Officials Reveal Chilling Video, Details in D.C. Navy Yard Shooting

Surveillance video shows suspect sneaking down hallways with a gun.
31:54 | 09/25/13

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Transcript for Officials Reveal Chilling Video, Details in D.C. Navy Yard Shooting
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello everyone anti Hernandez in New York with his ABC news digital special report -- about to learn more about the deadly shooting spree at the Washington navy yard last. -- that killed twelve people here's an FBI and other every him activity over the past ten days. Our investigators and analysts -- gain a greater understanding. Moderation movements. And activities. Of the C shooter Aaron -- locks us. Doesn't already known Alexis was employed as a contractor. For a private information technology -- Pursuant to his employment. He was assigned to a project that the Washington navy air and here arrived in the Washington DC area on August -- -- During his stay in this area we'll accessories -- at at local hotels. And began working at the Washington navy yards on September 9. On Saturday September 14. Alexis purchased a Remington 878 shotgun. And ammunition and had a gun -- and Northern Virginia. On the same day Alexis also purchased a hacks off. Among other items at a home improvement store in Northern Virginia. On the morning of Monday September 16. Alexis arrived at the Washington navy yard -- -- parking garage at 7:53. AM and -- around car. As we advise last week the F legitimate access to the navy are as a result of his work as a contractor. Many utilized a valid pass. To gain entry to building one -- -- 808 AM. Shortly after his arrival in the building and over the course of approximately one hour. -- shot and killed twelve victims. And wounded four surviving -- -- Before it was shot and killed by law enforcement officers. Investigation today. Because interment that a lot just acted alone. Today willing we will be -- lacing. Excerpts from surveillance video and still images. That affect a lot since entering the navy yard and building 197. And also show him walking in the hallway. And then -- -- well. While carrying a shotgun -- is to commend the shootings. We also released photographs of certain pieces of evidence but specifically his car that was located on the parking garage of the navy yard. -- backpack that was -- in the bathroom and building 197. And the shotgun. During the course of the shootings and a lot just gained access to over out of national study also -- utilized. Both weapons were recovered -- the Shane and have been submitted to the FBI laboratory for a forensic analysis. We will not be -- erasing any further information on the sequence of the shootings. Or his movements around them delving at this time as our evidence response teams remain at the same as they complete their friends at work. And efforts continue analyst action and video analysis. We can say that the Remington an -- Saturday shotgun. Had been altered with a sawed off barrel and stock. Purple duct tape covered the end of the stock. And handwritten -- were president I'm various parts of the shotgun. Etched into the barrel shotguns. Were the words quote. And to the torment. Close. Actually in the right side of the shock batteries shaver who were the words while not what -- all shag close while. An action little upside -- -- -- -- the phrase as well. Better off -- leg close -- thank while my health weapon closed while. Analysis of the electronic media recovered from a lot sister's belongings. Revealed several relevant communications. While analysis of these communications is ongoing. Preliminary analysis -- yielded clues. To Alexis -- tensions. And issues of importance to him. There are indicators that -- was prepared to die during the attack. And that they accepted death as they inevitable consequence of -- actions. There is no indication today. Little access was targeting specific and -- -- There -- been widespread reports and speculation. Surrounding a Lexus is not all health history. Henry -- -- behaviors. And that can have a severe not allowing us. -- -- to better understand has pathway to violence. We will continue to explores background and motivations. Including best clinical history. At this point I can confirm that there are multiple and dictators but Alexis held a delusional belief. That he was being controlled or influenced. By extremely low frequency. Porgy Al. Electromagnetic. Waves. The -- never quote my -- weapon close vote on the left side of the receiver and other Remington eight shot and a shotgun. It's believed to reference these electromagnetic. Waves. In addition a documentary trade from the electronic media status quo. Ultra low frequency attack that is what I've been subject to for the last three months. And to be perfectly honest and that is what has driven me to us close vote. DL up technology was -- MF program for naval sub -- -- submarine communications. However conspiracy theories exist. Which misinterpret its application. As a weapon as -- -- remote -- frequencies. For government monitoring. And manipulation. Of unsuspecting -- sentenced. The information and images wary racing today will be available via the Internet that FBI. -- -- Forward slash Washington navy -- Apps and -- out of some unexpected developments in the coming weeks social -- laughs press briefing -- regard to this case. Along other law enforcement partners who stand beside me today yeah. We again express our sincere condolences to the victims and families of the navy air shootings. -- remain committing to support we remain committed to supporting them during the -- -- time. And to doing everything we can't understand the motivations. Behind this horrible tragedy. And ordered a battered attacked. And disrupt potential future active shooters. