Wisconsin man wins $768M Powerball jackpot

Manuel Franco, 24, said winning "feels like a dream."
5:38 | 04/23/19

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Transcript for Wisconsin man wins $768M Powerball jackpot
That they powerball. Jackpot. Winner. Manny will bring Al. Come not all over. Excellent start by saying thank you and to everyone who has supported me throughout the years. So many offering him actually. The warriors on. I really wish that I was president and ultimately won an accident. Unfortunately has not the case I am actually come from west Dallas at nine knots pretty much my home for awhile. So the story that however one is at a potato. At. Ground TP am I had left work and I'd pretty much felt lucky you know it's it's a weird lucky feeling it's not. Natural and normal all. I walked into the speedway in the ambulance and I purchase. Ten dollars worth in divisional. Com we'll powerball tickets. And I honestly felt so lucky that it looked up at the camera and I really want that we got it right I just had a lucky feeling. And Cindy here at CNN she knows that it mr. I could look at Decker early it lucky. Didn't weeks I'm kind of disappointed in that. At Terry. It's not at that speedway thirteen minutes afterward office at that are not. So how I ended up finding out that I want to actually do not watch. Didn't even check in the morning I went to work not even knowing and he battered checked my. My tickets. Avoid. I. Last work that day. And I remember network hearing that you know powerball winner Wisconsin then I never thought. See things about it at all I got home and I see tickets in Africa brought together. And that's really what. Remind me of the power law. I months ago grapples two tickets that we have bought together and I went on my computer and surged up the power numbers and you know the news articles please see underneath apart on numbers. Sentenced to when Arum might quietly Wisconsin's. I've probably got a chance you know that's what that's all I need to and I went through it and tickets I mean her hat off to gather in not been so. I'm disappointed. Hahn I want my wallet I reached for tickets and I have bought those ten dollars for the tickets on individual and I go through them. And not because that there are taken I did when four dollars super excited on. Doesn't happen very often it's. Never claimed but a box. I get see what I thought was the last ticket man. It did and obviously. I have all the tickets my left hand and I stopped them Albert right discarding them apps I went. And all of a sudden now as I change hands I see that lasted about its so attached to the other one I'm thinking my god like no way and as dramatically as I have said it too many of my friends and families. Looked out at one number at a time and I saw that first number. I didn't think anything of it but I knew that it was something special I normally don't get the first number two with the fourth third in just horrible. I see that second number in a march heart starts to pumpkin when not in a panel normally known for anyway you know. I pull that ticket in front of it often go straighten up our number at look at it and it matched in and out at this moment. Dolan and saying much and I look back at the three other numbers than. The all matched in I don't wanna embarrass myself and plenty. Right now. But I can explain is it. It was amazing my heart start racing blood pumping it might it felt warm screened for about five or ten minutes. Nipping at my nearest and here you know. It's it's really amazing. To just when. Sister. So I've played our boss and suffers curtain went house he teeters over six years ago so I am 24. My very first are they announcing that it actually by these are tickets it's script actually went for months. Where do you work what do you do are leaving. Much of the bullet that. And it intimately with. So I'll obviously everyone always hopes. When you buy a ticket to actually win it again. McIntyre right now about 191 night wasn't wasn't ready for college credit for in an off and I got that paranoia that you get me hurried the whole world after you and now I found out that realistically you don't tell anybody nobody knows and that's. I got site here. So. And archer. What the next chapters tampering for my life. I'm but I happens setting up the the past. Financial team to bestseller team that could. I just really want to think entry here because he made me much more confident in myself to be here to claim that ticket. And without him I don't think that albeit I be here right now talking product. That system it's amazing it feels like a dream and it was artists like any moment I'm gonna wait Koppen. And it's going to be back to my room you know about Landon. And you disappointment but I can see that he has early here and it's not that we expect that. I simply just kept we have gotten an ordinary guy like me ever win. When are our a two to two dollars he spent on the ticket. Hope that humans it's it's worth it and I know that have won but it is realistically where it's amazing. Out right now what I do know is that quantity he'd break. And just let it sink and make sure I'm not making any bad decisions like do you wanna be response Mey do you hope. And you want to call alt the world and you know. Places but I have to do it correctly enough to make sure that my teachers here. After discussions I wanted to take the annuity but I have been convinced otherwise I am taking the lump sum. It's all the second day of work after I knew that I. That one Aaron secret work. To stop us Latin so much stat I'm certain everyone network noticed. And I really wanted to say something that anybody there and I knew that it was a bad decision and I'd pretty much never showed up for work again a mountain.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"Manuel Franco, 24, said winning \"feels like a dream.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62578716","title":"Wisconsin man wins $768M Powerball jackpot","url":"/US/video/wisconsin-man-wins-768m-powerball-jackpot-62578716"}