How white nationalists, counter protesters prepared for Charlottesville

ABC News was embedded with a young leader of the so-called alt-right movement and activists who were there protesting their Unite the Right rally.
5:12 | 08/16/17

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Transcript for How white nationalists, counter protesters prepared for Charlottesville
Heat no longer hides behind hoods. This was seen in the college town as. Still Virginia on Friday reminiscent images from a dark American. Hundreds of white Nationalists from across the country descended on the university of Virginia's campus. Ahead of the planned demonstration. To protest the removal of the statue a veteran general property. They clashed with counter protesters from people from both sides. It would be the start of a bloody 24 hours. News as divisions seemed whiter than ever president trump wants her to New York City. And welcome. You don't war. Earlier the president spoke White House directly from debt and hate groups for the first time since the events over the weekend. Racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name mark criminals and thugs including the kkk. Neo Nazis white supremacists. And other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold the year as Americans who went. He even in his own party saying those words. Came to date about the incident that has become a new American flash point. It's early Saturday morning from Charlottesville and on the one side 26 year old man about the leaders and the white nationalist group preparing for today's unite the right things. Not to be the largest gathering of white supremacists in the US. In decades were southern poverty Boston witness stand for. Poverty statue. We're here to say that we're here things are here. On the other night no. Ruth is. Like Saddam's not welcome. Darryl lemont and leader of the one people's project we are here today because the number of white supremacist decided to hold this massive grounded to third when the Dave head in. I guess as many months the schools will be one of the larger ones. It's organization monitors and published just information about alleged racists and supremacists groups this we're. Why did you pick them because people need to know who they are. This group. Has joined with many others to capture the white supremacist domestic dispute things through these people like anti black see it differently we're. Or what's there was. Yeah. The indictment. His group. In arson may lake counter protesters and white nationalist flashing a game. The crown beat one another was sticks. And metal rod. I asked for the white nationalist protesters. Why treat weapon if this was a peaceful protest. We were and yeah. Replayed the favorite pop like all trying to grounded. 34 people sort of me with some kind of. Local C police respond in riot gear using pepper spray trying to push demonstrators back. Graphic images like this showing twenty year old. Going viral we were walking down a bomb runs and native. Be mute. Being with the polls just before noon at Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe declares a state of emergency. Then that terrible moment. When the driver and this gray dodge nose down a group of marchers who were protesting the rally. He brands into one group that puts his car in reverse and accelerate. Writing over several more. Card just plowed. Hundreds of people downtown Charlottesville. It like regular clothes in. The driver is identified as twenty year old James Alex field for mommy Ohio. Just before the attack fields was caught by our ABC cameras chanting a message of white power. Nineteen people were injured. 32 year old Heather higher was killed Heather's mother told us her daughter was there protests seeing white supremacy. I'm extremely proud that she stood for what she believed and she games sold to it and now she's given her life to it.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"ABC News was embedded with a young leader of the so-called alt-right movement and activists who were there protesting their Unite the Right rally.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49255996","title":"How white nationalists, counter protesters prepared for Charlottesville","url":"/US/video/white-nationalists-counter-protesters-prepared-charlottesville-49255996"}