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A -- -- just a few words thank you. Good afternoon. First and foremost. On behalf of -- CIS. -- extended navy family. We offer our sincerest condolences. To the families of the victims. Affected by this horrific crime. To those injured. We -- for our heartfelt support. For a full recovery. In CI a special agents and professional staff. From six field offices and our headquarters. -- working alongside. Our law enforcement counterparts. To clarify the circumstances surrounding this incident. As -- -- special agents. Immediately responded. When notified of the shooting ability one -- seven. We have three special agents assigned to provide. Procurement fraud investigation and -- told -- support. That a naval sea systems command perhaps -- Our agents has offices in building 197. And record their every day. Other NCI's Washington field office special agents. Also visited building every week it's -- sport to -- Or 16 September. One of the CI a special -- assigns an FC. Major building one -- seven. Within five minutes of the first shots being reported. Eight additional special agents. Followed soon there after. Do special agents engaged shooter in return fire that you -- different areas of the building. These agents fourteen was responders from other law enforcement agencies. Two audience -- responders fourteen. With the metropolitan police officer. One -- three were fired upon by the shooter. They returned fire. And pull the MPV officer recover after he was shot. Peninsula a special agent -- -- we carry the wounded officer. Down three flights of stairs. Outside paramedics. Other agents -- wounded personnel to cover. Provided first aid and assistance in the safe escort -- personnel. From the building. It's CIS has worked with the FBI. The friends across -- scene of the crime scene. We also partnered with the FBI -- impeding conduct bring numerous interviews. Obtaining records should. Be conducting analysis of all data collected. This is -- exceptional. Collaborative inner agency. In CIS in partnership with the FBI Washington field office. We'll continue to work with the victims. In an effort to get answers many questions as possible. It's just continues to work closely with the -- -- support -- to may have. To help them resume operational activity. The support includes securing -- -- information. Retrieving time sensitive documents and returning personal affection employees. This tragedy has hit home from the department of the navy. And CIS is resolves. To continue assisting all those impacted by this tragic event thank. Good afternoon. Once again first want to express our heartfelt condolences to the families and the victims. The emotional scars of this tragedy will not soon be forgotten. And we are all truly heart broken for your loss. Since last week our office -- US attorney's office for DC. Has been involved in trying to obtain search warrants. And help southern legal process. So that investigators can get a Fuller picture of what motivated mr. Alexis and how he carried out this crime. We -- we've also had victim witness advocates more office. Working with the victims of this strategy tragedy to try to provide them with the emotional psychological counseling. So they can move forward. With the lives. That we all understand whenever be the same again. As the assistant director explain what we know so far. Is it appears that mr. -- In in a scenario that we've seen far too often quite frankly. It was a mentally unstable individual and he was able. To obtain a firearms. Two days before he carried out -- that was planned to kill as many innocent civilians. As possible. Over the last week the primary role as -- said abused -- results has been to help. Cross investigators. Understand. How this crime took place to that end we have obtained search warts. -- Mr. Alexis is hotel room where he was staying since September 7 since he arrived in DC his vehicle. 