Amy Winehouse Memorialized

A bronze statue honoring the late singer was unveiled in her former London neighborhood.
3:16 | 09/15/14

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Transcript for Amy Winehouse Memorialized
Biggest anytime minutes Monday morning and leaving us is some news about the late great any White House yesterday when -- -- the Grammy winning. British soul -- 31 birthday a bronze statue honoring White House -- like this. -- was unveiled in her former London neighborhood her parents waited tenants with father Mitch seen embracing the statue and -- a bittersweet moment. Winehouse died 2011 from alcohol poisoned following years of substance abuse. In one house was 28 still love her music and during now is someone who would -- probably want to had a statue of himself cutting west and rapper musician fashion designer all -- so -- Awkward moment over the weekend at a concert in Sydney Australia -- important -- plan west stopped his performance demanding that everyone get on their feet. He got little annoyed when one fan in a wheelchair who couldn't stand up. Take a -- They waited for confirmation from when his body -- about the statue of the band before launching into song. With no apparent apology. You can answer -- comment on that one glue guns ablaze and from Martha Stewart she's got a pretty harsh words. For some other -- is famous celebrities this is what she's saying to Gwyneth Paltrow. It was an interview with net importers Porter magazine Stewart said about how true is similar lifestyle aspirations quote. She just needs to be quiet if she were confident in her acting up. But she wouldn't be trying to -- Martha -- Stuart should also going after FaceBook CEO Sheryl Sandberg and her best selling book -- in. Disagreeing with Sandberg message saying Stewart says that women should strive to be entrepreneurial rather than working up the corporate ladder. We'll tell us what you really feel like thunder how about those five months there's going to be no full disclosure I -- -- -- million -- agent. But you know what it is somewhat refreshing to -- celebrity be really honest and -- she never you kind of accident danced around everything experiences -- but certainly not -- But he got -- like that and today is a big day here at ABC. The season premiere of the new -- staffing changes including the much anticipated return of Rosie O'Donnell's. Join Whoopi Goldberg and rosy for the show's eighteenth season. We'll be actress Rosie Perez and former political strategists Nicole Wallace and later on -- but the stars also making its seasonal debut with a two night special that. Could -- a fourth judge former dancer Julianne -- fault of the next. And notables among the contestants are Lea Thompson. Olympian at -- Jones TV host Tavis Smiley and comedian. Tommy Chong. And ends up course that is going to be -- Barry closely watched season that concerns -- -- the Tommy Chong gonna do you have your money and time. Babies should -- -- -- birthdays to get you on this Monday and let's take a lot. Academy Award winners Tommy Lee Jones turns 68 Academy Award winning director Oliver Stone also street 68 hall of fame quarterback Dan -- Marino turns 53.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"A bronze statue honoring the late singer was unveiled in her former London neighborhood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"25506216","title":"Amy Winehouse Memorialized","url":"/WNN/video/amy-winehouse-memorialized-25506216"}