Wildfires Reach Dollywood's 'Doorstep'

Guest cabins at Dollywood have been evacuated amid a series of raging wildfires nearby in Tennessee, according to a representative for the resort and the state's emergency management agency.
3:20 | 11/29/16

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Transcript for Wildfires Reach Dollywood's 'Doorstep'
Tennessee that's where a quick moving wildfire has torched at least thirty buildings in the resort town of gap Lindbergh. A sixteen story hotel is also on fire. The wildfire started this afternoon and is currently on the edge of Dolly Parton theme park Dolly would. Evacuations are underway with cars packing the roads as people try to get out of the popular tourist area. And joining us on the phone right now someone who's inside one of the hotels and GAAP Lindbergh fifteen year old Logan bakers are really concerned about you Logan because we've been. Watching all the reports that fire surrounding the hotel that you're in right now what's the situation. So right now they have they actually let us go back when they let us leave the lobby where they had had a the whole time. And they've had has come a tourist boats. And couldn't who were on the first floor because. They had two great pointers on the upper floors because we are suffocating. From the smoke quite so bad like we were on the ground. Just kidding. They didn't like we are black that you had a late like perfectly flat on the ground are the with Blake is just too big victory because we hadn't asked that he was even to pick of the map. I would we're and it's our sweet right now we're actually Dave they had containing a irons. But it looks like it's making its way back up toward. A year you're actually seeing out the window or out your balcony this fire. Getting a little Italy is out the window. Stir the balcony. And and what are. People staffs they are or firefighters are they eat surrounding your hotel right now or tell us what the staff is telling you. We get edited we have not heard from any of the past and they took it up with a sperm and the fire uttered. I don't I don't even know exactly where they are I know right associates or about salute our rooms. They showed that they were still walking the perimeter of the hotel. I don't see eye and I just walked out of my room and I don't see Strasburg. Anyone and I see people sleeping in the lobby but I don't know I'm east outskirts. Reuters. When a stray piece of video of this is when I sort of becoming concerned about the park Vista Hotel where Logan is staying right now the Su chef posted this video look how close. The flames are. To the hotel right there. And then he turns the camera around at one point in DC the others that are there inside of that hotel it is smokey the flames are right there on top of that hotel. See their people right in that lobby area slogan that it's a situation that you've been dealing with. Over the last few hours I cannot imagine how frightening it is to be there right now. In the State's care party. It is that you boot. And you couldn't evacuate as there's only one road out of town so you're on your with your on your cousin and you guys have to stay put it. Yes there's a warning or to get open down the mountain from the hotel than it did what we call him black. Oh we are keeping our fingers crossed for you and your family just stay calm and I know the firefighters have. Their hands full but we will hope for the best thank you so much slogan again the good news is getting a little bit of rain so hopefully that helps to this situation target aspect rainstorm is at a supermarket the fires.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Guest cabins at Dollywood have been evacuated amid a series of raging wildfires nearby in Tennessee, according to a representative for the resort and the state's emergency management agency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43841359","title":"Wildfires Reach Dollywood's 'Doorstep'","url":"/US/video/wildfires-reach-dollywoods-doorstep-43841359"}