Youth Poet Laureate performs latest work

Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman performs inspirational work, “Fury and Faith.”
5:00 | 07/04/20

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Transcript for Youth Poet Laureate performs latest work
It's time to be inspired. All you have to do is listen. Obviously not to me. My next guest is the first-ever youth poet laureate in the United States. She's just released a powerful new poem. She's here to share a portion of there she is from California, Amanda Gorman, good to see you. Thank you so much for being here. You have to explain the title. "Fury and faith" is the name of poem. What is it about? Correct. Thank you so much for having me. As for fury and faith I was really looking at the racial protests that we were having and I was hearing a lot of questions about the anger that African-Americans were feeling and I felt like the sensation, the protests, went beyond that, it went into a faith that things should be better and things can be better and the type of hope that we can create a more fair future for us all. It's your work. It's what you do. Is it an emotional journey, an emotional time for you when you're creating essentially? Definitely. You know, I can't remove from my writing at I too am African-American, I too am a woman. These issues aren't remote from me. They exist in the identity that I have. It gets emotional. It gets personal. I think my role as a poet is to take all of those sensations, things that make me human and put it in a poem. Speak to us now. Amanda, you're going to perform a bit of it for us. Amanda Gorman, the floor is yours. Go right ahead. You will be told that this is not a problem. Not your problem. You'll be told that now is not the time for change to begin told that we cannot win. But the point of protests isn't winning. It's holding fast to the promise of freedom even when fast victory is not promised. Meaning, we cannot stand up to police if we cannot -- convincing our communities that this won't work, when the work hasn't even begun, that this can wait. When we have already waited out 1,000 sons. By now, we understand that white supremacy and the despair it demands are as destructive as any disease. When you're told that your anger is reactionary, remember, that rage is our right to teach us it's time to fight in the face of injustice, not only anger is natural but necessary because it helps carry us to our destination. Our goal is never revenge, just restoration. Not dominance, just dignity. Just justice. Whether we prevail is determined not by all the challenges that are present but by all of the change that is possible. And though we are unstoppable if we ever feel like we might fail, fatigued and frail, we will be fortified by this faith found in the anthem, the vow, all black lives matter. Black lives are worth living, worth defending, worth every struggle. We owe it to ourselves to never stay kneeling for us to stand together, we envision a land that's liberated not lawless. We create a future that's free not flawless. Together again and again we will stride up ever mountainside, modest. We'll be protected and served by a force that's honor and honest. This is more than protests. It's a promise. Are you kidding me? Oh, Amanda. I'm going to call you as soon as I get off the air. Skwi just want you to recite that for me a few more times. That was stirring and in these times, that was just phenomenal, yes, but that doesn't get close to describing it. Thank you for being here. Congratulations on everything. We hope to see you again down the road and that you'll come back and be with us any time. Definitely. Thank you so much. Oh, my goodness, Dr. Ashton. Rage is our right. Rage is our right. She had so many lines in there that gave me chills. Trying to take notes, but what a note to end on this week. I'm literally moved to tears and having a hard time even trying to speak right now. Yeah, wow doesn't even begin to cut it.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman performs inspirational work, “Fury and Faith.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71605390","title":"Youth Poet Laureate performs latest work","url":"/US/video/youth-poet-laureate-performs-latest-work-71605390"}