An Attorney Is Giving Free Divorce Advice on Valentine's Day

If you can come up with the best breakup story, then a Michigan attorney will help for free.
2:55 | 02/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for An Attorney Is Giving Free Divorce Advice on Valentine's Day
Welcome everybody gets in and them next hours what kind of like the antithesis to a Valentine's Day presents. There is apparently an attorney is launching -- quite an unorthodox competition to help unhappy couples move forward he's from southern Michigan and he said that he will give anybody free divorce is Valentine's Day. If the -- -- come up with the best to break up story yet so this is ordinarily 15100 dollars to 3000 dollars. Said he'll -- it for -- freeze on to come up with a good story the deadline is. Harry twelve at 1159. It just picking the heads over business -- these reasons I expected I was. -- -- -- -- My -- by the Aggies went to someone like divorce celebration party was like -- -- -- of -- -- celebration but it cannot be and you break out to do it cleanly. And you get -- and freedom -- tell your friends your friends get. From not so free to -- that's it and I think I so -- I guess so that one special couple in Michigan this. That free I want Harry but divorced him in massive -- -- made -- materials so whatever. This headline -- -- Say this this this may come in handy. This news watching porn in the easiest way to catch and invest in virus and is Smart folks got my my -- -- -- a different place than to clarify what. Think about this -- for our yes compared to a PC user is three times -- -- enough to let -- three times more likely to accidentally download malware. The place looked up X rated material seventh CA that's that's the it is -- -- -- -- -- out there for whatever symbol. You know raunchy -- -- whatever that's kind of -- -- hours linked to receive much more likely to kids. Some did something -- smuggling job the look of resigned because I don't -- -- -- at a red NBA. It happening just. -- -- The news -- -- funding and using an -- for about this because this apparently went viral there's a block called bitter for -- the guy who works. Starbucks in Seattle he had a blog valley where he was basically making fun of all of the customers saying. In one quote my only goal for the month is to figure out how to pour a picture of -- middle finger in latte art here anyway. Website. And discovered he was and put that out there he's been fired -- the good news is he is getting another job offers from other coffee shops. Well but but it works in the service industry they have a right to -- -- that -- me too -- Republican got a -- to deal with. Also new move dance craze goes I was the big twelve and apparently the whole. This is -- By all I've never seen before that had -- yeah. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":18487269,"title":"An Attorney Is Giving Free Divorce Advice on Valentine's Day","duration":"2:55","description":"If you can come up with the best breakup story, then a Michigan attorney will help for free.","url":"/WNN/video/attorney-giving-free-divorce-advice-valentines-day-18487269","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}