More Rain Looms for Washington After the Deadly Mudslide

The National Guard joins the search for more than 100 people still reported missing.
3:00 | 03/25/14

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Transcript for More Rain Looms for Washington After the Deadly Mudslide
This is a special group. Our deepest. Sympathies and condolences to the families have been affected by this. By this this disaster. Emotion on the front lines in Washington State the homes and lives destroyed in just a few quick seconds. When the earth gave out that killer mudslides -- the National Guard has now joined in the desperate search for nearly so many people still missing in the -- muddy debris fourteen people already confirmed dead President Obama monitoring the situation from far away. At the G-7 nuclear summit in the Netherlands. Would just ask. All Americans to. Send their thoughts and prayers go to Washington State and the community of also orange the cameras and and friends of those who are continue to be missing we hope for the best but. We recognize -- a tough situation. Hello I'm Michelle Franzen in New York with an ABC news digital special report on those search efforts. Let's go live right now -- ABC's -- the -- -- Arlington Washington. -- Michelle after a break from the rain yesterday crews are facing more rain today and that's having to concerns. Of another -- like he just heard in that press conference. More than 900 people still unaccounted for. But some families are not waiting for those crews to get to their loved ones are searching on their. My heart and shattered into a million pieces. Race -- it faces the agony shared by so many here searching for -- 36 year old daughter with few signs of home. My sixteen year old daughter -- money. Adult son and his two young sons were down their digging with their hands. Trying to find there the National Guard is now joining the massive effort. Most of us in these communities believe that we will not find any individual's life I'm a man of faith. And I believe in miracles teams using aircraft and sonar to search for survivors it's very tough you've been searched those buildings they've been collapsed -- compress all of that material it's come down. I. New released 911 tapes illustrate the moment that hillside collapsed home owners and drivers desperately trying to escape. As the wall of month filed through. -- That family lost their home and her relatives in the chaos but yesterday they returned to find an unexpected gift. Look until the -- wound up on the house. -- and in that -- buddy money in weak but alive after days of searching. And we had one thing we could celebrate. After you know a day have just order it. -- -- what are you hearing about reports of this month slide may have been. Predicted long before it happened. Well Michelle we do know that there was a -- like -- Gassing location back in 2006 snow has -- declared -- state of emergency backing -- Now the executives had maintained in the press conferences out here said there was no indication this had happened to the Seattle times has a report out today. Saying that there were several warnings in many reports. Going back you know more than ten years now they included a report from the US Army Corps of Engineers. Saying that in that report they said there was a potential for large catastrophic failure. A lot of people out here having questions but that county maintains that they had no idea this was coming. And give you an idea others a lot of different reports on the exact number of those accounted -- we heard in the press conference still one. Six but they also -- of those numbers. Could be changing. You give me an idea what you're hearing there and why those numbers fluctuating. Yeah I think officials are saying he's. When you see right now they want to put all the information they have out there still is -- 170. They do know that some of the names the could be duplicated they had. Really tried to stress that this will not be do not believe the number of victims will be that high that they want people to know. All the information they are dealing -- So people understand what it is they have to go through in order to get to that final. Very much thank you very much. We're going to go down to meals. Karlinsky who happens to be in the daring to Washington area on the other side of that. Horrible horrible mudslides that does stretches for one square mile -- thank you very much for joining us give us an idea. A witness an eyeball witness perspective of what you are seen on the ground. Well in -- in on the east side of this slide eight tiny and remote mountain town and I can say that things are really beginning to change around here you -- -- Well a lot of resources that are beginning to flow into this town we've seen -- article hours helicopters coming and going but now getting the equipment moving -- on the ground. We were able to get to attend about a mile of disquiet -- -- -- now off the road it will not -- -- get close. Interestingly. People here are so anxious as you perky get -- there -- trying to help interestingly they have now -- -- some of them joined in with search crew. They've taken about 25 volunteers they had sixty people come -- particular about 25. They've they've given them a briefing that could orange reflective vests found them and their. -- them up with their official search crews. And they are putting them in there this morning to help search through all of the mud and debris people very anxious. In this tight knit community. Actually get in there and do the work themselves not just what the searchers during -- an official allowing them to join him. And Neil what does that say just about the at the location of this month slide the remoteness of it and how much help that they need from these volunteers. And how dangerous is the work ahead of them. I don't think the difficulty that they -- can be overstated. We're dealing with the united say and square mile of mud and you speculated immediate golf course like terrain up and down rolling terrain of mud -- It's not hard it's mixed with debris. Rescuers described it -- almost being like quicksand and -- I spoke to one. Rescue. Key member this morning who said they get bit like going through geeks know and you -- down to meet your knee -- -- And and continue on that way. That is the way to describe this mud and of course the next to a portions of houses and they're trying to look for gaps in those houses for our leaders and air pocket immediate survivor although most people here. Feel pretty strongly that that is extremely unlikely at this point all -- -- adding. The difficulties and the mystery though the whether -- started to change their beautiful last two days here but now turned cloudy in the rain coming and they're expecting more in becomes so that makes that much more difficult and also that much more dangerous because it'll cited remained unstable. And -- we heard in this presser that they brought in. Extreme amount of resources you've got county state and federal officials at a comment the National Guard that's also there. It's been three days what are they saying about the chances -- still finding some of the -- seen. Alive. Of course it's still considered very much -- rescue operation. People will always be hopeful there are people here who who. Maintain. Some degree of hope for miracle but they all are fairly realistic -- it is extremely unlikely there -- not been a survivor found Saturday it is now Tuesday. So but the amount of -- -- to just determine. Who is in there even among those who are who did not survive this is just an immense undertaking as you know -- 176 -- Potentially missing people they don't think that's a real number -- lot of duplication them. And false reports but to get them -- actually buying of the victim. Is a massive undertaking and it's gonna take a lot of manpower and a lot of heavy equipment which they haven't been able to get in there are starting to get. Some of that in -- today. So -- as they take on this this. Enormous task how is this tight knit small community coping with this disaster. -- -- -- the only school in the region the K through twelve school that it. In this neighborhood would have attended this year in -- school camp yesterday because there. It is starting late today school are not yet begun -- -- -- wears on hand. -- outlook for the most part you have people with the fairly grim determination telling us. They just want to know they just want answers and they'd like to get in there themselves that they have to. To get them. ABC's Neal Karlinsky on the phone thank you so much from Darington Washington. That has been an ABC news digital special report I'm Michelle Franzen here in New York you of course can keep up with this story real time by downloading the ABC news -- And starting this story for exclusive updates on the ago.

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{"id":23052095,"title":"More Rain Looms for Washington After the Deadly Mudslide","duration":"3:00","description":"The National Guard joins the search for more than 100 people still reported missing.","url":"/US/video/washington-mudslide-rain-looms-national-guard-joins-search-23052095","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}