At least 11 injured in shooting at California bar

The scene is safe and the threat has been contained, according to the Ventura County Sheriff's Department.
2:59 | 11/08/18

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Transcript for At least 11 injured in shooting at California bar
Updating our breaking news we're now hearing a lending people at least eleven people were shot inside of a nightclub in Southern California. We just hearing an update now from the Ventura county sheriff's office that this scene inside of those borderline barring grill is safe. They don't believe he says that the shooter left that building they say they don't believe he's a threat that they won't confirm. Whether he was captured whether he handled. Right or per shot they're not sure if this situation they say that shooters still inside of that building but the shooting has stopped. Which does make it sound like a grim situation we did hear from plenty of eyewitnesses here's want. I hadn't. I don't have enough hands to count how many friends I had and its main. I got snapped chat message from my friends saying that on opposites is a joke but there's a shooting at shoreline. And I immediately called one of my friends and make sure that it wasn't and she said it was so me and my girlfriend came from studio city and immediately drove out here to mention that rooms okay. This has you can see we can't even get any closer so it announces. Everyone I knew that could be in there. A few of them got back to you saying that they were hidden in east specific spots around the place and they're all okay I'm getting messages right now the people are. Cocaine. People. It's. I notice that night. That indeed let's listen into a press conference right now or at least her interview with the fire captain. Right away went as we had coming up. Really really work weekends in here and ask for its surroundings. We shall immediately think what surrounding agencies do you have her besides a late night fire right now telling city. LA county holy city fire here at power this is he knew what led now is the process. Right now we have some evenings when city engines burn cars on scene that there. Brings you back power stations and make sure that we still provide the best. So once again the update that we've received within the last few moments we are told that they do not feel the lives of the shooter has left that building but the shooting has stopped an assured. That person has been captured. And has. Injured or what the situation is but there is no more a threat. To the public in thousand. Cite the venture county sheriff's office says the scene inside is safe there is no threat to the surrounding. Community but they're not giving us any more. On the status of that accused gunman. Again eleven people shocked at least at least inside a nightclub in Southern California one of them a sheriff's deputy were awaiting an update on their conditions. Stay with us.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"The scene is safe and the threat has been contained, according to the Ventura County Sheriff's Department.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59050946","title":"At least 11 injured in shooting at California bar","url":"/WNN/video/11-injured-shooting-california-bar-59050946"}