'American Idol' finale highlights

19-year-old Maddie Poppe is America's new idol, beating runner-up Caleb Lee. The two singers revealed they've been dating this whole time. ABC News' Will Ganss breaks down the finale.
4:55 | 05/22/18

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Transcript for 'American Idol' finale highlights
Action pacs Kinney for Tuesday because not only do we have a new American Idol. We also have a new winner up. Dancing With The Stars so many finale is so let's start and title on our idol super fan will Candace here and got a stairwell so many finale so little time. Oh I am so excited about what happened last night really you have the finale should be about the top three right now I loved Mattie. And Debbie not. But it kind of public Vivian maize or the Grammy Awards or something there were so many cool celebrity appearances and performances. And including some performances from the judges themselves I'm talking Kermit the Frog. Nick Jonas while. Patti LaBelle Kevin promised half miss patty if you bring pies she didn't. I should about the view got to run here Luke Bryan. And then of course I gotta get these guys as we get back. A little look at this epic performance of all night long from Lionel Richie and the top ten Cagle. Yeah her. Thank god it was incredible. Tennis I'm still up. And it would it was fun it was the first song tonight. As a whole episode I was just. Playing it in my head okay Al but also making a special appearance last night Jimmy Kimmel took us on the drift down I don't memory lane. Bringing Alison. All kinds of things from idol history included Ryan's frosted and Seton Hall one guests an old copy up from Justin to Kelly remember that icon that was awesome yeah. And then he brought out Sanjaya mallet car ha ha Brad and I yeah. Around. And sixty. He doesn't have the pony hawk anymore. A strong following this same following actually remember her the girl that I busy lives earlier gap from. Season six was in the audience again funny all the news years later. But speaking of tears we did have to send to people home last night the first. To go home. Was daddy bear it. Who was the Carrie Underwood lookalike sound alike she is the first line that went home but as some dreams came to an end last night others came to fruition cool. Save the drama for your Lama because. I remember my favorite remember my favorite no. I want to act how well he finally got it last night lying on all I follow it dry and it gave them you know is this right and now happy that he's been dreaming of for so long and he's a little things floral not again he. We asked about it yet but before we get to the big winner I do need to bring one very special performance to your attention I know how much you loved. Katie turner beyond. I. She teamed up with Katy Perry warned him actually amazing duet minor take a look at their ship counselors in a part of me. I. Props to give it around they sound great unity is sound good I'll get them props I'm so glad I also love that they're there hair. Yeah hard target in the middle so this is a part of my here this. Get ten. An actual wig loans. Yeah. And now for that big reveal after an amazing season we were down just Caleb and Matty who revealed right before Ryan announced the winner that they're actually. It was a total Hunger Games. Alliance and yeah it was Cheney sitting around her chair as I was doing in my living room last night was watching inside and start shooting out of her dress. Somebody when guys I digress neither died and Eric and I guess we brought the Hunger Games take a look at the moment trying to pound this season's American Idol. No windows. Although American Idol he's. Met a lot. He happy. I was so excited we recall the last night. So she and her runner up slash VF are flying from LA to join us on GMA and just a little bit. But if you guys are we're you're gonna go through Katy Perry withdrawals don't idol season two. Already renewed Katie will be back and it looks like she might be on the bachelorette this season because people look. What happened went back out who is this season's bachelorette showed up at last night's finale thank god. And Dave Berry who didn't speak re going to.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"19-year-old Maddie Poppe is America's new idol, beating runner-up Caleb Lee. The two singers revealed they've been dating this whole time. ABC News' Will Ganss breaks down the finale.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"55346142","title":"'American Idol' finale highlights","url":"/WNN/video/american-idol-finale-highlights-55346142"}