15 sets of twins graduating from California high school

ABC News' Will Ganss explores the unusual phenomenon that has many seeing double.
3:03 | 05/10/19

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Transcript for 15 sets of twins graduating from California high school
For schools across the country are putting the final touches on commencement plans to students are dancing as millions of high school seniors get ready test finally graduating. What administrators at one high school and the Bay Area are seeing double again. And again. And again. Cobbled dance the fear here again again again. And again yeah I just want to tell you guys don't adjust your TV screens during this next segment you're not seeing double there are just. That many twins at Pittsburg high school. The thing I'm out of his iPod classes with more than once at close but I never put so to you won't. Two in two. Times fifteen. No matter how great high school probabilities teacher is no one could have predicted fifteen sets of twins in the same graduating class but it Pittsburg high school in California. That's the reality Michaela and miles grant nick and Victor Montana's Vanessa analysts have been a grant. The class of 2019 realizing just how many two of the kinds there are in their deck. When they gathered for this group shot. They knew they were excellence within realized some of them didn't realize it. There was a one that none of them realizing that we sex. Back to the classroom statistically three of every 100 people is it's laid cell with the graduating class of this size they were expecting about seven sets of twins not fifteen and you explain. It's probably the water principal Todd whit Meyer has never encountered this many twins in a single class ever but he's not scheduling an I appointment anytime soon he likes that he's seeing double. They support each other I think twins often have a very strong and unique bond with one another. Not with these seniors getting ready to head off to different colleges that bonds will be tested in a new way giving MSM. A little bit that you missed in this. How much did he and while some twins teased about it other sets are a little more sentimental what do you. Listen but there are times yet and we wrath most of you still love is always good to us all and not to sound cliche that's about it. Though they're splitting up it's for a great reason congrats to all of these high school grads for getting into and heading off to college. Plus we've all seen the parent trap life has a funny way of reuniting twins when they're expecting an. We're so they'll have a lot better it's Wednesday that all the fun they have just like me in my twin name Richmond right about energy and army live and you've got your I went in with someone else apparently here I was. But you show up to work and suddenly you've got a twin me and producer Julie. Yeah. Carter are. Is it not at all about it. You give me some candid Munson then we started laughing about it. Railroad. I don't know that your work thinly starts becoming your real giants when they're dressing up like yeah absolutely. I definitely left for those who is about the high school thirteenth that bad of a lot lights. Isn't pot who knows Babbitt you're staying far away from out a 100. But I didn't let that's.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss explores the unusual phenomenon that has many seeing double.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"62956225","title":"15 sets of twins graduating from California high school ","url":"/WNN/video/15-sets-twins-graduating-california-high-school-62956225"}