App for Going to the Movies

A new app rewards people for turning off their phone at the movies.
3:00 | 11/15/12

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Transcript for App for Going to the Movies
Welcome to the -- Everybody OK so one of the most annoying if things that happened in the movie theater besides -- somebody stealing your popcorn and kick your seat kids at the cell phone. How many times it didn't have to warn people to turn their cell phone off his cell phone rings it's extremely good distracting you -- there's -- you're addicted. Up next a hit back to that nobody has to mean anything that would come calling and you know. Yes got to go to where -- -- anyway see them. Has just launched its new application called -- and that he downloaded what you go into that theater you start the application independent. The other night you use your -- -- if you haven't at the end of the state gives you thank you add digital coupons rewards and you can turner would have a tendency of movie -- remarks that basically allows her word that didn't get discounted tickets and answer -- -- We need incentives in today's society to be polite that San. -- now it's nice didn't that turn that thing -- -- All right business school's biggest cell phones -- researchers at Virginia Tech. Are trying to investigate some kind of new material to put in your cell phones that after lower power -- out. You can simply don't see this you just shake the -- a little bit she went right to give Italy exhibit set to give it. -- -- -- -- I know what that's like. As you -- shake the -- look at -- even -- and again not a lot but enough -- for quick text or even a quick call so the trying to develop this -- -- turns vibrations in the energy it's energy that's been. Talk to the -- so. Then drove to Virginia Tech people -- -- about the great naval base in the summer runs out so you -- -- -- -- and -- Shaking -- -- energy that's it looked like yeah. -- -- -- -- honestly I saw the study and like this is completely true and it they pulled 2000 women. And they found that women actually spend more time Google in other women. Then the men DO book many here -- the top five reasons we begin with we're checking out the other women's cleavage for checking out their size. The meter high -- -- yes that I thought everything they're -- their hairstyle. And they're close -- to criticize one another they say that most of this happened on the beach because of the -- have a good look at other -- that you're saying their son of god I'm really jurors figured out the girls or dad that I am an obvious target not really didn't say okay and you're the one -- check it out. The way I am not really that's the theory there -- tell when it's it's it's. -- matter of kind of comparing ourselves to another it's our own insecurities but we also love to see what other girls' -- -- Some of the other things were looking at -- colored dress size shoes bags and tell you right by the way I want that scared. Yeah. -- I am okay -- I think women are naturally competitive like that you'll do -- -- scientific competence a little live quick note no one needs. They don't permit we we we stayed constant state of whiplash all the times I can't imagine you've never backed into him that -- -- you after the show you.

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{"id":17724700,"title":"App for Going to the Movies","duration":"3:00","description":"A new app rewards people for turning off their phone at the movies.","url":"/WNN/video/app-movies-17724700","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}