Baby Reacts to Mom's Singing

A 10-month old baby girl smiles and cries when mom sings Rod Stewart's "My Heart Can't Tell You No."
2:54 | 10/30/13

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Transcript for Baby Reacts to Mom's Singing
Welcome into the makes everyone and we're starting with the story that also happens to be our. Favorite story of the day -- the sun comes to us from a YouTube. These -- her name is -- -- she uploaded. Two minute clip of her daughter. While she's singing to her don't take a listen to that she's singing how Rod Stewart -- -- -- -- Says. This mean. This -- you're seeing you soon. Beginning of the play little yeah. Into had been to this whole thing right she's singing that I did not store and I think my heart can't tell you know we'll don't like -- -- about it. She's going -- the entire range of motion this doesn't. I think she was over like touched by the emotion of the song you might run that -- there aren't -- it. But -- there are viewers are going on in commenting is saying things like she's precious and beautiful I remember. My mom telling me I did things like that she would sing lullabies at home and I would add that I'm you know crying cry -- I was overwhelmed by it all. By the loving your feelings you right. Cold though I mean she's pretty young to do with connection and -- you feel like connection with -- -- pretty early on it is. But Obama gorgeous unless of course just doesn't like her voice but I doubt that this -- seventy she confident after -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's hope I don't know what the first thing seems to have come to the motion yeah this is great we had a soldier I'd come home surprises daughter at school yesterday yeah. Got another one -- -- we love these stories we've we just can't get enough of this. That's Spiderman and he's back home from Afghanistan -- army Sargent first class he works his daughters told the -- hero -- can come up communicate from Spider-Man. I hope she has no Spider-Man is let's not. I just don't think you. I just that's it she's nine years old I had ten year old I can totally feel -- and I announced. They're all happy to -- and getting better than that -- a way to. Very cool -- this is the visitors are really cool story an Alabama dealers car dealership. Decided they wanted to spruce up a little bit of their sales so they hired at dance crew to come into sheets and -- -- is happening. One of the people who works at the place as well I can stand still and what ensued led. Pattern on the let's take a look at. Co workers another -- thinking what -- they are gonna see us there. And a hot. -- -- -- -- He's doing it could be Egyptian want good -- an interest in -- -- Irish and I was down and then he kind of pollutants the moon line. We'll anyway and now his car company wants to include -- and -- -- is pretty --

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"A 10-month old baby girl smiles and cries when mom sings Rod Stewart's \"My Heart Can't Tell You No.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"20723788","title":"Baby Reacts to Mom's Singing","url":"/WNN/video/baby-reacts-moms-singing-20723788"}