Angelina's Colorful Veil

New details about Angelina Jolie's wedding day and the one-of- a-kind gown she wore.
3:33 | 09/02/14

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Transcript for Angelina's Colorful Veil
Well time now for the -- immediate soft news -- -- about Brad and Angelina Jolie's. Recent nuptials in France a private event was very much a family affair. With their six kids playing a big role in the wedding most notably in the design of the bride's -- embroidered with colorful hand drawings. From all the kids. Steve draft seen here on this week's edition of People Magazine is a custom designed. -- -- tell oversight she but it really is all about the value getting even better look at it on the cover. Hello magazine. In all those illustrators were involved in the ceremony walking mom down the I'll serving -- flower girl and his ring bearers. And even -- ten year old son pax bake the cake for less than two dozen on the guest list we were not there are many others were. What I gotta say that this -- letting them down your kids trying to belong on the refrigerator. Are not today. -- -- Cars yeah well we don't wanna get on about Simon cattle which took it down from the curtains and told AP diplomatic about it I just. I. -- -- -- gorgeous she is cornered he's studying and I think she's a woman really into her children and I loved I loved that I love you fat and they were involved actually be for the -- it's also added that but I'm over it she's still like fashion it's -- -- -- celebrities that you social media to show how they were celebrating Labor Day but only Carrie -- given a whole new meaning. She and her hobby and Mike Fisher revealing that -- is pregnant with their first child she's doing -- -- That's a long way off first -- will host the CMA awards here on ABC. On November fit looking forward to it and Kerry made the big announcement on her Twitter page a snapshot with her. Coach's face and -- there they are. Both wearing shirts signaling a baby. Is on the way we wish them our best and it's fun to watch fresh faced future so -- long before they are highly styled superstar the latest check it out Katy Perry from 2001. Wolf. She was then just sixteen years old Christian singer songwriter known as. Katy Hudson. This video from award winning video Waterford. Jim -- hundred shows a young Katie on a bus during her first tour and here's the sound -- -- -- Now fat in the video. Yeah -- admits -- getting nervous onstage Chelsea describes herself as a little kid from California. Replacing its cars that. It's a shocking admission from an NFL football quarterback this morning on the field. He's a powerful presence but it home he's -- -- went -- the patriots quarterback Tom Brady. He gives him. Man of the world magazine a little incited his whole life with supermodel wife Giselle bunch and he says. He likes attention from her but to do we actually have to act in quote immature -- is likely to -- you know that's -- compare that Angela in his right. It's even throw fits -- Steven wine but he says she's now on as some of his trip disinterested. It's not it is. Didn't take get a deep -- on the football field you might understand the antics the quarterbacks always good to girls and you know hanging. -- -- That is very true the generic courtroom I did not get a quarterback in my eyes but but but but but.

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{"id":25210357,"title":"Angelina's Colorful Veil","duration":"3:33","description":"New details about Angelina Jolie's wedding day and the one-of- a-kind gown she wore. ","url":"/WNN/video/angelinas-colorful-veil-25210357","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}