White House Ghost Tour: Meet the Ghost of Abraham Lincoln

ABC News' Serena Marshall and Lana Zak take the White House Ghost Tour.
6:54 | 10/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for White House Ghost Tour: Meet the Ghost of Abraham Lincoln
Hi guys you're joining us again at some technical difficulties though we are back inside the White House going on were of ghosts and presidents past listen much history here and one of the most. Amos piece of the history that's told him reappear with some frequency is quite a bit actually is that is that goes president you can actually seen him. Looking and that portrait somber and heat things could come and let me. The reigning president mr. presidency. I. Could even managed to shoot you and so nice casino. Act and state and trip. Annual race how to look different. All this. Sphere. But we've had some moments. The first human. Who movement we are. Previous president told me. If I was happy to come and there's places she wants to go. Fair program. It didn't last long. How he got a lot of heartache and and troubles as president. Typical period. I remember when Karen first met was in here new U. And we went over to the and actually in about that difficult quandary at fort Sumpter. The next signal event that took place in this room happened after mrs. Lincoln refurbish this entire place it was little better than them. Shaffer great hotel room and taking a toll picking the whole place down. But it was at ground affair. Unknown to most people. Our borders. Handles. And out pops a lot of there's an open there. Mission. And her and and didn't close until wrong. So periodically through them directory. Oh orange. Abortion. Within that. And is it was wrong. It bush very difficult time most especially for mrs. Lincoln book. In fact. It's an interest in thing. You know weeks after. She so. This suppression program. To prevent. Scripture and personal of the red room. And she said but there was a dreamer happened mission I don't know what should he appeared at her but before we protect. And it was quite frightening bit and shall and to some extent. I never know. About these things that we had. It was that the very night. Shocked. We have our room for question here. And humble actors and dream myself and Robert was here and I told mrs. Lincoln and and he about the game maybe shorter work. I hope we can have up here and hand at least I thought it was. Changed tack external touch and then her anguish hunger or. The more sound. It's hopping. Have prepared. And intend. Despair. Used to be here and our there was no having pollution and shy. Program that was all right in every room but. Person inspired. And into the issue. And I saw the conference call and the corps reference you know investment. Or cards to buy enough for all people occasion mourn on this course. And it's. Officials covered percent to 100 hurt who's ahead in the White House. Action oppression. So much cash. What do you think that you know what. Because action to be aren't a lot of thought perhaps it might be some other probable. Well our told mrs. Lincoln involvement. She didn't mr. anymore. Part. You know later that. It's very interesting. There was a paper. Through these two weeks time which attempted to a cabinet meeting interval times. But it was the an operation of a new department of the Secret Service we've been. Most. Moreover currency and at that point Morse. Conference. And we needed a policing agent and and so that became the third federal policing agents. Ever be inaugurated. Aaron don't. Of course. Was killed. Had to turn to have no responsibility. To care for executive. And now arms. That has devolved upon them to. Was attended to in a more timely fashion. Just and that they'll just a little bit early in the senate president of the English thing though was eleven years after my departure from this line. There were Secret Service agents. Who conspire. To still you know my body and and one more. And of course they were found some are. I continue to rest in peace except for occasional. There's anything wrong like to pop into that currently assigned to new pact. Hours what. Once there was gentleman was quite interest to me Summers and by the name mister. Churchill mr. Patricia lynch since her community a senior under one. Now that was my spectrum that was my offer some better in my bedroom upstairs but nonetheless they call it that our told. Well and so I was told should make in the terms. I part of my brother gratifying but when I have years apparently that the timing brings wasn't hard to own people are skiers can. Not only did I scare him he's scared me because he had just gotten out of the bath. It was clothing must cigar. When he walked out I just started about Roosevelt over an appearance and left the scene immediately. So there's this business is now lowers the most. You didn't want them well it. Didn't happen yours is quite gratifying I think you'll. Are awfully cold and during this trip and be looking to be coming into Emerson hunt the way. Well on special occasion. Only partially eaten for certain people.

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{"duration":"6:54","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall and Lana Zak take the White House Ghost Tour.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43147418","title":"White House Ghost Tour: Meet the Ghost of Abraham Lincoln","url":"/US/video/white-house-ghost-tour-meet-ghost-abraham-lincoln-43147418"}