'American Idol' recap: Episode 2

The second episode of American Idol was full of heart-stopping auditions, but it was Katy Perry's antics that left everyone talking. ABC News' Will Ganss breaks down the best moments.
4:49 | 03/13/18

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Transcript for 'American Idol' recap: Episode 2
At Tuesday's any time and American Idol of course is back for night two of auditions and so. Is RA IC year chief analyst well yes that's me. He may get through a second night of the American Idol big it is really was not a problem and also fund a loss onlookers are adding an insult you. I don't know the really big personalities and both sides of the judges' table yet two words for you Katy Perry more on that later Perez got delegates are at that its first contestant of the night and set the bar. Very very high right out of the gate check out fifteen year old married Justine. We took a risk with the Rihanna valid take a listen at this time and you half. Yeah. Not strong demand. It pretty safe to say that that risk paid off Katy Perry went so hard to predict that narrow will make it to the top ten of the competition. So in the spirit of awkward teens were not so awkward and insanely good voices I'm giving. Mara but Kelly Clarkson on the millimeters Heatley gave me does my she she really not song about. Lovemaking. In a very graphic where I think we have. And so on and yeah boa is about the ball well this is not species are adding a little aren't. An activity exactly the fifteen year yeah next up a variable have to know no seriously that's his name has had its way Casanova yeah. He's a shoe designer and he had Katy Perry kicking off her heels and giving him a golden ticket in a very interesting. Way. He better. Yeah yeah he better be on his toes if you got a mean. He comes at a solid middle of the road Scotty mccreery on the willing meter tonight. But he's not the only one who had Katy Perry on her feet. Michelle sassy turn this singing competition into a dance party when she invited all the judges to join her on the dance floor their results locals. Earned her a Kellie Pickler will meter. And a ticket to Hollywood from the judges he got to see what happens Katie dance moves go a little awry oh who really don't yet. Welcome Carano wired for me for it away or cigar on tight dress. Yeah wound Haiti over Booker. The lowest it Sheila yeah. It'll competitors is split the phone and wow and the willow meter yeah it could explain it really quickly it's a very scientific process again. Yeah yeah why I didn't need to explain it it's very scientific and very fact based. Next up Katie and probably the rest of America and Chris WW backed out later the crushing big time I wanna get to this you guys we'll both appreciated. This is Trevor Holmes a construction worker who scored a golden ticket to Hollywood home Katie. Winds brushing the big time roads it turns out his lifelong Katie was reciprocated. Take a look at this. Don't going ma'am I'm sorry I was just I respect you so much don't respect us. It's. You guys gals I can't idiot. When she saw that his girlfriend walked into the room she literally ran right out yeah music around any any formalities. Just tried to call her eyes Indian point yeah. But not every last night at the right note here now are the best of the worst. Yeah. Bring hair in my movie museum down. God Hank stir high. I'm only and that's. Of course none of them are infamous title alone William Hung but you know they try. Then I promise you Katy Perry yes here we go our way please take a look at the real star of last night's show. Vivien. Closed on Dell. Every show brought us is in the thing. Oh they. Okay. Yes me. We wrote a letter saying they. Trying to tie it should be a true teenage dream babies so now it's getting hot about coming up that.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"The second episode of American Idol was full of heart-stopping auditions, but it was Katy Perry's antics that left everyone talking. ABC News' Will Ganss breaks down the best moments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"53703164","title":"'American Idol' recap: Episode 2 ","url":"/WNN/video/american-idol-recap-episode-53703164"}