used to connect to the arm. You're kidding to current conflict. Also really great. To celebrate spring but crash universities are. We put on social media and you know all arms now our land. Very much and agri tourism. It on agri tour. Tourism isn't way for people to come. To Wear their stay in. What we do in. You know lately far and to experience. Just to dale archer at lax in. I get there and you know. You know I did. Actually get. It and it. If I had volunteers come. From Lebanese S Jersey net and there. That's special and not. And just minutes has been really amazing experienced lower it would come out years. Here in Belmont county and you are actually a far right. That's right that that that that the reason there is all that China all of them is are cheeses which. You make over and part of the farm. We. If you debate candidates and then their mothers give us delicious milk and make our ash and that she is out of that sent but it all begins with these. With these guys Huckabee dominant ethnic a lot of people just think that. The milk appears. But. You yearly. Oh. Cash unit that they began coming we start. Thank entities. And so is it can can we turn a little bit over here in these big. Just a small number eight you have a lot more of these babies. How many being. It simple arm. In two and a half weeks we had. We have about a hundred what that kids 100 break you recover and and 845. That's a lot it's a lot it's it's a variant time. Nor. We wouldn't have that any that this is than a year the trip. To triple at what is sent three Davies. To. You're getting green and Clinton. Belittling you just finished eating and eating hanging. Her split in Maine now we did in. The colors you can read. But at the. The sex. Scholar candidate the prevalence of females and blue answered meals. And in wean him. We put the name of the day enough. Joseph can you show up. And even haven't chorus and complete without a happy. You trend is trying to play with little baby kids of course. He had a little puppy himself though. Figures saying that these goats these kids. I don't care how its and we now with the purple patent. Now it's down we noticeably tax we know it's a black. Firms and we will keep all the data is here on the side and then we will sell them as smokers. And and the box. Unfortunately well we try to. We tried to a rains. Good times from his brush clears his pets companion to voices. If we got our voices. They make great companions. Who did publicis. And his little guy here seems like many cameras. Yeah and he asked. These about a 140 pregnancy which averaged four. At a hundred manhunt and yet we're up this year just because of the triplets in the collective Clinton. Says. And that these guys and our RD hide their breakfast and lunch like how they contend they're just like babies me. That day. And then flee and they eat again in the way up an ape like I play and they ran around like crazy. Though let's go into this we're gonna walk over here to this pen this is where some of the volunteers are actually feeding our work feeding. Samara of these kids as they're called. And you'll see even. All sweaters TV. It's our. They're younger they these kids about two weeks soul. These are about four day diesel eat me. So these guys are just four days old Branyan and I can explain what happened here on their heads. But. We caught on. Some people like. Spy. Especially girls it it's. Kirk blue collar mutant that that's. And I absolutely moderate inching. Its and that that is think is spent at Allen and staff I think with the chat oh record and guide to curious. And it is given an opportunity to gauge just. And sometimes too. And I can tell what she did he me. I don't hear our own owners under monster I think. Indeed it's a managing their self respect ours it's. This is the bottle again those just joining us this is what they've eaten a beer bottle can't go wrong with so little. He might act. He had deals that have kept them at the bottom there ago. Nobody. Only she it is going to attack alone. You've got vote. We're hungry hop. A new board so. They thought I thought the parents over there and we'll go to show everybody had a bet. But about how big expect these these guys. We are twelve weeks on the their babies for about twelve week. There at the bottom. Right hand can't. In. And angry. And and it. And they'll be hanging screen and we gradually wean him and smear and there's nothing more durable. Yeah I think that's everybody's happy place and it it. My having a good levee league's most. I did. Check actually both Conte and yeah they'll go down to do another catch. And become the girls' best album art and. And it's still a bowel how many volunteers. Coming talks. For how long you have them come out. The hot plate. He. And before. And you really quickly T right. Thing. Yeah I think we know that record of Greece spring. Tigris. You. Wow that is in Pakistan. And and how many volunteers you normally. Half a dozen they went from half a dozen volunteers and I mean come on the doesn't want to volunteered to feed this baby go. Social media so volunteers. Out when you come out. The cat come on neck can't let this. At how hard it is that this stick and a feeding act so good and it tell me why did you want to be a volunteer. Because they're adorable. And I've never been with farm animals with foreign. Their farms these are cuter then votes if this your first time on here. And how do you hear. From a life. They're here I think they're like I did you hear about. On television on. Nine earned one. Oh my god it's. So. Do you tell. Yeah about 6 o'clock one night