Zachary Fardon Comments on Dennis Hastert Sentencing

The U.S. Attorney of Northern Illinois said it was a "sad and tragic case."
3:34 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Zachary Fardon Comments on Dennis Hastert Sentencing
Sad and tragic. Case pretty remarkable. Couple of hours in the courtroom this morning. And I do you have a couple of points of pride that I want to mention them amidst the swirl of tragedy of this case. First and foremost. We saw some extraordinary. Courage. In that courtroom today a victim. Of mr. pastors stood up and was hurt. After decades. Of unfathomable. Silence. He stood up and spoke the truth of what mr. Hester did to him as a boy helped coach. Abused him. Violated his trust and do and in doing so. Permanently scarred him. Was courageous. That was selfless. That was important. And I am in all it. We also had Jolene birds the sister of another victim. Who today was able to bring her brother's voice into this courtroom. She stood up and a court of law in the defendant's presence. On the half her deceased brother. In spoke the truth of what mr. mastered had done to him as a boy. And the tragic consequences. Of that abuse that was courageous. That was important. That was selfless. And I am an all of it. Mr. mastered. Hurt his victims. Many decades ago. But today. They struck back. And in doing that they have given. Us strength. They've given us courage. They've given us hope. I have one other thing I I want to say and then I'm happy to take. A few questions. But for the tenacity. Our federal law enforcement team here in Chicago including the FBI the IRS in this US attorney's office. This day of reckoning would not have come. This curtain would not have been. Pulled back on these dark secrets mr. had searched legend and legacy as a public servant. Would have gone on tarnished history would have told a lie. But because of law enforcement efforts and tenacity. The curtain has been pulled back we followed the case where Atlanta we've brought the charges we could bring. Them through that. Mr. masters legend and legacy York gone. And in its place. Or a broken. Humiliated man that is as it should be. We are in a tough business. And law enforcement sadness and and tragedy. Are hallmarks. Of our trade. Let me tell you we have. A terrific federal law enforcement community and the city of Chicago and I am proud of them proud to be part of it. And I want to thank and commend. This team that has worked with passion compassion. Grace and persistence. To make sure that this day of reckoning came.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"The U.S. Attorney of Northern Illinois said it was a \"sad and tragic case.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"38712290","title":"Zachary Fardon Comments on Dennis Hastert Sentencing","url":"/US/video/zachary-fardon-comments-dennis-hastert-sentencing-38712290"}