2013. Toyota Prius that was a parked outside the crime scene. Search various electronic media that -- associated with mr. Alexis -- were found both within building 197. And -- in his hotel room. And to help obtain data for phone numbers associated phone numbers and other electronic media associated with mr. Alexis. The warrants. We filed a motion this morning to unseal the -- affidavits. For the warrants so those are going to be available to all of you if you don't have them already those materials bill Miller's is here he can. That sell some of those materials you can get him electronically. See the affidavit for the search warrants that were obtained. As you've seen the as -- as has been explain the the search warrants have been critical in helping us understand the motivations. Mr. Alexis and what it calls this attack. Going forward -- continue to assist our partners in running down every lead to try to answer every question. Until we complete. Our review. -- part we promise. To -- that the memories of those victims. By doing as thorough and comprehensive. An investigation. As possible try to understand what motivated this attack and hopefully try to prevent this. From ever -- again in our community. Thank you. Good afternoon. My name is Carl assault on the special agent in charge for DJF Washington field division. One briefly comment on AGF's role. In the investigation. And it's important. That we comment and additionally on the overall cooperation. That existed amongst the investigative team. During the -- yes initial response. To the shooting on the sixteen. We activate it all the special agents -- -- Washington field of vision and our special response team number two Northern Virginia. We participated very actively in the initial. Clearing of the building. When it was still an active shooter situation. And while we are attempting to determine. That there were no second or third shooters. As -- as the investigation. Quickly. Turned from the acting active shooter situation. -- -- -- We blended are. ATF agents in -- those. Others there from the investigative team. It's important to comment and the level of cooperation that existed. Between. The entire team -- and I want to mention specifically between ATF and FBI. -- cooperation. The level was outstanding -- it was seamless. And I want to make sure a special point. To dispel. Any indication that it was anything other than that. ATF. Express our. Sincere condolences. To the victims and the families of the navy yard shooting and its most important. That they know. The law enforcement cooperation. Between all the agencies involved in this investigation. Was seamless and outstanding. I'm proud of the ATF personnel. And our special response team for their rapid response to assist. In stop and helping to stop. Continuing violence. And our role in the investigative team thank you. Good afternoon I'm Teresa chambers chief the United States park police and as you've heard from mothers. About cooperative effort. We wish we would didn't have to be here today we -- that the incident hadn't happened but I think it is important -- to wrap up comments by. Talking about the role of every first responder you know by now the the United States park police officer. -- the metropolitan police officer. Engaged the suspect the final time -- and ended the carnage. You seen the pictures of the heroic acts of helicopter the aviation unit of park police plucking injured and others off of the roof. But they weren't the only first responders as as we looked at the sobering video of people from other cubicles of officers that work in the navy yard -- a police capacity of agents. Every one of those people entered the building and ran toward danger knowing that. They themselves may be injured or killed. This is a unique area in the Washington DC region. And if there's any positive that comes out of it is that the region should take comfort. That we modeled this -- -- starting from the first line officers should be investigations. And the investigators that happened afterwards. In my 37 years of policing I've never seen a better example. Heroic action. We're a better example of cooperative law enforcement team work. And I am proud to stand was my colleagues here today to bring you this update thank you. Okay we'll take just a few options -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So the question was arrested an electronic communication and we found was that relayed to other friends or family -- As far as I know at this point that was not -- It was cool all of these electronic communications and north. We're via the electronic media that I referred -- as multiple documents. Any reasonably million people. And not. It'll take a long time for our laboratory to complaint alleged -- we have no information to indicate that -- -- of that or killed by friendly fire. What is happening in the wrong anyone. So the question was that he talked to anybody or email money ma -- one prior to this year thanks and it gave and that's what's coming and -- answers now. It was -- any -- Fire alarm that -- there any evidence that. People in the last. So the question was stand Giuliani indication that he was the one that. Pulled the fire alarm that day or did anybody hear him -- -- Who pulled the fire alarm as part of our ongoing investigation and I don't have the answer for that and that's time I haven't heard ideally. Victim statements. Medicaid that you as a last time -- doing it. -- So the question is where the system broke down and I know from different reports -- grabbed -- he had. Various. Encounters a law enforcement across the