and the next afternoon and went on line to sign out there were so many slots. Kennel Randy. I think elect or weeks and that I and so use your first day that bonds is my second year second time Q other girlfriend first time department. And Ken this is your first time yup eating deli back to show who. Oh it. Here feeding baby as onions. Two it's as simple and you got a two year olds feeding four day old baby. In the family. Well I generational. Experience is where people. Just think that way. I'm more volunteers coming. It's that this. And help you. Not really thinking. Oh right now and check out led them and the and the other babies are over here and amity adult that is and it is he. We're over here for about how her body about a year. And and bright of the armed. I was actually living in New York before this. That's a big change and desperately in need. Just something like say I do little bit of farm incomes we're. Programs and that I really went on aren't I'm from originally so. It brought me back left on an online talked ill on the and moved here. Lived in little mini me fair. About seven months and now live in Charlottesville commute here every day and an Indian. I had gotten even better then then I mean eggs can catch up with these there's little. Isn't. All. That go to. You on some the adults in the adults are here right it is half acres you have here. It. This. Yeah yeah yeah. They're gonna come you. Now you know I think that men. In many and OK so we haven't. That's. Minnie you're. It. So when they get about how he could well. Be there actually are in between. Them. And around the girl. You don't. Sydney's are small and and on the but one either babies first so once the guys at home. And Steve. We have. A milking herd of about eighty right now and. We have these guys that next year we'll start reading them and so it will increase they're not heard 220. Years and meet. Me campaign brings tears with start with you yes it's. I. They didn't ever at hey I didn't expect. Others it. It's it's been and often have people out here. I just you know I I want it helped ally in the last she's doing pretty much buy or sell. With a couple of a couple of onto an 845. You can beat out three time export act. That your land and islands and islands on you guys out of talents are you can't keep you wanna common volunteered for the three and project all. The F and yeah and then and then morning lunch and dinner yet pretty much yes. We and say it's it's really it's a lot of work but it's it's really awesome news and I urged so I figured I would try to bring as much help as possible. And I mean it goes to show how much people. Needed something like this in the airline. How much people won it. Learn about where their food comes and this kind of and their target. And de. I didn't mail volume import. Eco about it. And Harry had lines. Steve. If like Bob are you owe their continued on the farm. You locked up to this next area appeared elated that this is Smart baby. We. Maher on. C news. Not gonna come over here. Now out dikes sweaters. Who made this letters. If and and you. Get them used to humans learn it is a crackdown. On every. And a few days old weird one. Out and a may they really like people. Lately. And it's. The back to those other one. And any adults are on climate there way. There may. Current knocking it is up at top aren't. Is ours. And and that is where he milk all of NAND. Goods are actually into the state that we cool it and then you make tutored in the couple's so. Take that long to actually meet that she'd have to let it felt like. Unwind. Some know at least we edits it overnight and less it's cheese that evening I'm coupled on cheeses. One is cow's milk when it's goat's milk. And those needs is for at least sixty days just by law. And we have are aging facilities up there's well. And those are considered. Paralyzed looking so we can't take an inside but look you back into the and all of those cute little baby goat that were casing as early there. And Greenwich ended its strange yet so I am firsthand this morning we just enhance our fairy perched that that's shed. I really wraps. And any old milk teens. This came from. Yeah so in freshness. I. I'm trying to do we can giants' there. And then we have. One of our eighties and teases asthma and nuts this McMartin and style. On the Mac each scored 9220. Days and our an arcade it. And number image dig in and could you recommend eating at wit. Without crackers. On I would say this that's we should you went after. This isn't. He wanted to. It right with me out. And these guys are down. And that way. I. That's him he. And become angry don't just get to play a baby goats are kids as they are called into it is delicious leaving. Am I waiting quiet fan. On that my government help and this is the ever ward outside of the at our environment Omar. M who. Captain Matt immense expertise. Meet them with my parents and luckily. I am extra. Baby goat and from. Volunteers. Are thoughtful for this year when's the next time on it. These guys so we. And you eat my hair this okay Al OK buddy. I'm. It is a well I'm going to go on. Eighty care for ABC news answer in emerged things for sucking.

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{"id":37659945,"title":"Volunteer Goat Snugglers Wanted in Virginia","duration":"20:38","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall visits a Virginia farm that is looking for volunteers to snuggle with their baby goats.","url":"/US/video/volunteer-goat-snugglers-wanted-virginia-37659945","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}