Woman found dead in condo's trash compactor

An employee at a ritzy, 29-story condominium tower in Manhattan stumbled across a gruesome discovery on Tuesday.
1:25 | 07/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman found dead in condo's trash compactor
Lease are looking at surveillance video this morning after a woman's body was found inside a trash compact or. The disturbing discovery made at a luxury Condo building in Manhattan Eyewitness News reporter Candice counties outside buildings. She's got the details Candace. Well Joseph certainly we don't know the identity of the woman police have not released that information but we do know that she didn't live here. And the building and as you said shortly police are still going through surveillance looking for evidence inside the building now police aren't sure. If this was an accident or if it was intentional. The worker at this second north tower's on Irving place bound that woman around 5 o'clock yesterday and the building's trash can actor. Police saying she went down the trashing for more than 218 floors up. The heavy police presence leaving that people who live here anxious to find out what happens. When you off on the 74 at the change elevators and there's a bunch of detectives. On that lawyer. And we axed them like is that our it's our knowledge thou are like debts decides Gramercy. So it's this Tyler read here. This whatever happened was this this Daryn then over to but they would insults exactly the. Again police are saying they don't believe that there is any criminality here they say they then looked at the surveillance video and it appears that woman was by herself before. She went down back trashing us. I've here Gramercy this morning Candace McAllen channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":56506261,"title":"Woman found dead in condo's trash compactor","duration":"1:25","description":"An employee at a ritzy, 29-story condominium tower in Manhattan stumbled across a gruesome discovery on Tuesday.","url":"/US/video/woman-found-dead-condos-trash-compactor-56506261","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}