country. Various. -- -- what doctors as well I can't comment on exactly where it may have broken Mountain. View. So the the question was where the waters and the letters that we refer to the communication and we are referred to wore contain -- electric media and electronic media that were found in the glove side. So big question was around me background check for USIA us now while that's relevant to our investigation and it's not clearly -- on our plane and I'll have to end -- they approach from appropriate authorities answer that question. John -- question was. Around and found errors -- issues he may have had and the workplace -- As part of our investigation we have interviewed co workers and managers involved in the project Benelux as I was working on. We have learned that there was a routine performance related issue addressed of the locks us on the Friday before the shooting. But there is no indication that that's caused any sort of reaction from him. We have not determined there to be -- a previous relationship between Alexis and many of the victims. There is no evidence or information at this point and -- -- to target and anyone he worked for her work was. We do not see anyone of that as triggering -- attack. And we believe that as victims are random as he walked through the hallways and stairwells and building 190 -- As referenced we have found relevant communications on as electric and electronic media -- references delusional belief that is being controlled or influenced. By extremely low frequency electromagnetic magnetic waves for the past three months. So let the question and was around his -- -- illness and around how rapidly address them not I'm not a health professional -- parallel here to come and so that's as much in common and says I'm gonna -- references monologues. There was various electronic media -- all those things a phone a laptop. Sunrise. So. They question was around. The hour long. Basically tactical potential -- when the subject. I thank you would have to be inside the building a fully appreciate. This. The size and all the places that Alexis cut about hiding. That was I think -- -- on -- to strive that really hasn't tapped -- nightmare for the first responders. And I think if you. Casino layout and the different potential. -- -- -- -- to -- -- It is a nightmare we would be fine -- -- thank -- So where we get the final question is where Ozzy finally shot -- was shot by law enforcement officers on the third floor of the building where you. Sound like a shadow was a very big building and I can't say -- -- -- special effects airing out exactly where it was shot on the third floor with the on upsets like hearing -- dryer time yeah he's like. Even watching an FBI briefing into the naval yard shooting. And officials -- also released surveillance video today we're gonna be joined by ABC's Louis Martinez has been following this story he's with us now from the Pentagon -- As we're talking we see this surveillance video just released by the FBI some of -- very chilling because it's so clear. Show weighing. Alexis walking into the building. Unleashing his firearm and looking for people why -- -- decision to release this video. -- we -- this video existing -- its part of the investigation. And it's very relevant because it goes to the fact that when the evidence -- -- shows that that this was a totally random event. Obviously he planned this very well because he's not the weapon and he and this is a shot sawed off shotgun he had. Any enemy armed in any bathroom. I think is even still -- -- shows a bag that he carried it in. And then the video it just shows of sculpting. Methodically in these -- there's one picture when video you see him. Going around the corner looking -- peering into an office basically looking to see if there's anyone in there. -- and another in video image you see -- the end -- the hall. You see people who are obvious you're trying to get away or that he's trying to sneak up on so this is very relevant video -- goes to. -- what actually happened that day. So a lot of questions obviously. About how he was able to get that weapon in there past security. And that that there's a whole narrative that you see in this video right now you see him actually one and still images is cargoes through the security gate. In -- video picks it up his Prius going into the garage across from the building that -- where he conducted the shootings he see him walking into the building. You see him kind of working the weapon together kind of getting into place. And then walking around. Methodically. And took over the third and fourth floors. One thing they say this video doesn't show and they have no evidence this is after speaking with. Many of his colleagues in people who were on site during that terrible Rampage that he wasn't specifically targeting anyone. Friday it sounds so random. And he -- he. He left behind some messages and indicated that he was under some mental torment I talked about being influenced by -- electromagnetic radiation he's extremely low frequencies. But you get the sense -- I -- investigators are telling us right now that. They can't