New York prosecutors take down 96 MS-13 gang members and associates

Prosecutors have 'rendered MS-13 inoperable' in Suffolk County, New York.
5:16 | 12/20/19

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Transcript for New York prosecutors take down 96 MS-13 gang members and associates
We're here to announce. The results may collaborative. Strategic investigation. That has been ongoing for the past 23 months. It to the MS thirteen gang in Suffolk county and elsewhere. Which culminated a special grand jury convene last month. The goal of this investigation. Was to deliver a major blow to the gang's leadership. Operations. In recruitment in our region. I'm pleased to announce. Due to collaborative nature. Of this investigation. In the innovative strategies. Employed by this team. We did exactly that. The as a result of this investigation. We have charged. In the indictment. 96. Defendants. Including the leaders. Of nine clinics operating in Suffolk County. In addition to those defendants charged in this indictment and this investigation. Has resulted. In over 230. Arrests of MS thirteen gang members here in New York throughout this country. En El Salvador. Especially in charge of that yet it will. But by working to regarding those arrests and other jurisdictions. This operation. Help and the New York program. Which are orchestrated by the leadership of MS thirteen in El Salvador to develop a greater presence here a Long Island. Additionally. As a result of the reliable intelligence generated throughout this investigation. Law enforcement prevent it countless acts of violence over the past 43 months including seven murder plots. Right here in Suffolk County. Last month I convened a special grand jury connection with this investigation. Which issued an indictment against 64 defendants. Consisting of nine leaders. 45 MS thirteen gang members and nineteen. Of the gang's drug suppliers. The indictment charges 77 counts including conspiracy commit murder assault in the first degree gang assault. Farm sales and possession. Operating as a major trafficker. Criminal possession of a controlled substance in the first degree criminal possession. Criminal sale of a controlled substance in the first degree and many other current. The chart the charges stem from the MS thirteen gang operations here in Suffolk County. As we know MS thirteen is a ruthless savage get. Which commits acts of violence to recruit. Retain and control its members. An exact revenge on its rivals. As well. As to extort. Innocent members of our community. Big age in various acts of criminality. To generate money. Including throat dealing. And they send that money they send portions of that money back to the leadership. In their home base. Salvador. Leaders and El Salvador. Running gag by issuing orders. The local cliques here in Suffolk County. Based on this of this investigation. There more than ten. Clicks. Operating. Right here in Suffolk County in total throughout this investigation. We've arrested. Just in Suffolk County based on Suffolk County charges. 96 individuals 66 of whom are MS thirteen gang members and thirty drug distributors. 64 charged in the latest indictment that was issued by the special grand jury. Those arrested include MS thirteen members from nine different clips in Suffolk County there age ranges from sixteen to 59. They include illegal immigrants US citizens. And those. With some sort of legal status. In connection with this investigation. We have also recovered a large amount of evidence against the gang and its associates including more than ten kilograms of cocaine. Approximate 1000 pressed pills a fentanyl. Distribution quantities of heroin and marijuana. Drug latches nine handguns. Two long guns over 500 rounds of ammunition and parts numerous machetes. And well over 200000 dollars in cash as we know the machete is one of the weapon 513. And recovered a operation consumers machetes. This depicts. How brutal and savage this gang it. The investigation continues as we work together. It collaborative fashion. Toward our shared goal of eradicating MS thirteen. We expect more charges to come in the near future and our message is simple. Law enforcement will do what it takes to protect our communities. And MS thirteen. We're coming for you.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"Prosecutors have 'rendered MS-13 inoperable' in Suffolk County, New York.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67857521","title":"New York prosecutors take down 96 MS-13 gang members and associates","url":"/US/video/york-prosecutors-96-ms-13-gang-members-associates-67857521"}