2014 MTV Europe Music Awards

A recap of the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards in Glasgow, Scotland.
3:41 | 11/10/14

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Transcript for 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards
I'm stuck the skating with another big MTV award show minus a few big names of. Aren't right direction and Justin Bieber stayed home last night from the MTV Europe Music Awards but the US has represented by Ed deem the deal. In particular we talked about Ariana run today wearing what area on the ground they always where she was awarded to drove his last night in Scotland including one for best female artist. Doesn't want or single problem which she recorded with Iggy azalea the two of them actually met my students and awards show. Instead the show is hosted by anything and I should behave yourself for the most part she wrapped about the actions often she performed her hit Anaconda. And minutes biggest moment may have been nabbed Baywatch star David Hasselhoff sporting I'd kill the Scottish crowd land this. Sure is German fan predicted to be huge in June. People realize in this country maybe you remember him for one thing and that's the Baywatch days. This man he's been independently and diluted gave myself I think that writer. I love that shaky is actually pretty good. You get a better to have also loved loved all the born yeah it's like the movie says are very good OK well he is born again smokes after a one film hiatus. From the Bourne legacy format David had now been formed firm to that he will reprise his role due to buoyant sweet sixteen for a fourth installment. I was actually Damon's buddy Ben Affleck. Look at cat out of the bag during a red carpet interview with. The two were joking about competing over who is in better physical shape and that's an act Rick black said quote. Damon's gonna be doing a Bourne movie next fall when I just completely lost any semblance. The physical fitness and lump at their jobs involved you know having to get in shape having someone pay you to get in shape. Do for a living and neck brace for yet that members as a reasonable inference. That I have no that's right here this thing. The coming back kind of sort of but it's going to be the final we're told the final final Pink Floyd album ever. All right guitarist David Gilmour and drummer nick Mason say the less river is a salute to the band's late keyboardist Richard Wright died of cancer six years ago. Critics however say it's not matter much of a salute. Yeah because essentially the album is supposed to be just a collection of stuff. Sonics scraps is what they're being described as that have been gathering dust as the group's Latin album which was the division bell that was back in 1994. The endless river dropped today action. And it's an oldie but that is still runs strong across Sesame Street here celebrating 45. Years today. What's happened since November 10 1969. Though that they view. Cookie monster is actually cut back on the cookies sometimes means fruits and vegetables betrayed himself square states through cooking and the kidnapping in the luggage on full love phones or computers and not so much on TV. But at its core Sesame Street has remained true to its original form with a winning formula that keeps it. The longest running children's television show in United States television history congratulations. To the whole gang you know as a parent obviously ailing get excited about Sesame Street all over again. It did all of us it's so cool melted stuff we grew up watching that now our kids end up watching this is pretty cool. And we with citi's their birthday rest of other birthdays to tell you about today who else we'll. I happen some celebrity birthdays actress MacKenzie Phillips turns 55 today now that he's Hugh Bonneville is 51. Actor Tracy Morgan turns 46. And she is just 31 Miranda Lambert who just won comparable with of the year the country music awards she is 31 today happy birthday everybody.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"A recap of the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards in Glasgow, Scotland. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26801857","title":"2014 MTV Europe Music Awards ","url":"/WNN/video/2014-mtv-europe-music-awards-26801857"}