find any relationship between the people that he shot. That these were not his co workers. I -- not any -- he worked. Basically he was hunting for people as FBI director -- said last week so this is it just shows you what -- -- -- -- of violence this truly was. This wasn't exactly conclusion to the investigation may I think they mention this would be the last of the FBI briefings about it. But they seem to come than one very -- determination here that the -- was. Delusional and that he believed he was being controlled. By these frequencies to tell us a little bit about the evidence that they talked about today that lends itself to this this conclusion. While they say that in the bag in which he brought the weapon into the building -- -- -- electronic media are not very specific as to whether that is a laptop or some other device. But they say that that electronic media he left behind messages. Where he basically said that he had been under the influence of these extremely low frequencies. And that he consented to this for three months and that that he sit perfectly honest to be perfectly honest this is what it has led me to this. Then of course the catchings on the barrel of the rifle. As well as -- -- on the on the bottom rightfully say extremely interesting to the one on the and he says he this -- weapon again ELF and a reference to extremely low frequency. Not what you say. Also etched on the on the butt of the weapon and then on the barrel itself you know where the bullet comes out you see he wrote -- -- -- in -- and to the torment. So obviously very troubled individual you heard the FBI special -- say there that she can't get into. The specific mental. Capacity of stress that he was under because she's not a psychiatrist. But you can see that -- there is what some deterioration. Over in the three -- span that he if he himself admitted to you in this I'm writing an electronic media. Interest and they talked about we've heard about these stories have people who witnessed. What a -- breakdowns from him but the timeline is very short I mean he bought this weapon just days before to -- attack. Just days before he -- me remember remember this was oh Amman a Monday. That starting off the work week and apparently that weekend is when he purchased this weapon this shotgun and then he went to you. A -- supply store and bought a hacksaw so that he could shut -- hacksaw. The the end of the barrel there as well as the -- of the -- so. It's a lot of planning involved in this on his part. And remember that a lot of this has to do that with his access to the -- And that has been the real question over the last week here depending on is how did he what how is he able to keep his national security clearance. So that he can get that job is can as a computer ITI. Subcontractor and then that job enables him to get. The badge which gives them access to the day. It's surprising in this day -- age that he didn't have to go through metal detector clearly he brought that weapons right inside the property. What about security changes everyone's back at work at this point -- naval base. What have we seen in terms of changes there. One told that this -- levels are pretty much back to normal however in some instance there is some categories that have been boosted. Obviously you don't wanna get into details about that violence but they need you wanna provide the details but -- -- is a slight boost in security. But otherwise is at the level -- -- that it was when -- attack that took place I want -- -- you mentioned metal detectors. I I am is saint I've got to tell you it's very it's that was a question was raised by reporters here -- senior officials and that they told us basically -- listen. This is a truss system. Where when you get a clearance -- you get your badge. We don't expect this to happen and if you were to go and an ideal world through security everywhere as you would let's say. If you want it's -- security detectors -- metal detectors at. A mall -- into a theater you could see the kinds of delays and that would occur there so again explain that for practicality say that's why that doesn't happen. In certain buildings like this you know -- that people would actually go through metal detectors are not the employees -- the badges it's the visitors in this case he. As they said had the -- that gave him access to the base just like any other employee at that pace. Now now we have this chilling video that shows exactly the steps he took an army very easily walked -- -- that. -- ABC's Louis Martinez thank you so much for joining us from the Pentagon and helping us breakdown that FBI briefing. On the naval base shooting in Washington -- -- Hernandez have been watching ABC news digital special report thank you for. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"id":20374840,"title":"Officials Reveal Chilling Video, Details in D.C. Navy Yard Shooting","duration":"31:54","description":"Surveillance video shows suspect sneaking down hallways with a gun.","url":"/US/video/washington-dc-navy-yard-shooting-video-shows-suspect-20374840","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}