$10M Gold Coin Surprise Uncovered in Calif.

A couple walking their dog on their property stumbled across 1,427 coins in mint condition.
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for $10M Gold Coin Surprise Uncovered in Calif.
He's being called one of the greatest buried treasures ever unearthed in the United States eight plus he can't. Filled with gold coins in the eighteen hundreds of some of the finest experts have ever seen and they -- -- by a couple that -- -- just out walking their dogs. Hospital Wayne -- of -- San Francisco station has the story. Bond be leave bubble this is part of ten million dollars staring you in the face. Ten -- -- fives tens and twenty dollar lady liberty gold pieces minted in the eighteen hundreds its -- Clear that d.s word. Buried over a long period of time and dug up and -- cancel an unnamed couple taking a walk on their land. In northern California's gold country. Here's a story as they told rare coin dealer Don Kagan when they walk through his door one day last year. From of the ten and this they use the stick to -- They brought it back thinking it was full of pain because it was so heavy. And then when they got rid of -- -- Duncan dirt they discover they had gold the literal. Pot of gold with -- -- the rainbow. And it and then they went back with metal detector -- of another chance that now have a name of this saddle ridge -- 14100. Calling street value back then. 28000. Dollars but so much more now because of the lore and the quality. The -- that are out there. -- -- Have maintained their value of the best over the years the corns and have good stories. That's what people are really buying here what do they plan to do with the -- We want to keep them there's no placing a price tag on a memory Wayne -- for ABC news. All right folks -- -- who are FaceBook question of the day what would you do if you found ten million dollars. I'll just -- to Japan -- -- -- supported charity. Let us now -- W and and fans. Dot com all of the above all eleven what this. Well well -- apparently my yeah the wish comes in giant claims that couldn't find they get they say they're gonna pay their debts. And help people in their community who are hungry and don't happen to eat they prefer to stay anonymous -- -- -- minorities they've dabbled in panning for gold actually in that area so they're looking in the wrong clearly were looking in the wrong place it was thirty -- their advice by the way is pretty funny they say don't be above bending over to check a rusty can't. It's night and head and whatever answers you seek in 19 I am -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A couple walking their dog on their property stumbled across 1,427 coins in mint condition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22676505","title":"$10M Gold Coin Surprise Uncovered in Calif.","url":"/WNN/video/10million-gold-coin-surprise-uncovered-california-22676505"}