Angelina Jolie Reveals She Had Double Mastectomy

The Oscar winner had a preventive double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer.
4:14 | 05/14/13

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Transcript for Angelina Jolie Reveals She Had Double Mastectomy
But -- it's getting everyone -- Breaking news for you Angelina Jolie eight. She -- a preventative double mastectomy while. Now anybody at -- does not that is essentially she removed all of the breast tissue. From her breasts. To prevent any breast cancer from ever infiltrating your body and obviously we know what some of the consequences of breast cancer can be so she writes this. Op Ed in the New York Times he'll he'll see this is -- And especially what she's saying is that almost a decade after her mom died and I had only 56 years old after a long long struggle with breast cancer. She decided to do this because she wanted to be able to tell her children with confidence. She would not die of breast cancer like mommy mommy -- which is how she refers to -- on mom. So this whole process started on February 2 -- And on April 27 she finally -- stop and she essentially got reconstructive surgery they take although breast tissue out -- -- -- in plant. And she essentially looks like nothing ever happened she says she wanted it so that her children couldn't tell the difference and they can't tell the difference the initial surgery is eight hours this is what she endured in order to make herself. Feel more comfortable. And she has now dropped from 87% because her mother died of breast cancer she was very high when it came to -- she had the gene for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. -- dropped from 87% chance of getting breast cancer 25% chance while. It's incredible a lot of people are doing this you get tested to simple blood test he determine whether or not you have -- -- raise awareness that. And that's it she's hoping that you'll see on the cover for -- my easy yeah. The following -- arrogantly as celebrities we'll probably take this measure it at heart and I haven't actually -- this. Let's talk about the music industry there's a new list out there has the most liked and most disliked we'll -- -- the people think the performers people don't like this time. Public policy polling came out this was the least -- Justin Bieber. Shows the nineteen year old singer who is widely disliked by Americans are sitting -- 54% unfavorable rating. Gardening -- -- 20% likable writing. Following him Lady Gaga she had 29% positive -- up 50% negative rating. Chris Brown. 13% positive 57%. Negative and most -- singers -- -- I'll spare -- the numbers -- Taylor Swift -- and Justin Timberlake. -- determines what you why they like and why they don't like my mean if you look across the board all six of them every success like -- understand Chris -- because what happened with -- all those years ago but. Noxious quality to the angry that are on out of the less I mean I -- I don't have anything as any money Chris Brown he's pretty controversial because of what you obviously what happened. But Bieber and Lady Gaga that does have a certain I'm not just -- estimate that Taylor slipped carry that same -- I -- actually strangely I think because. No -- -- -- let me ask you what I'd be Justin Bieber is doing a fine job in nineteen -- in the spotlight he's he's already in a little money who cares. Okay moving -- to Dancing With The Stars anybody who watched knows that there's a whole lot of controversy going on because the front runner who has been on top of almost everything one of the dances and diet. So -- now listen to what the judges had to say about her performance. That was Panamax it was MVP -- yeah. -- Yeah innovative approaches to a quick haven't of the fighting and energy an odd but I think because of -- Starred it -- lost his place in your body Condit was off its -- -- I think he missed like at the few steps like you kind of Kelly you're dragging behind it felt a little bit more like you're dragging each -- -- -- You know what I -- now because some of these dances that she has done have been so incredibly wonderful. -- she's still ahead of the pack animals have to say and it wasn't so great so that it makes sense in those games coming back to and it's not to hurt me -- The game she's gonna win there's just no question about it at a veterans -- break -- -- fashions. Out of control some people say put it out there -- there isn't I isn't. What we saw about high waters and little pogo dot high waters are in now -- things that don't look at -- for -- especially sick and.

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{"id":19173962,"title":"Angelina Jolie Reveals She Had Double Mastectomy","duration":"4:14","description":"The Oscar winner had a preventive double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer.","url":"/WNN/video/angelina-jolie-reveals-double-mastectomy-19173962","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}