World Trade Center BASE Jumpers Land in Court

Men who BASE jumped off the top of One World Trade plead not guilty to felony charges during arraignment.
7:55 | 05/06/14

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Transcript for World Trade Center BASE Jumpers Land in Court
This is a special room. That wild jump off the tallest commercial building in America the two base jumpers who -- off one world trade. Into the dark sky over New York City last fall. Landing safely but also landing in some legal trouble for the stunt back in court today trying to get the most serious charge dismissed. Even reflecting on that night. -- -- Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York that stunt last September exposing a huge lapse in security. That was supposed to be one of the most protected buildings in the world those -- doubles now facing charges. ABC's -- -- he joins us live with more on the story. Aaron let's begin what charges did the jumpers face today at the arraignment. Burglary and reckless endangerment the two main charges both felony charges and they pleaded. Not guilty during a brief court appearance today all asserting their their innocence and saying -- show that they deserve nothing more. And community service for this because they did a community service they expose some of the security problems -- one World Trade Center. -- which is the supposed to be as you mentioned one of the safest sites in the country where the nine elevenths. Memorial museum is expected to open a little bit later this month let's listen to one of the defense attorneys say in that the felony charge of burglary does not fit the crime. It should have been charges of misdemeanor. His base jumping is a misdemeanor count what they've done is they've had detergent -- a burglary. Claiming that they and unlawfully entered the building with the intent to commit a crime inside the building. Which just from a legal standpoint based -- by its very nature is committed outside of the bill. On the roof and in the end so it doesn't meet that standards that you. Also in the legislature passed the bench jumping statute they never anticipated that it would be used in boot -- and overcharged in this one. And you mentioned that the attorney is pushing for community service what's the likelihood given this. Building that they jumped off of that they can receive no jail time. It's probably pretty likely -- there's no record there are no prior criminal record there that we know of and prosecutors are are trying to work out some kind of a deal with these four guys -- three of them. Involved in the jump in one the alleged look out who appears to have turned the others in. Interestingly today Michelle we learned that the the of those three that were involved in the actual parachuting off the building. Initially to police denied involvement and it was only later when that alleged -- appeared to talk to police and turn them in. Did they come clean so they admit to doing it and there's video that we've seen of them doing it. But the they also. Deny that they are guilty of these serious felony charges so prosecutors hope that they'll be able to work out some kind of a deal. Whether that includes jail time or not there attorney says -- -- certainly going to be pushing. For that community service they are getting some support in that regard from 9/11 families a couple of folks who lost firefighters sons. In -- 9/11 attacks and they say that these guys deserve. No jail time either because they did expose flaws in security in and they said that they hope that their sons -- died. And lessons would have been learned as a result. Apparently not according to the -- members of. -- of 9/11 firefighters. Blair let's go back to that September night when they perform the job in court papers the jumpers say that they plan to jump -- one of them knew the lay of the land of the World Trade Center. That's right they they they did believe. That they were able -- access the building because James Brady. One of those involved had worked as a construction worker at the site knew where some of the holes in the fence might have -- And that's how they were able to get in there was a hole in the fence they were evident. -- -- where security guards might have been and they made it all the way up to the top of the building that by the way is where the burglary charge comes in. Yes base jumping is done outside the building but there's an entire perimeter that's considered. Vote building and prosecutors -- and so they may make their way up. And they have their helmet cameras on their heads and then they they videotape all of this as -- parachute off into the night sky at about 3 in the morning. And then land on streets that they said they knew would be deserted they they said their intention here was never to harm anyone. And they we're never gonna go public with this Michelle the only thing they -- -- -- doing was posting these videos on YouTube after the story came out. Yeah that's exactly right they so that they wanted to keep it a secret until police came knocking at their door so. Could this help their case and where does the investigation go from here. Well that's that the interesting part did did. And we're not sure that this is actually true but -- of the word is that the NYPD -- this because they may have been -- -- In kind of an interagency fight with the Port Authority that's responsible for securing the site in part and of course when police agencies collide. You know things get maybe -- that could benefit one side or another. If the NYPD -- -- jurisdiction. Where the Port Authority had it. Maybe they use this to show that -- there -- security flaws we need some extra police officers down there who knows. Either way -- base jumpers say they were caught in the middle. Of this fight that's their story and that's why they posted the video to show -- we were just based -- we were trying to harm anybody. And they were exposing the flaws for for what they were so that people could judge for themselves. Whether anybody's gonna buy this argument who knows but prosecutors seem confident they can work out some kind of a deal and the Port Authority. By the way has engaged in top to bottom review of security and they said they're confident. That once the building is open to the public. It will be far more secure than it's been remember this is not the only episode we've seen. Of of people trying to infiltrate that building Justin because -- -- a young team was able to get up all the way to the top of the building. By sneaking around security. So that the building itself which is under private management and the Port Authority that the public agency that has jurisdiction. Is are both saying that by the time the building opens to the public this won't be an issue. And of course that area still very much a construction site at this time. So the video we're going to see now Marko Markovic whose job was just released on YouTube yesterday the night before the hearing. -- why do you think that they would release the videos now on could this hurt his case at all. Well at this point bids the bid jumpers say they have nothing to hide and and so -- they've previously released. A couple of videos they've been doing a little -- a fund raising which they say is going to go toward 9/11 related charities. And and they've been getting quite a bit of notoriety for this as you might imagine and and so at this point why not release everything that they have. I think it also it was is -- point this. -- another. Date in their their case by going to court today. They've they released another video at this point I -- I can't see how it hurts their case. Prosecutors are confident they have all the evidence they need should this ever go to trial that they can prove it is these guys on this tape. Doing this job. -- -- ski thank you very much. You can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and starting this story for exclusive updates on the go. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":23613361,"title":"World Trade Center BASE Jumpers Land in Court","duration":"7:55","description":"Men who BASE jumped off the top of One World Trade plead not guilty to felony charges during arraignment.","url":"/US/video/world-trade-center-base-jumpers-land-court-23613361","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}