Amazon temporarily blocking FedEx Ground shipping

Amazon is citing a decline in performance as a decision for the block. ABC News’ Darla Miles reports.
1:48 | 12/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amazon temporarily blocking FedEx Ground shipping
Now to holiday shipping alert one week before Christmas Eve Amazon is now banning third party sellers from using FedEx for ground shipping. Many are concerned their packages will not get delivered in time but experts say the move is actually a good thing for consumers. This morning potential speed bump for your holiday package deliveries be getting this week Amazon is temporarily blocking third party sellers. Amusing FedEx ground for prime customers citing a drop in delivery performance. Amazon says it fears orders will not arrive in time for Christmas based. On the recent performance of FedEx ground FedEx says the decision impacts only a small number shippers but limit the options for those small businesses. And some of the highest demand shipping days in history I think. The biggest thing that Amazon's interest sitting here is coming up with their own. Shipping service I really think Amazon is emerging as a competitor of sorts. To FedEx and UPS and the Postal Service a competitive market though is good for consumers because it drives prices down. And improve service. Meanwhile this morning a close call for UPS the company is back up and running a persistent outage in Houston. With only one week to go until Christmas Eve experts say it's not too late to get free delivery but the deadlines are quickly approaching. To arrive by Christmas orders at Wal-Mart target and best buy. Must be placed by Friday. Macy's by noon Saturday Amazon and Nordstrom bison. If you're willing to pay a lot of extra you could presumably ship something as latest the 23 and get it in time for Christmas. That's gonna cost you more though and you do run the risk of un four seen delays including whether. Ever crashed in airs apps like shipped. Offer free two week trial for new member as he gets you free same day delivery through Christmas.

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{"duration":"1:48","description":"Amazon is citing a decline in performance as a decision for the block. ABC News’ Darla Miles reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"67771195","title":"Amazon temporarily blocking FedEx Ground shipping","url":"/WNN/video/amazon-temporarily-blocking-fedex-ground-shipping-67771195"}