West Virginia authorities rescue 3 people trapped in abandoned mine

After being trapped for six days, the group was found alive.
3:32 | 12/13/18

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Transcript for West Virginia authorities rescue 3 people trapped in abandoned mine
West Virginia where they are calling it in the article were rescued David currently is there after those three people that ventured into the to banning coal mine. They have been rescued now David can you explain how it only down. Well first of all let's talk about those three survivors they were brought here to the Charleston hospital. Late last night but they didn't stay all three checked themselves out of this hospital in the middle of the night 2 and 3 o'clock in the morning. To go back home to whites the West Virginia in the middle of coal country here in West Virginia. But it was an amazing scene yesterday. By the way they took themselves out they look pretty good even though nearly five days inside this abandoned mine. But as the Ed illnesses were coming by the community center where their families have been holding vigil for several days. The ambulances stopped the convoy stopped. And the three of them hop that of the ambulance and ran into the community center. For hugs and kisses and reuniting with their families before they got back in the air ambulances were brought here to this hospital this all started early Saturday morning. When they went into that mind illegally with the fourth person a man. And according to families they were there to steal copper wire because you can recycle it and make some money. So we were able to talk overnight with a two of those survivors about how they made it the nearly five days inside that cold dark wet mind. In the region stayed together bringing god deliberate a lot of great job they did I get out. We thank mom water live. Please Ben assuring them the start drinking and having friendly dog is not contaminated EA and. We can't sometimes they only pray in July and pulled together is as we do. I feel great because here they only are families. My experience and my Brothers say around here in town family. We appreciate everywhere he gas I'll Albania late night news involved as searchers for us does want to thank you everything is out of me. That is the good news that they survived and they appear fairly healthy the rescuers. Had been using their air tanks apparatus to trying get into the mind the real breakthrough came yesterday the mine company that owns this abandoned mine shut down a couple of years ago. Had put in a couple of big fans and we're blowing fresh air in that actually raised the level of oxygen. In the mind so that the rescuers. Could work without their face their breathing apparatus and more rescuers are going to mind. They found them about dinner time last night real to bring them out. Now some serious questions today. Number one the three actually all four of them. There's a pending criminal investigation at least they could be charged with trespassing if they were trying to take copper wire. Possibly larceny charges as well and there's the broader question this is not the first time this has happened there's. Man missing and another mind that happened several weeks ago is not been found. This state and state officials here saying something has to be done to stop people from going into these mines and trying to steal this copper wire the governor suggested. The other day maybe they should make it illegal to sell. This copper wire from mines in an ad with a recycling would know what kind of wired as is very thick to get electricity deep into the mind. For the equipment when there aren't they are mining coal so. The three individuals are alive. They are home. But some serious questions to the state of West Virginia and how they deal with this issue heavily.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"After being trapped for six days, the group was found alive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59800684","title":"West Virginia authorities rescue 3 people trapped in abandoned mine","url":"/US/video/west-virginia-authorities-rescue-people-trapped-abandoned-mine-59800684"}