911 Call: 'Someone Just Stole My Tow Truck'

A woman allegedly stole a tow truck in Florida in an attempt to get to New York.
2:56 | 07/29/13

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Transcript for 911 Call: 'Someone Just Stole My Tow Truck'
I augment the make everyone better start for either as a one minute -- was hurt breaks down on the side of the road just happens in Florida -- tocchet took took driver arrives. -- to help she -- I need to take me to new York city Kansas and Florida he says I can't go that far. The rest of the started recorded in my life that we ought to be here. But went on urgent urgent medical. And the -- -- throwing what is oh my truck. Little -- department of Apatow the card he has -- pick your track I'm like I don't -- did not eject it my truck. I'm -- on the -- I am on the -- was hurt he jumps in my truck it to exhaust. I don't -- this happened. I just now thirty seconds ago our budget was -- -- Ellen Michael Frazier that you heard on the front exasperated because he's like I had just been -- resident and you might a -- she did not play. She is Angela history yet -- by the way it was arrested later on -- -- stop for gas slowly began to matter where you don't even in a subtext is not it is not her first run in with the law apparently she was arrested following a high speed chase for the Florida police officer. Last year after she rammed her car -- others and several other cars trying to kill herself and her two kids felt. Yeah the tow -- doesn't exactly blend it doesn't now. I -- it says. And Aurilia. Kind of nasty. The world's first test to -- will be served in London this week test tube workers comes from the Daily Mail it's meat grown at a laboratory rather than. Cattle -- past. -- -- hope that it'll show up soaring global demand for protein can be met without the need for vast herds cattle it's a five ballots Franken murder. Will cost 330000. Dollars to produce medical expert. It's made up from 3000 tiny strips of meat grown from stem cells. And it's said to be grave. The slippery texture similar to squid. Course develops in the idea Saturday in the -- create art at about not artificial meat meat from stem cells. That alone -- made it makes me want to turn that -- You know adding I'm a little comforted by the fact that it's gonna cost them 330000 dollars to make that means that was that -- I have to. Eat beef throw out -- -- living -- saying before we but wants -- dollars -- -- -- finally got to the -- yeah. Great -- really without. So Gary don't really quickly got thirty seconds for this -- -- that you she's nine years old who is already at expert level. That chats she's absolutely beautiful. That means that she's better than 90% of more than 5100 million registered with the US chess federation. Her dad says he think that she can make it to the master level within a year although he hit me. From experts master -- -- -- jump she's in Massachusetts and she says she wants to be the first female to win the ultra championships not just the -- category. -- -- Iraq's that and that pretty smile that she was. -- --

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{"id":19802383,"title":"911 Call: 'Someone Just Stole My Tow Truck'","duration":"2:56","description":"A woman allegedly stole a tow truck in Florida in an attempt to get to New York.","url":"/WNN/video/911-call-stolen-tow-truck-19802383","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}