Witness Says Hoboken Train Crash 'Sounded Like a Bomb'

"It was the first kind of sound that I ever heard in my life," William Blaine said as he described the New Jersey Transit train crash on Thursday morning.
2:54 | 09/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Witness Says Hoboken Train Crash 'Sounded Like a Bomb'
What did you hear because you must've heard. There were is the first gonna sound ever heard in my life. Just abstract to the tree with engineer pulled in the hopeful. When I got off Houston on the train in we used them to other employees. Walked off around tracked to. Around rectory around sex for had passed tried to get that Dunkin' Donuts as a get a call. I don't sticks in my. My coworker who was the median Hoboken qualifying on Jersey transit Everett. And when I went that the donors at the past track live within thirty seconds ultimately those looking to see what I want didn't that you know he's heard. Coach boom minutes everything just went down to body just so that's where it has found the bomb. And I'm sure at write what you were thinking good that's what it sounds like. And it got quiet out certain so I heard water so I ran out of something and always think this is what I thought. So when I ran out the look sort of disbursing a wait and incidence. And I looked denies this whole people in the room floor and the world cuts in Houston when hearing a high. What probably in the tree. Inside the tree. I don't think it was a lot of people outside the terminal. Actually when I walked away from the aerial I was people who live not. But I all I know myself on the ground and I looked over and I want to run health officials was running and in Jersey transit I think employees were running a whole. We'll get out tree. And then my back. A strong deceased those. Are you very much that that is. There was I don't think their own attorney you know I think they make it upswing in front gate but it debris. This Atlanta there was debris and to ultimately. The stuff they can nest by what happened. They are pleased was. And excuse me and did this plane did to the strength lamentable. Currently it is that we will use it was even. Into the platform. Right where people are waiting to get around many this is one of the busiest train stops. And all of New Jersey but also went to New York City. It is it is what's going through your mind right now knowing you just miss this for. Well I called my life. You know. I told her that honeymoon would be you know and the reason why I'm trader and Phyllis Princeton reason why. It is certainly. We just had a fatality this morning Coleman did Newark, New Jersey just to the person come in know that this this morning 615 of them I came here and this is. So where's Lou I don't know what's going on death following me but. It just shows like subsequent to that that death this morning by Amtrak at norte coming into to the station that I come here. About two hours later this happen. So it is it's a little shaky you know what me.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"\"It was the first kind of sound that I ever heard in my life,\" William Blaine said as he described the New Jersey Transit train crash on Thursday morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"42450857","title":"Witness Says Hoboken Train Crash 'Sounded Like a Bomb'","url":"/US/video/witness-hoboken-train-crash-sounded-bomb-42450857"}