Young entrepreneur launches ‘Candles from the Hart’ to pay for college

An 11-year-old in Texas with dreams of attending Howard University started a candle business to earn money for tuition.
4:50 | 02/26/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Young entrepreneur launches ‘Candles from the Hart’ to pay for college
This morning we're spotlighting a young entrepreneur who started his own business to help them pay for college. Eleven year old cardinal sin that's right he's eleven years old started a homemade candle business during a pandemic all to save money. To help them get to his dream school Howard University. Well now candles from the heart has taken off but I'm so happy to have heart Wilson joining me now. With his dad Michael to tell us his story thank you not for being here is so great to talk to you. So hard and made you wanna start a business at all let alone what made you decide on a candle business. So he's actually an. Eighteen hour. ET and Uday. And cast. Yeah. Let her I want to go yeah. And what do you think what's the best part of running a business and what's the hardest part. And I'll I'll eat it. I'm fighting. Yeah. Does does dad ever help you out. Yeah. Michael icu not a NASCAR a day. So Michael like for you hadn't bothered to watch your son not really wishing for something but taking action to make it happen. Or. I'm waiting to miss Levy. Something. Possibly say they are. When. She wanted Taylor. Is doing himself. We. Sort of an entity when. Villeneuve son and save and I have never seen him like this Indian lore and so we'll just. Last a little and he knew something he really wanted to do absolutely wrong and two. You know one. It is only anywhere lower I. And so hard on one what are what are we didn't mean to you should be able to see that trained her to be able to go to Howard University. I take. It. And it what is it about that school that drug Yunnan. This. It's. Last season. And a lot of kids would react to that by then just complaining to their parents and saying. Their period a match what made you decide I'm it'd take matters into my own hands and I'm gonna start a business of helping finance. When these needless. Because I don't see it is heat shield. Low for an ID you know our. Offices all saw. But once he says something about. It was like hey I want to miss my. That are OK you know like those kids 811 you know all. Clay and rock. And there's not much there are serious about school. Once he said school. XE series. Sit. The day. So hard did it surprise you how well the candles have sold so far. He didn't dish well we have someone special. With a message for you hard I why didn't he. Howard University president doctor Wayne Frederick take a look. Hello this mess is far hop moves Texas avenue all of his mother of all you have all the Jews creative kind of business. And you tend to come to Holland continue to little bit. How its swagger back to those listed here. And you have it. Youngest sibling. You bet news team and every got some other things Indian I think he would enjoy. What is things and you wanted to tell you is that please keep reaching regimes. Many of these things in the mail facility gets out war canoe out in the public stuff. Part what do you think. Only years so excited for you Hart and Michael and thank you much for taking the time I know you're busy we want to let you get back your candle business. But it was so nice to talk to you thank you guys. And and congratulations there are hurting trio.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"An 11-year-old in Texas with dreams of attending Howard University started a candle business to earn money for tuition. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76137852","title":"Young entrepreneur launches ‘Candles from the Hart’ to pay for college","url":"/US/video/young-entrepreneur-launches-candles-hart-pay-college-76137852"}