'American Idol' auditions continue

The judges have already declared one of the contestants as the winner. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.
2:37 | 03/07/19

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Transcript for 'American Idol' auditions continue
I'm never this Denny started with a jam packed night of politicians on American Idol you let's get right to what that world news now American Idol analyst. Will gain. Here I am not ready to go break before we can get back for regulator you're excited I think it's. Good morning all in good morning to all of you let states episode of idol was so full of talent. It had the judges saying they don't even need to keep looking for contestants called bolting off. Of course they're gonna keep looking but it's Alejandro a Rhonda from Pomona California who has set the bar at an all time high. Aren't these. Okay you. Yeah. So. In. Are used. That audition hurting us. Standing O from all three judges -- saying he was the presence of greatness Lional saying it was the best audition ever got on her yeah. But this episode had a judge is doing a whole lot more than just a plotting to contestants Katie in the boys bringing the weird to a whole new level last night. Take a look. Plus and cooling. We're going to lose I don't know what I am not a movie of the premium money and it got up. Only an annual thing. Huge crowd yeah. I only had nine hours sleep and eat ten at least. They do they don't hunt. Ed. And hours of slowly right. I opera I would it's never a dull moment with Katie and Luke. But the moment of the episode you guys with the audition that brought Lional to tears Shea is a seventeen year old student from Virginia who lost her vision. Last year after health complications. Hears her cover of rise up by contradict. In Iraq and some and hate me. Yeah. And that move than. Announcing today. And now. And let me. It is I had. Snow and wind knocked out of it it's just after idol is back Sunday night severance and try to do everything that is Hesse. Incredible voice she's okay thank you will soon appreciate owns of course.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"The judges have already declared one of the contestants as the winner. ABC News' Will Ganss reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61528664","title":"'American Idol' auditions continue","url":"/WNN/video/american-idol-auditions-continue-61528664"}